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Share Dock Social Network Buttons Plugin

If you like the Mac OS X dock, you'll love this Joomla plugin which feature OS X Dock for Social Network Buttons (Facebook, Digg, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Reddit, My iBook and more. It is originally making use of Zurb's recreation of OS X Dock with JQuery, cool icons from IconDock and powered by AddThis

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Reviews: 1
I installed it and it worked a a charm, but can i edit the icons or add or remove what is shown.
Reviews: 18
Very very nice plugin. would have been more happy if there was a setting page to control the site icons which we need to display and i cant find google plus icon too. If the developer does the above mentioned two changes then would be the best social bookmarking plug-in for sure!!
Reviews: 1
nice thought but no documentation and no settings?? I would def use it if I had control over what is displayed.
Owner's reply

install & enable it. That's all.