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ShareMe PRO Plugin

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★ Supports auto detect of site language for RTL/LTR languages. Google Plus +1, Twitter, FB Like , FB Send, Google Buzz, Google Plus+1, LinkedIn, Digg and now Stumble Upon Share Buttons with Counters to market your Joomla website and Joomla Content.

Twitter, FB Like, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, Digg and now StumbleUpon Share Buttons with Counters to market your Joomla website and Joomla Content. All buttons make use of sleek scripts that open in Popups so you still keep your visitors on your site ! . All buttons make use of sleek scripts that open in Popups so you stilll keep your visitors on your site !

ShareMe Pro has been released, based on the Popular ShareMe button count plugin that was Joomla!'s first multi Share count plugin.

Choose which buttons to show and where to show them in your Joomla com_content. Include or exclude specific articles, sections or categories.

All Share services are carefully selected and we only include services that allow your visitors to share and still stay on your site, so you do not loose visitors to other sites.

The Pro series will be deviating from the Non Commercial versions, hence the new Naming conventions and Development Path. ShareMe Pro and ShareMe Pro Compact will also be following different Developemnt paths to complement the requirements of their deployment in a wider variety of applications.

The button currently displays the FB Like Box style Button Counter, Twitter Box Style Button Counter, FBShareMe, LinkedIn, Digg and Google Buzz Button Counters as seen on Popular tech type Blog sites.

1.The current FBShare API requires that the Core Joomla SEF be enabled for correct functioning of the Service. I am currently investigating alternatives in case there are members that do not use even Joomla SEF/SEO on their sites for some reason.

2. The placement of the buttons is by default to the upper right side of your articles text, but can be easily changed by adjusting the CSS to your liking from the Plugins parameter settings in the Joomla backend. See the screenshots for more. If you need help with adjusting the CSS to your own liking, post a request on our support forums.

If it's not stated here, its not supported.This si a Joomla com_content plugin . Please take the time to visit the Support Forum and FAQ's.

The free version can be found here ShareMe Plugin

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Reviews: 2
I have used this extension across quite a few zoo versions and I like it a lot. It works really well, and when I have had issues integrating into my sites (not extensions issue persay) the dev helps out to get things working. For $10 you cant beat it.

Pros: Works great, better flexibility then default ZOO social buttons, Dev has close relationship with ZOO so there's quickly a new version if required to match new ZOO versions.

Cons: none

Usage Difficulty: Very easy to install and use.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the Review, it is really appreciated when you take time out to make a Review.

Reviews: 3
It installed easily. I just uploaded it and turned it on. I picked the buttons I wanted. They worked perfectly. They keep a good count. They also do not get in the way of the JComments or anything else the way others did. The CSS works well.

I am using the compact Pro version. The regular was a bit large for my site.

I like that there is a setting for a light background and a dark background. It makes it more visible with both styles of site.

Limited site buttons supported, but the ones supported are the one I wanted and I wanted the count for the Facebook Like function.

For $10, it was not a bad purchase. I am also using the free Followme and Tweetboard extentions from the same developper so the ten for all three was very reasonable.
Owner's reply

Thanks for making the time to make a Review. If you need a specific sharing service added, just make a feature request on the Support Channels and we can discuss it.