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Facebook-Twitter-Google+1 Popular Plugin

Facebook - Twitter - Google +1 all in one plugin for Joomla enable "Twitter button", "Google +1 button", Facebook "Like button", the Facebook "Share This button", the Facebook "Comment Box", the "LinkedIn button" and the "Pinterest button" on your published articles, with the following features:

To choose the position (before, after or both the content)
To choose counter or no-counter button style
To choose the button size and style
To choose the language for the social plugins
To include and exclude certain articles and categories
To set the CSS style for the container
To set the container type
To enable the views where the button will be show up
To enable the comments counter
To enable the moderation tool for FB comments
Facebook Opengraph support
Asyncronus load option for the plugins script
Autopublish content fot Twitter and Facebook
Auto resize Facebook comment box
Auto choose adapt the plugin's language to the current one
Video Youtube share support
Virtuemart support
Added Linkedin button
Added Pinterest button
Added direct photo upload to Facebook
Add custom icon

This plugin is the extension of the popular Facebook Like and Share plugin and it allows the user to share your content with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin or Pinterest.

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Reviews: 6
This is a very good social plugin.
Just need enhance some things about displaying & compatible.
Reviews: 7
I did not try out all its features, only the facebook like and twitter tweet button, and the autopost to twitter. Those 3 work just the way I want them to.
Quite a few options to change layout and looks of the buttons.
I had trouble getting multiple buttons to work, but that might be because of the templates I'm using
Reviews: 6
This is a great plug-in but when I switched to the Gantry template it threw everything off and made alot of things not work right. So I wont be able to use it anymore.
Reviews: 3
Everything is great, super easy to setup however styling n css is not too good especially when viewing on mobile. The FB comment box just sticks out of the page abnormally on a responsive template. As for suggestions Reddit and StumbleUpon support would also be great.
Reviews: 1
Great plugin. In terms of simplicity, functionality and giving me what I need, this plugin is the best for Joomla social share buttons. It is very nearly perfect and I recommend it over any of the other social share plugins I have tried.

However, sometimes I have problems with the Tweet counter temporarily resetting to zero, before fixing itself. This happens randomly and multiple times throughout the day. In fairness, I am unsure if this is an issue with the plugin, with Joomla or with Twitter itself, so it would be unfair of me to assume. However, I did raise this issue with the developer to no response.

Overall, very strong extension. Thanks for the plugin, which is excellent overall.
Reviews: 1
We have used this extension for a few of our websites now, and we find it easy to install and easy to use. You have several chioces of how to dispaly the buttons. You can also choose your own language for some of the like-buttons, that´s very good. The only feature we miss is a Google-login for the comments.

Great work!
Reviews: 1
Grate Plugin.
but one issue, the tiny URL isn't working, i created the app , enabled the option but still it doesn't shorten the URL
Reviews: 2
I have three of the extensions installed on my site, this is one of them, and they are fantastic!! The developer emails answers to configuration questions very quickly. These are some of the best and most useful Joomla extensions I have on my site. It's amazing to me that these extensions are free since after installing and using them I would have gladly paid a small fee to for them.
Reviews: 5
Good extension. Many configuration options and complete manual.
The best for the more important social buttons.
Reviews: 1
Amazing extension and amazing support!
Reviews: 4
Simply great plugin. Exactly what I would have written myself but now I see no point.

Thanks for sharing!!
Reviews: 6
Thank you for this plugin,it's much useful and practical, but i have a little issue with it about open graph;
When i share an aticle sometime it shows just link without image in my article and when it shows image the default one it's not taken from article it takes all the time my website logo.
it will be perfect plugin if tssue would be fixed.

Thanks again
Reviews: 17
I have tried other social-share plugins but this one is the best one.
Very customizable, OpenGraph support, you can also activate the FB comments.
Ready to use just after installation and activation. Perfect integration inside articles. Good documentation (but really you don't need it).
Use this, ignore others.
Reviews: 1
Really nice, easy to configure, fully documented and it works as it says, however, I couldnt make the 'facebook administrator' option to work.

I did put my facebook ID there and selected 'yes' for administrators but it still doesnt work.

Any help?
Reviews: 3
Absolutely the best share plugin to social sites. Requires some configuration on begin but then it has everything as you want. Thanks also for possibility to edit CSS style.
Really good job!!!
Reviews: 1
This is a very good plugin...But the facebook comment box does not show right below the article....
Owner's reply

I think it's a Facebook problem, and I belive they will fix it soon.
However if you need to fix right now, you add in you css template styles the code:
span .fb_iframe_widget iframe {
position : static;

Reviews: 11
I tried every tweet/social button plugin there is in the directory and this is the only one that has everywhing I needed and looks good as well. After weeding through so many disfunctional plugins and signing up to site after site just be disappointed this plugin worked for what I needed, simple to install, easy to configure and most importantly looks good, don't waste your time signing up on sites and digging around just use this one!
Reviews: 1
I am a novice webmaster, but I worked it out with no problem.
Great work :)
Reviews: 1
The plugin is aesthetically nice except it conflicts with Jomsocial with me, when you enable the plugin it works fine, if you then nav to jomsocial you get 'White Screen'. May be just a config issue not sure.
Reviews: 2
What a great extension ! Work perfectly, easy to install and config., free, what else ? Thank you ! Thank you !!!
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