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ITPShare ModulePlugin

It is a free extension that adds republish buttons on your web pages. This plugin adds goodies from the most popular social media sites:

* Facebook Like and Send
* Google Plus One
* Google Share
* Twitter
* Pinterest
* LinkedIn
* StumbleUpon
* Reddit
* Tumblr
* BufferApp

Works with components:

* Content(com_content)
* K2(com_k2)
* VirtueMart(com_virtuemart)
* JEvents (com_jevents)
* EasyBlog( com_easyblog )
* Vip Portfolio PRO ( com_vipportfolio )
* Vip Quotes ( com_vipquotes )
* HikaShop ( com_hikashop )
* JoomShopping ( com_jshopping )
* ZOO ( com_zoo )
* User Ideas (com_userideas)

Shortener URL Services

More features:
* positions - you can put buttons before content, after content, both positions or custom location in the content using indicator {itpshare};
* widgets types - standard, boxes, counters,...
* show and hide buttons;
* you can choose where to be rendered - on articles, categories, sections or front page ( featured );
* you can exclude sections, categories and articles;
* you can put a custom HTML code
* multilanguage - you are able to select a language or system can detect it automatically.
* supported content plugin events - onContentPrepeare, onContentBeforeDisplay, onContentAfterDisplay

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Reviews: 3
Very good extension except 2 thing.
1. Sometimes stumbleupon script hanging in FF7.0
2. w3C validator gives a lot of error when ITPshare is enabled on my site. Can you pls fix it? Very good extension anyway so Thank you very much! :)
Reviews: 5
I couldn't find it sooner! I feel like this should be the first extension for bookmarking/sharing. Most other extensions either don't have google+ or don't have fb share. The good ones all have backlinks. This one has both the plugin for your articles and the module for a position, it is easy to configure, and works great. You can chose between fb like and fb share. It used to be easier to find simple great extensions for social bookmarking for Joomla 1.5 but now this is definitely the best non commercial choice I have found.
Reviews: 6
Thanks, that's a great component! Simple to install and configure. Enough options to play with, if you fancy =)
Reviews: 2
excellent. Couldn't get it to work on frontpage though, but quickly found workaround
Reviews: 4
I liked the beginning. But now it's giving me a headache. I realized that the module has stopped telling people that enjoyed my page. I did a test with a fake account and nothing. I do not go for days of 26, although I know that there were many others.

Another thing is that the image only appears for three people. Although 26 has cured.

I left a message asking for help in the forum. And nothing. No answer.

Result, after tested, liked and posted on the site of my client who is already in the air. Now I have to go looking for another.
Reviews: 6
I was looking for plugin that would include the Google plus one button on my site. This plugin does this, but also several of the other important buttons, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

It was very easy to set up and configure.

Something that would make it even more helpful would be the option to individually select for each button whether to show it in the article, category and section layouts. But it is still an excellant plugin. Thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 3
Easy to install/configure.
Does exactly what I wanted it to do.
For my best use, activated module on pages with category blog layout and plugin on articles.
Reviews: 3
This plugin is absolutely perfect for what I need, so I downloaded and installed it. I am on a dedicated server, and my site is normally
normally blazing fast, but with this plugin enabled, it just loads....and loads....and loads.... After 2 full minutes, the site still hadn't loaded, and it hangs where the plugin appears, so nothing below will load at all.

Not ready for prime time.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review! :)
All is OK with the extension. It is an issue of the social networks.
You can deal with the problem by disabling buttons that lead to slow loading. After a while, can still turn them on and see that everything is okay.

Reviews: 1
At first I thought this was great, easy to install and looked good on my site.
After a week of tweeting and sending likes to facebook I realized that the URL's being sent are miss formatted and thus dead links.
e.g. was sent as www.mydomain.compage.html.
For some reason the / is omitted ??
So to all those giving this 5 stars please check this as its easy to overlook.
I have no fix at this time ;(
Reviews: 1
Easy installation, easy configuration and got it at work in 30 seconds ! Very nice job !
Reviews: 3
Tried quite a few and this works for me, added it as a module under a non-popup phoca gallery.
Reviews: 1
Simple, clear and easy to configure. Missing tooltips too, but that isn't a big issue.
Reviews: 9
Works very well for me.

Thanks development.
Reviews: 8
Has facebook and twitter including like and share and styling and language settings.
Best of all has additional area to put in custom codes. Allows me to add yahoo blog icon and a link to my yahoo blog.
Reviews: 5
This is an excellent plugin, I only have one problem with it and that is some of the tooltips are missing but I can live with this
Reviews: 1
wowww, thanks a lotttttt!!! great module.
keep the good work.
Reviews: 3
Easy to install and configure.

Thanks for this extension!
Reviews: 3
Linking my site deeply into the social fabric of the web was a breeze with this plug-in. I hope this makes everyone's essential list of must-have plug-ins. It deserves it!
Reviews: 6
Install, configure, go!

The extension is easy to download (from the developers site) install and configure, and you will have these icons showing on your site in minutes.

If you want to, you can also edit the layout threw CSS, everything is nicely coded, so that is also easy if you have some HTML/CSS knowledge.

Does exactly what you need it to do! Nice implementation.
Reviews: 12

First of all: Great app you wrote there. I installed in J.1.6.1. I tried stumble, Facebook, Linked in sections as a plugin. Your app comes with a plugin and a module.

Everything is setup real fast. Great job on that part!

The only minus I found - And it's a small minus though, but I have to be complete in my review - is that with J 1.6.1 there is a space between certain icons. I saw on your forum you told your users to edit the CSS file. Well, someone reacted it might just be the php file. I'm pritty curious what you are going to answer :). (It's been 2 weeks ago).

That minor thing aside: Great app! I'm gonna incorporate it into some sites I made. Keep up the good work!
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