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ITPShare ModulePlugin

It is a free extension that adds republish buttons on your web pages. This plugin adds goodies from the most popular social media sites:

* Facebook Like and Send
* Google Plus One
* Google Share
* Twitter
* Pinterest
* LinkedIn
* StumbleUpon
* Reddit
* Tumblr
* BufferApp

Works with components:

* Content(com_content)
* K2(com_k2)
* VirtueMart(com_virtuemart)
* JEvents (com_jevents)
* EasyBlog( com_easyblog )
* Vip Portfolio PRO ( com_vipportfolio )
* Vip Quotes ( com_vipquotes )
* HikaShop ( com_hikashop )
* JoomShopping ( com_jshopping )
* ZOO ( com_zoo )
* User Ideas (com_userideas)

Shortener URL Services

More features:
* positions - you can put buttons before content, after content, both positions or custom location in the content using indicator {itpshare};
* widgets types - standard, boxes, counters,...
* show and hide buttons;
* you can choose where to be rendered - on articles, categories, sections or front page ( featured );
* you can exclude sections, categories and articles;
* you can put a custom HTML code
* multilanguage - you are able to select a language or system can detect it automatically.
* supported content plugin events - onContentPrepeare, onContentBeforeDisplay, onContentAfterDisplay

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Reviews: 1
I'd tried several other plugins and extensions but none had done quite what I wanted. with ITP I just installed and configured it and it works perfectly.
Reviews: 7
Simple, but properly working plugin. Have used it for 2 or 3 years now in VM and Joomla, works even after upgrading Joomla and VM a couple of times.
Reviews: 1
Addon has a lot of options which is very nice.

Unfortunately for some reason it is showing the same user twice. This is kind of an important bug.

There is NO support for the Non-Commercial version so keep that in mind.
Reviews: 7
It works just perfect. I love the autodetect language. Thank you for this great plugin
Reviews: 1
after trying a lot of non-commercial options, I choose it. a very good option is that this provides with both module and plug-ins for different tastes.
Reviews: 1
It's nice extension but i tested website on , and test reports just few likes and i think that they are from previous plug in i used.The other counters are correct.Why this test doesn't show real number of page likes?I tryed another test tool, and it's the same.I also tested some other websites and the test shows correct number of likes,so i think that maybe is something to do with extension or some part of my website?Thanks!
Reviews: 3
This is a good solution if you are looking for a non-commercial module for social bookmarks. Easy to set up and get running and it looks good on the page. The only downside is that it slows page loads considerably - by about 2 - 3 seconds on my site. Each button seems to take a significant time to render so if you have 4 or 5 buttons in the module the whole site slows down perceptably. Perhaps not a problem for some but having just spent some time getting page loads optimised it seems a backward step to add a module which then does the opposite. Fix this issue and I will use in future, sadly I am still hunting for a solution.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this great extension. There is a useful update every time I check. This motivated me to donate too.
Reviews: 3
A polished, professional and superior extension, quite simply works! Great functionality design and options. Support is outstanding too, i had a query regarding facebook like functionality, i needed a solution, and within minutes of posting a support query i got a full and detailed solution.

Todor is great, super fast and friendly. If you want an extension that works brilliantly, is simple to use with great support if you need anything at all, this is it!

Thumbs up!
Reviews: 4
Very useful app, it does what it says.

I d like to thank the developers
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension. Really easy to use. It does have some issues though: the buttons tend to jump around when clicked. For example, as soon as you click the Facebook 'Like' button, the area containing it expands by a hundred pixels or so. Also, requires quite a lot of CSS fiddling to get the comment boxes to appear over other content.
Reviews: 2
This is a good extension, simple and effective. Maybe a little bit more of development will be good. Buttons Design, Fix some problems a new extension update it will be nice
Reviews: 2
Good and useful module with a wide range of useful funcionality!

Unfortunately being used on a 'https'-Domain (SSL), Chrome displays an "unsafe site"-error because of non-SSL-links being referred in this module. If this could be corrected, the module would be perfect!
Reviews: 1
Great module, only the shortener page break does not work (big mistake), also would be great, twitter messages to begin with the category.

Category: Title of the news http://url shortened
Reviews: 14
I still run a number of Joomla 1.5 sites. One of the great things about this module for 1.5 is that it's still updated with the new social sites. Also works great on install with no issues.
Reviews: 1
Great plug in! easy to use. Easy to set up. You dont have to go through the agrivation of making an app entry in your facebook or twitter unless you want to.
Only complaint is in the module the links are not straight up and down. May just be an issue in the template but would be nice if they had an alignment option.
The Plug-in... No complaints there
Owner's reply

Hi Circlecast,
Thank you for the review!
You can use ITPFloatingShare. It's another social extension developed by me. The buttons are arranged up and down.

Reviews: 1
this is easy to install and implement. thank you :)
Reviews: 5
Excellent but error W3C validator.
Reviews: 2
I am very new to using Joomla in general and found this extension easy to install and use. It was easy to customize and make it just the way I wanted it. I did have trouble getting the Facebook 'Send' button to show, but it could just as easily be my lack of understanding as anything to do with this component.

Thank you.
Reviews: 4
Very easy to install and set. 2 ways: module or plug-in in articles. Advanced parameters also.
Just be carefull with some "button's" which don't run:
- Google buzz open a window -> stay blocked
- Yahoo buzz : doesn't run
By other part, becarefull with the FaceBook buton's settings, because sometimes it's put a blank space if you don't activate some options: not pretty.
Though, it is a very nice extension. Problem's with W3C. I found one easy to correct:
- attribute type="text/javascript" for scripts missed
Owner's reply

crapouille, thank you very much for the review.
I am going to fix and improve the extension. ;) :)

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