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ITPSocial Buttons ModulePlugin

It is a simple solution for adding social buttons on your web page. You can choose from 30+ kinds of social media icons.


* positions - on the top, on the bottom or both positions in article.
* show or hide each one of buttons;
* interactive icons packages ( 30+ );
* you can choose where to be rendered - on articles, categories, sections or front page (
* fields for custom code and additional buttons;
* you can exclude sections, categories and articles;

Works with these components:

* Content(com_content)
* K2(com_k2)
* VirtueMart(com_virtuemart)
* JEvents (com_jevents)
* EasyBlog (com_easyblog)
* VipPortfolio (com_vipportfolio)
* VipQuotes (com_vipquotes)
* UserIdeas (com_userideas)
* HikaShop (com_hikashop)
* JoomShopping (com_jshopping)
* ZOO (com_zoo)

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Reviews: 4
Great work!
Very easy implementation, installation and configuration.

Only thing to work on is to ensure that it don't catch text from slide show if you have one! You can't expect from visitors to do copy/paste manually.

All the best!
Reviews: 3
...way to add most common social bookmarks. Easy as it should be, Multiple styles to choose. Excelent!
Reviews: 1
Worked flawlessly! Decent documentation (with screenshots) and demos too.
Reviews: 2
I am trying to figure out how to get this to work on the front page such that it links to the article URL instead of the frontpage URL. I posted on the forum and contacted them, but I can't get any response.
Reviews: 5
Marvelous, works intuitively... the only icons missing are YouTube and RSS... If you could add those... this extention would be superlative!
Reviews: 4
This plugin is the best I've tried so far. Very easy to install and configuration. Thank you.
Reviews: 9
Worked perfectly for me out of the box. I installed the J1.5 plug-in.
Reviews: 1
Works very good, and is very simple to install it. Thanks for sharing!
Reviews: 11
Fantastic plugin! Exactly what we were seeking! Simple and adjustable to any template. Very good choices of design. Simple installation (no manuals needed) for those who are not seeking modifications of code, etc!


p.s. Now - please install "donate for coffee" - it's reasonable to contribute a few bux for such great outside-the-box solution!
Reviews: 5
Had it up and running in a couple of minutes. To fullfill my language needs I just a few lines in altered \modules\mod_itpsocialbuttons\helper.php (made a backup first!).
It works flawlessly, also in Chrome.
Reviews: 1
All I can say: It did the job right :)! Thanks
Reviews: 2
Great, simple plugin. There's a little glitch with this in Google Chrome though. A linked underscore appears in between each button, for some reason.
Reviews: 2
this plugin should be exactly what I was looking for, but there is a problem: if I share the article to facebook it links the shared link to the home page of the site and not to the article page. why? is it correct or should it run different?
Reviews: 3
I've used the plugin with a gavick template. First i get a small error. So i write the developper.
Within a day he made a update, now everything works fine. This is better support as commercial plugins!!!

I asked for a module version of this plugin. I hope the developper has the time to create THIS!!

I recommend this plugin to all of you

Owner's reply

Thank you Leon,
The module version is developed and can test it.

Reviews: 1
This plugin is exactly what i was looking for!
Easy installation and configuration.

But there's one thing, that i would like to have improoved:
Could it be possible to choose, which of those social bookmarks will be displayed? (e.g. just twitter and fb instead of all of them)

With that feature it would be an really awesome plugin.

Owner's reply

Now it should be awesome. :P:)
Now you are able to show and hide the icons. :)

Reviews: 7
ITPSocial Buttons was very easy to install and very easy to use. What differs it from the other relevant extensions is that you can use a number of different styles in the icons, which by the way are very nice. A very good work in general, which comes with very good support I have to add.
Reviews: 1
I used that plugin and I like it!
Reviews: 15
Great Extension guys.. thank you so much for sharing...

Just 3 observations that I will like on it if you take sugestions...

The option of taking the 2 lines
option to choose with sn show
and left, center our right

I think with those it will be simple the best one..

Owner's reply

Thank you very much!!! :)
I did several improvements, including your suggestions.

Reviews: 1
Best bookmark plugin, I have tried nearly all of the and this one is the one that covers all features: Customize where to appear and how. The only thing that is not customizable is what sharing buttoms to show...But this is secondary (At least to me). 4 different possibilities for design, all of them very neat.
Reviews: 1
I looked at a few of these extensions and have decided to use this one for ease of use and the clean and effective look. Thank you to the developer!
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