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ITPSharePoint Plugin

Advance extension that adds social media buttons on a website. You should put a rendering point {itpsharepoint} somewhere in the content or the code.

You can also put it in a module Custom HTML.

The extension provides top social media buttons - Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus One, LinkedIn, SumbleUpon, Google Share, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, BufferApp...

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Reviews: 1
Enabled plugin and added tags in an article for testing, and nothing. Had some buggy effect on my slider. Enabled all the social media buttons in the plugin and added the tag somewhere else in the article and still nothing. Did this for an hour, big waste. Stay away.
Reviews: 2
I'm using Joomla 2.5.8 and Virtuemart 2.0.14. Unfortunatly it doesn't work with 2.58 either with Virtuemart 2.0.14
Owner's reply

Thank you for great review!!! :D
But you had to read the documentation first.
You should put something in the option "Display in". ;)

Reviews: 4
Lots to choose, very easy to use, elegant look and it's FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn't think I'd find such a great tool, thanks a lot!
*I'm a joomla 1.5 user, too.
Reviews: 1
Seems to be user friendly but the Pinterest part doesn't work & that's what I really need it for. Doesn't grab image & it never actually posts to Pinterest. No help anywhere on the net.
Reviews: 1
Thanks for the great plugin. Works in Joomla 1.5
Reviews: 5
Thanks for the great plugin. Working on Joomla 2.5
Reviews: 1
nice plugin, i can add it any where.. i hope to add more social networks in it.
Reviews: 7
great plugin, it has an important function for facebook Like button: Auto Language that other plugins don't have. Perfect for multilanguage sites

Excellent if the auto-language will be also available for Google+1
Owner's reply

Hi radu81,
Thank you for the review.
Auto-language is available for Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus now. :)

Reviews: 2
I have used this plugin for a long time and love it, While I never read the documentation the idea of just putting a tag in the code where ever I want the plugin to show was easy to figure out.
Reviews: 5
This is a good plugin for a variety of components and modules, not just standard Joomla articles. I've applied it to K2 items with great success. Users who click the Share button can post K2 Items including the image that's been uploaded with the K2 Item.

Easy to use, just configure the plugin with the buttons you want, add the {itpsharepoint} in the text of your component or custom HTML module, and it's there. Surrounding it with a simple DIV tag with a float:right style makes it a little neater.

It also includes the new Google Plus One, which is why I tried this plugin in the first place.

Nice work!
Reviews: 1
I liked what this extention offered, but couldn't get it working. Only being a beginner, I didn't even know where to put the {itpshar} code, and couldn't find a relevant help document. Maybe if you're a pro this could work nice. Can't say tho.
Reviews: 6
Short story: buggy, hard to configure and without support.

Long one: It would be a good idea to create a plugin that can be used with any component, it's supossed you just add a twin component/view parameter and the plugin will work for them, but it took me half day to realize that a wrong set of parameters (they're input as plain text) disables the plugin not only for the wrong-set component but for all components also.

I had some problems finding the right component/view set for JEvents (BTW, developer STATES the plugin is compatible with JEvents), read the documentation which only has examples for joomla's com_content and K2 (there are plenty of plugins that do the same for those components, thanks), post a question in the forum without answer and when I finally got developer's email and wrote him, his answer was -textual- 'Sorry, but I have no enough time'.

I'd also like to praise JEvents' developers who took time to answer me, read the little documentation and tried to help me, without successs unfortunately.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review. :)
It is advanced extension and it is hard for configure. ;) I sent you a link to the documentation and examples.
Sorry about missing support, but I really do not have enough time. So I sent you a few sites (scriptlance and joomlancers) where you can get premium support.
The extension is not buggy. Just need a good configuration. ;)