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Social Bookmarking Genius ModulePlugin

This Social Bookmarking Extension is designed to allow you to easily create convenient Social Bookmarking Buttons for the members and guests on your website to Bookmark, Share, Like, or Recommend interesting articles or content they find on your site on the top social media sites and social bookmarking sites online.

** Note: This extension includes a link back to our website that is set to be displayed by default upon installation. To disable the link find the setting for 'Support the Author' in the admin configuration and set it to 'No'. This is NOT a HIDDEN backlink, it is a standard html link. **

Bookmarking Module, Bookmarking Content Plugin, Bookmarking System Plugin

Now support for some of the most popular Joomla content organization components for Joomla as well, K2, VirtueMart, JEvents, MyBlog and EasyBlog.

Display the Bookmark Buttons in Joomla Articles or VirtueMart, K2, JEvents, MyBlog or EasyBlog.

Display your Buttons in : FrontPage view, Category View, Article View,

8 built in animated CSS mouse-over effects for the Bookmarking Buttons are availabable:

Dog Ear
Shift Up
Or Custom

More display variations than any other bookmarking extension!

Whats Included:

System Plugin - Display Bookmarking Buttons anywhere on the screen irregardless of content.

Content Plugin - Display Bookmarking Buttons within almost any type of content incl. VirtueMart, K2, JEvetns, MyBlog, EasyBlog

Module - Display Bookmarking Buttons in any Module Position also display buttons along side of screen from module to allow only showing on selected pages.

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Reviews: 1
I was looking for a bookmarking tool to add social media buttons to my website. This is the free version and includes all of the most common shares, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. It was straight forward to install and has made my site look more professional. I am very please with it.
Reviews: 5
taking in consideration that this is offered as a free plugin .... just 3 social options is not worth it. suggestion: get the entire bunch and do a backlink option for those who don´t care....
Owner's reply

In the free version I offer all of the most common shares, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. I thought that was fair.

Reviews: 4
My partner raved about this extension and he was right. Everything is really easy to use and love all the free social media sites included. Thanks for this.
Reviews: 9
I have downloaded the free version to see what it looks like on my clients site.. Well, firstly, it doesn't work - I've pent 2 hours trying to get it to work with no luck.

I figure, ok, i'll go to your forums, but there is so much PORN SPAM on there, even when I search for social bookmarking, all I get as a result is PORN - WITH PICTURES!!!!!

Why on earth would I want to buy the commercial version from you if the free version doesn't work and I can't get any help??????
Owner's reply

I have tested both FREE versions of the module and plugin in both Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7 and found them to be working without a problem.

Our forum did get blasted with spam a few days ago but it has been removed and I am working on making it more difficult for this to happen again.

If you have any questions regarding how to configure the module or plugins you can email me directly from the website 'email administrator'



Reviews: 1
great to have all the display options!!
Reviews: 1
This extension is superb. It does exactly what I needed.
Reviews: 13
Set the backlink option to no but still added the backlink. An absolute no go for me for a module!!
Owner's reply

There was a bug in the version for Joomla 1.7 that has now been corrected!

Reviews: 1
This was simple to install and works as promised. There are a few adjustments you can make to let it blend in with your site. I am using the Add This extension to allow people to add to any service, but this extension will allow people to see the most dominant Web 2.0 sharing icons more quickly and easily. Thank you for a nice job and being transparent.
Reviews: 1
Works great, easy to install, plenty of choices. Does cause numerous html errors when validated via W3C however, which should be easily fixable by more or less changing "&" to "&" throughout the code. Also, some of the sites included seem to no longer exist e.g. Spurl and others.
Owner's reply

CSS errors fixed and removed spurl.

Reviews: 1
Quick to implement.
The Hyves images is in the package, but I'm missing the Hyves link option.
Owner's reply

Hyves added.

Reviews: 1
Nice plugin, but why is the facebook butten linking to

Owner's reply

You raise a very good question. Error corrected.

Reviews: 2
Really cool idea. I only have accounts on two of the social bookmarking sites included in this extension so now that I have installed it I better sign up for the others!
Reviews: 3
Thank you for this free module. Super easy to install & configure.
Reviews: 1
I am a developer and I am using this on a site. Two other sites I have are on 1.6 I email the author and he said that a new version for 1.6 will be released shortly.
Reviews: 1
Overall I like the module. I am using it on one of my sites. The one thing that I would like to see is a way to make the google + button fall into line with the other icons if they are displayed horizontally.
Reviews: 5
Nice and simple to use!
Reviews: 1
I loved it. Used it on two websites and my clients were wowed. Thanks guys. Great work
Reviews: 2
Installed and used within a minute, but what module class suffix options do we have?
Reviews: 1
Super easy to install and setup and lots of cool bookmarking sites. Works great.
Reviews: 1
This has to be one the the easiest add-ons I have installed on my website! Install, create new module, enable....Done!
A huge list of social bookmarking websites to choose from, you can choose which to have showing in the module and which to hide. Excellent!
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