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SP Share Plugin

If you need a flexible and lightweight social share plugin for joomla you should look at SP Share! This is really an awesome plugin for its features. You will able to share your Joomla or K2 contents with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, Linkend and Plusone followers in a very easy way using this plugin. It allows you to display the share button like a button or box style and can be placed at four different positions in an article.

Version 1.4
* Url issue fixed
* Improved K2 support

Version 1.3.0 (Joomla 2.5)
* Pinterest Pin it button added
* Url issue fixed
* Joomla 3.0 support added

Version 1.1.0
*Url issue fixed

Version 1.0.0
*Inintia release

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Reviews: 1
I liked it, because it offers sharing multiple social sites. Works great, but I can't hide buttons on category view, so I skipped using.
Reviews: 2
Very nice and free extension, best luck in further works!
Reviews: 1
I really think this is an great plugin for its purpose.

I have only two concerns with the current version.
1) The plugin makes references to non-ssl java links, which can be an issue if your goal is to get all links for an https site all secure. All the major social networks support ssl and I was able make the change myself to the codebase for now.
2) The FB like box (the number of times it was liked) is cut off on the right side.

Other then the concerns above for version 1.40 it is a great plugin for deploying on your site.
Reviews: 5
Looks good and does what it says. However I decided to use another extension, because I did not find an option to turn it off on category view (without changing the core files). It might be the next step for developers when upgrading the extension... :)
Reviews: 3
Worked well.

Had to explicitly select sub-categories even after the parent category was selected.

Reviews: 8
After searching a lot finally this one is exactly what I wanted. Happy that this exist. Many thanks to the developers who made it happen.
Reviews: 4
I have tried other social plugins and none of them worked for my needs. This one, however, was perfect. It was easy to install and looks great. It is simple and works great. Thank you so much for this wonderful plugin!!!
Reviews: 1
I include blog articles on my web site and wanted to include an easy way that visitors could share information. This extension is clean, simple and easy to use. I had this installed and working in under 5 minutes. A big "thank you" to the developer who created this and provides it for free!
Reviews: 2
Does what described, simple and easy to use. Thankyou very much.
Reviews: 4
What I haven looking for. Thanks for this plugin. Working for me a great deal
Reviews: 2
This is a really nice extension. I tried several others social share/like extensions before this one and find SP Share has the best combination of social networks represented and appearance. When I installed the extension there was a conflict with something else I had running. The developer responded to my post in his forum and got the extension working flawlessly on my site. After that great experience on a free extension, I'm now checking out their other offerings.
Reviews: 2
I wanted to share my problem.
I have got problem with this module after installing. It use to show it in two line.
how to solve it:
Just go to the K2 - article and in
Item view options ->
Advanced ->
Enable K2 plugins -> select No
It's done!
Reviews: 1
I use this extension. I found it good and easy to setup. Thanks for the developer.
Reviews: 2
good plugin, lightweight in comparision to others I tried, works smoothly, but only a small issue, JS files being called from linkedin or twitter are harcoded with HTTP urls, so if you are running page on https gives non secure content error, this should be resolved in next release, can make this as perfect social sharing plugin.
Reviews: 11
Excellent plugin, easy to setup and does exactly what is says on the tin :)
Reviews: 2
Surprised there are no other reviews for this but maybe no one has tried it yet.

It's nice and simple to install and set up. Great option to choose which pages you want the icons to appear.

However, choosing 'display after title' doesn't seem to work unless that it just on my clients website.

Would be nice to be able to choose the size of all the icons rather than only being able to choose the size of the Facebook like.

Another good option would be to add a 'display at top and bottom'