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Social Share Buttons Module

E-max social share buttons is a simple and free module that allow you to display social share buttons (twitter, retweet, facebook like, facebook send, facebook share me, google buzz, google plus one, linkedin, digg, stumble upon) in a very customized way.

You can select the social share buttons that you want to display, and every social share button has several options and you can customize it very precisely (show, hide, type, language, alignment, color, and many more).

We have developed this module for our client's needs, and we hope you'll find it useful.

For maximum customization you can use it in combination with e-max social share buttons plugin.


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Reviews: 2
I give an Excellent because this module works great by itself, the only problem is that it is not asynchronous, so sometimes it takes long to load the whole page because social networks do not respond as quickly.

It would be cool if you convert it to asynchronous! Thanks for this awesome module!
Reviews: 1
Many customization, but cannot change icon order. Even in the plugin it is not possible.
Reviews: 1
very clean, simple and lightly working solution to have share buttons on your web page. thanks e-max.
Reviews: 2
The module is not bad, but the Twitter button only sends page title, without reference to it. I had to disable it.
Reviews: 8
Fast easy to install, works really well.
Developers need only to make more practical the backend configuration.
Good job!
Reviews: 1
This is really helpful! It is just what i need to use. A lot of customizations. Thank you!
Reviews: 2
I found this really helpful, I needed a module for J1.7 and this was the best I found ( I tried others). Just one question... I saw there is a css file for the display of the social buttons, but I couldn't find a way to decrease the space size between each button? besides that everything is great!, thanks!
Reviews: 4
I really like - one small bug. In J1.7 if I am using Facebook login with Community Builder there is a conflict with this module.
Reviews: 1
The plugin is very good. I like it.
Reviews: 6
Very nice plugin, easy to install and use!!!

I also interested in how to put it besides the print and email.
Reviews: 2
It's a simple social bookmarking, easy to install without complicated setting, I LOVE it so MUCH !!!...
Reviews: 7
Hello Developer, thanks so much. This is one of my best and easiest installations. I can't believe this is for free. I am pretty certain I noticed something similar as 'commercial'.
Reviews: 8
Great extension.
I like the plethora of customizing options, and the fact that it is distributed both as a plugin & module.
One suggestion: the FB "Share" button (when activated) appears at the end of the buttons' row, while the BF "Like" shows up at the beginning. It would be great if you could move the "Share" button next to the "Like" button. And of course it would be ideal if we could re-arrange the various buttons to our own preference.