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SocButtons Plugin

Editor's Note
  • Inserts backlink to the developer.
Plugin Social Share Buttons Plugin allows you to display in the articles buttons such social networks:
*Google +1
* Facebook Like
* Share on Facebook
* Twitter
* Vkontakte

Release of security: Be sure to update the plugin to version 1.4


Add LinkedIn

Add 49 languages ​​to Google +1
In vertical Facebook Share with numbers
Exclude several categories to display plugin
Exclude several sections to display plugin (Joomla 1.5)
Exclude several articles to display plugin
Included Open Graph protocol tags for the correct display photo (Facebook Like, Facebook Share)

Added configuration Twitter button (Language, type)
Added configuration button (Type)
Added Facebook Like the configuration button (Language, font, type etc.)
Added configuration button Google +1 (Type)

Removed button Facebook Share (Facebook does not support it and causes a conflict with comments Facebook. Share possibilities embedded in the Like)
Replaced button classmates and my world to new
To Twitter added rel = "nofollow"
Changed call to plugin, now the buttons are above the SocComments and other plugins
Added ability to hide the link to download the plugin through the admin panel

Added ability to display the button on Front Page and Blog Layout.
To My World added rel = "nofollow"
Added System Plugin to insert Social Button in a tag {socbuttons} in the third-party extensions

Bug: If you have any problems with the plugin or you have any suggestions to improve the functional plugin, leave your comments on the support page and they will be considered.

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Reviews: 1
This is very useful and I would said it's perfect except for two things:
a- after installation facebook comment plugin disappeared.
b- copy right is shown beside.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the comments, the next version will try to fix it. Please indicate where you took the comments from Facebook, which disappear.

Reviews: 8
This is the best Social Bookmarking display plugin !

Reviews: 6
If you place the button "Follow me" would be the perfect plugin. Many, thank you very much ...
Reviews: 3
Seems OK, but why would I want a link to the developer on every page where this little thing is displayed???

Reviews: 2
Works like a charm.Used the product for Joomla 1.7 site.
Installation and configuration is easy.
It displays only full article view. ie, not in article preview in category blog listing
Reviews: 4
It really is a nice and useful plugin, but somehow the Google+ button don't show up. Any sugestions?
Owner's reply

Perhaps because of slow Internet connections do not have time to boot up the script button Google +. It would be nice if you send me a link to your site for better viewing.

Reviews: 5
I was looking for a plug in with all the social shares on it especialy Google +1 and this is great! But... It doesn't display the buttons on the front page that was one of the issues, the other one is that there is no option to display or not the developer link.

Reviews: 1
Easy installing and does exactly what 2.0-people want. Great job.

One question : why are the buttons not visible on the frontpage ?
Reviews: 3
Very easy to use, does what it promises. Good work!
Reviews: 4
I was looking for a plugin that would handle the social sharing that included the Google +1 and came across this one. It was easy to install and set up and it was up and running within a few minutes.

The only issue that I had was that the website was not in English and it took some time to locate the download link. The clicking was definitely worth it.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback. Signed headlines and links for downloading in English

Reviews: 1
very good extention! nice and simple to use!
next step is create a backend option to show ext in first/home page... and translate site of support :)
Reviews: 1
Love this and so easy to install and get up and going. Only issue I have is how to have the bar show below content....seems to want always to be on top. Really love it though and can see why it is so popular. Great work!
Owner's reply

To display the plugin content below you need to select "Position - Below" in the plugin settings

Reviews: 4
not really easy to download as the site is not in english. and you cant set the plug in to show at the bottom. Also for every share that is added the system will add 1 to the like button. I never saw the twitter button show up. so for me no twitter, but over all great product.
Owner's reply

Twitter works a little late, since no once can define a link, it depends on the service

Reviews: 8
I like it but the trackback link is somewhat annoying particularly when placing the buttons above content. An option to turn it off would be nice
Owner's reply

trackback designed for people who are interested in plugin that had not had to search for the name and where to download it

Reviews: 13
I like this extension. Easy to use and good support.
Reviews: 3
Easy to setup and to use and simple to install. Just what the doctor ordered.

Clean one-line display of all icons and works what it should the moment u enable the plugin and save your settings.

Although I'd argue whether it was necessary to place a link to the dev's site for all us who don't want it to remove manually or would it be ok to place an option in the setting for 'Show' or 'Don't show' dev's link under the social icons respectively.

Cheers m8s and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 10
It good, but you should use english to show info
Google +1 button should language to choose!
Owner's reply

this will be organized in the following versions of the plugin

Reviews: 3
Nice work with this plugin.
I have one question: how in joomla 1.6 show line with social buttons in category-blog page view?
Owner's reply

Зlugin SocButtons displays a button just to the full article

Reviews: 4
Just what i'm looking for!
Great easy to use plugin.
Keep up the good work, many thanks
Reviews: 1
was searching for a plugin that would have facebook like, tweet and google +1 and found this baby.
the plugin is really easy to use, i really like it but i think it could also use the facebook send button next to like. it could also include more button styles, rather than just the two that are available now.

anyway, thumbs up
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