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SocialSharingLive Plugin

This plugin add automatically to any article a set of social icons that let your reader increase your social ranking.
It support
* Twitter
* Facebook
* Digg
* Linkedin social network Share button.
* Xing
* StumbleUpon

Choose which buttons to show and where to show them in your Joomla com_content. Include or exclude specific articles, sections or categories. Your visitors still stay on your site, so you do not loose visitors to other sites.

* All button display a counter based on your settings
* Run with NO 3rd party providers like ShareThis for example, only use official providers (Google, facebook and so on)
* Ability to turn on and turn off the desired networks.
* Ability to define the visibility in the desired category articles.
* Ability to define on top or bottom of the article.
* Ability to show on frontpage.

Multiple position are possible within your articles
* left, right: in the margin of your articles
* left-full, right-full: take whole line
* floating

* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note

Version 2.1.0, 30 December 2011

+ Joomla 2.5 ready
^ Improved administrator panel
+ New Floating layout that do not take space in your articles/posts but scroll and float on the left side of your blog, you can adjust the position relative to your content by changing media\plg_content_socialsharinglive\floating.css
* Add a missing index.html in /media/plg_content_socialsharinglive/ for more security,
- Google Buzz badge has been removed since Google Buzz has reached end of life and is no more supported by Google,
# Correct a bug Undefined property: stdClass::$sectionid in plugins/content/socialsharing/socialsharing.php on line 119
+ Add support for a new social bookmark: StumbleUpon

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