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Social Share and Vote Button Plugin

Note: Responsive from v11.0 for J2.5 only

Joomla content plugin to show social share/vote button for all popular social network and bookmark sites.

Social Share/Vote Button is a popular Joomla plugin that shows social share or vote button in articles / content. It contains all popular social networks or share/bookmark sites that supports button/badge for vote/share.

Engage more with your readers, customers, clients and visitors with this plugin because sharing is power. This plugin encourages your visitors to vote for the best content / product and help you understand their preferences and which social media has more effective reach for you. It is also a counter for all the shares from different social networks for your content.

Advantage of this plugin is that its very easy to use and gives you the freedom to choose as many as social networks as you like and we have included not only the most popular but also less popular ones which are specific to certain communities.


Social sites: 28 Social button !
Facebook (Removed From v6.0 as fb like button has all optiopns)
Facebook Like (Removed from v9.0)
Google Buzz (Removed From v6.0)
Yahoo Buzz (Removed From v6.0)
Linkedin(from v1.8)
Email/Send to Friend(Joomla native)
Google plus(from v2.2)
Google Share (From v9.0)
Earner club(from v2.2)
Sphinn(from v2.2) (Removed from v9.0)
SERPd(from v2.2)
Blogengage(from v2.2)
Bizsugar(from v2.2)
Diggita(from v2.2)
Wuzzrank(from v2.2)
Upnews(from v2.2)
Bufferapp Button(From V4.0)
Pinterest Button (From v4.0, more improved from version 9.0)

before content, after content, left float, right float

*** Asynchronous loading of button for better performance

Content (com_content)
Quickfaq (com_quickfaq)
Flexicontent(com_flexicontent) From v1.9
Virtuemart(com_virtuemart) with virtuemart old and news version 2 support. From version 4.0
DjCatalog2(com_djcatalog2) From version 4.0
Zoo (com_zoo) (From v10.0 and only for 2.5:)
Joomshoping(com_jshopping) (From v10.0 and only for 2.5:)
Hikashop(Com_hikashop) (From v10.0 and only for 2.5:)
MyBlog(From v10.0 and only for 2.5:)

Other options:
Show/hide in front page
Show/hide for any component listed above
Show/hide for any category
Show/hide for any section
Show/hide for any menu id
Show Count Yes/No (Normal Image icon link or javascript based share button with count)

Sort by weight

Floating Toolbar:
Global Floating Enable/Disable
Floating Enable/Disable for each component
Floating Enable/Disable for each button
Floating Left or right
Floating Top margin, Horizontal margin
Javascript based color chooser for floating box background
Rounded floating toolbar bydefault


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Reviews: 17
Given that social networks are the future to share our information ... this plugin is tops!
An easy and highly customizable configuration, and all at an affordable price. I'm chastened free extensions ....
I also recommend buying the Open Graph extension so that everything goes swimmingly.
Reviews: 1
Worked right out of the box. Highly customizable. Don't fool around with free solutions, this is worth the money.
Reviews: 3
This excellent plugin was easy to install and is a really nice professional looking social sharing and voting mechanism for any site

The support received when one of my other (non related) addons caused a problem was incredible too.

Thank you for a great extension.
Reviews: 1
I bought the extension had some trouble to get it running in my Artisteer made joomla template. I thought it would not work because of the template and ask for a refund. The very quick answer was yes thats possible but we can also try to help you. And they help me very fast and good. The extension is running and i am very happy and pleased. Thanks very much mister Sabuj Kundu your service is excellent.
Reviews: 6
Social Share and Vote Button covers almost all social networks. Plugin can be extensively configured. For me very important the support for components like K2 etc. Nice design!
Service is good, friendly and fast.
Reviews: 1
Very useful and elegant extension, does exactly what I was looking for. But really impressive is the service. I was having problems getting the floating version to work, the programmer went in (the day in the day I asked about it) and glanced at my code, spotted the problem and relayed it (overflow: hidden) right away. I fixed it and it works beautiful. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Wow, what can i say. A $25 plugin doesn't normally have the kind of support I received here.
I was having problems making it work but the developer just said he would install it and make it work. Who would refuse and offer like that?!
Reviews: 2
Very fast and great support + great product! Perfect for someone who is new to joomla!
Reviews: 5
Great plugin! Setup is extremely easy. The developer keeps the plugin updated so it includes all the major social media share button. I also found their support to be fast and helpful, when I had a question. This is a must-have plugin!
Reviews: 1
Sabuj - the developer is very prompt to solve my problems within minutes.

The best Joomla social share plugin which supports linking of most social networks for almost popular components. Especially for who using Pinterest and Virtuemart

Very flexible, tons of settings for you to match social share buttons with your template.

Thanks so much for your such great plugin and great service.

Reviews: 2
The developer is very fast with responding to questions and requests. Excellent plugin.
Reviews: 1
needed a simple to use plugin for social networking. first it wasn't integrated with azrul's myblog. sabuj made it work with no extra charge. set it and forget it. thanks!
Reviews: 1
great tool for me. but also very important is the support. Without extra charge, sabuj helped me to tweak the tool for my needs. responce time wihtin a day. Very nice to work with him.
Reviews: 5
Good plugin, thank you for sharing. I didn't gave top rating due to an issue with google buzz button, which I cannot use on my site because it "destroys" the style of the component placed next to it.
Reviews: 1
Very good and useful plugin.