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Easy Like and Share Popular ModulePlugin

Editor's Note
  • This extension inserts a hidden backlink to the developer.
This Social Like and Social Sharing Extension (both module and plugin) is designed to allow you to easily create convenient Social Sharing Buttons for the members and guests on your website to Bookmark, Share, Like, or Recommend interesting articles or content.

** Note: This extension includes a link back to our website that is set to be displayed by default upon installation. To disable the link find the setting for 'Support the Author' in the admin configuration and set it to 'No'. This is NOT a HIDDEN backlink, it is a standard html link. **

More display variations than any other social share/social multi share plugin.

Now Supporting Open Graph Tags - Define your content so it gets found!

This Package includes 2 Plugins (System Plugin & Content Plugin) & Module

Our plugin supports these third party components: K2, VirtueMart, JEvents, MyBlog, EasyBlog

3 Social Sharing, Recommending, & Liking Widgets
Google +1, Facebook & Twitter Share
Display in Articles, Modules, Frontpage, etc...
Package Includes System Plugin, Content Plugin & Module
Supports: K2, VirtueMart, JEvents, MyBlog & EasyBlog
Native Joomla 2.5, 3.x - Open Graph Tags

General Overview:

This Social Like and Social Sharing Extension (both module and plugin) is designed to allow you to easily create convenient Social Sharing Buttons for the members and guests on your website to Bookmark, Share, Like, or Recommend interesting articles or content they find on your site on the top social media sites and social bookmarking sites online. Clicking on one of the Social Sharing or Social Like Buttons uses the API designed by the Social Sharing Service to Either Share Content or allow your guest to Comment, Like or Recommend your content depending on the service. This is a great tool to help bring more traffic to your site and create a buzz about your online business.

1 Full Year of Free Updates and Support

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Reviews: 1
Easy Like and Share is an extremely effective plugin for any webmaster or website owner interested in creating a buzzing environment that easily integrates social sharing buttons. It is easy to install, configure, and navigate. I downloaded and tested the free version and quickly decided to upgrade to the pro version for the added functionality. The customer support is top notch. The support team quickly addressed my one question. It quickly generated more traffic to my site within a week. I highly recommend implementing this plugin if you are seeking the simplest method to embed code and display social buttons.
Reviews: 2
This extension was easy to install and works well I think, but there no longer seems to be any support. I was having an issue with a random link showing up at the bottom of my share buttons and emailed several times. No response. It worried me enough to request a refund and try something else - no response to that either. I was able to go into the code and fix the problem myself, but would have been nice to hear from someone. This is for the paid version of this extension.
Owner's reply

Sorry about your issue. I was overloaded and missed your post. If you would be willing to change your review I will happily refund your purchase price. (Can't always do to this obviously but this was my mistake.)

Reviews: 10
Absolute easy to install, configure and use.
Free and amazing. Thanks to the developer :)
Reviews: 1
I have tried many other extensions similar to this one but they never work as advertised. The support for this extension has been superb and I can recommend it highly. It's so easy to use and works wonderfully!
Reviews: 1
I use this extension on all of my websites. It was very easy to setup and a breeze to use.

It does everything as promised.
Reviews: 1
I have tried so many different extensions, but they didn't work like stated. I really like that I was able to start with the free version before I decided to purchase the PRO version. I would definitely recommend and the customer support is really great too. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I downloaded and tested several extensions that allow the display of multiple widgets. This one I found to be the easiest to configure. I had one issue that I had with formatting and I sent a private email to the administrator who replied quickly and fixed the issue. I recommend highly.
Reviews: 2
I have decided to go for the plus version, so I have bought the plugin (honestly, the requested amount was not so high).
I paid with Paypal, I downloaded the .zip, extracted the file I was interested in, uploaded, set up... and now it is working on my website!
Altogether, 15 minutes.
I have just a small problem of layout, but I am going to insert a request int he forum.
I have to say that it worth the money I spent. A easy to use plugin, doing exactly what I was looking for.

Please, keep on the good job!

Reviews: 1
Simply the best social share plugin for K2 component in Italian Language (PRO version)! It resolved for me the notorious K2 facebook sharing issues for italian language sites! Top support! Recommended!
Reviews: 5
The idea of something being free is that it will have some level of usefulness in its free form. For a plug-in that is supposed to share your content with social networks, it only serves that purpose if it posts to the most popular social networks, ie Facebook and Twitter right out of the box. This plugin is technically "free" but it serves no purpose without buying the ability to utilize the most popular networks. Its like winning a brand new car only to find out you still have to pay for the engine.
Owner's reply

Well you what they say. The best things in life are not always free.

Reviews: 5
I've tried many similar social sharing extensions and this has been the easiest to use. It's very easy to customize which buttons you want and how they look. The resulting appearance is better than other extensions I've used. The buttons seem to coordinate better in size and layout. Response on the support forum is excellent also. I purchased both the plugin and module versions.
Owner's reply

Thank you for that. I spent a great deal of time trying to get the setup as smooth as possible so that most of the formatting is done automatically.

Reviews: 13
This plugin is very easy to configure, and you can easily change the colour of the background, or choose no background at all - no css changes needed.

Also, fabulous support! Had a solution to my problem almost straight away in my inbox.

Thanks Bryan :)
Reviews: 5
I had tried a few other similar free extensions and wasted time trying to get them to work.

So I took a chance and purchased the paid version of "Easy Like and Share", hoping that it would work.

I am very happy that the extension does everything that I hoped for.

Many thanks to the developer. :)

(using Joomla 2.5.1)
Reviews: 2
Too bad there's only 5 stars. Great product. Had a few tweaks I couldn't figure out and the support was immediate, in-depth and effective. Love it!
Reviews: 1
Great value, great plugin.
But most of all, great support.
I bought the plugin but it was not displaying correctly.
Support fixed all the issues i had.
Reviews: 1
thanks for the great plugin. this free version was nice it gave me a chance to try out the features of the plugin though I ended up getting the pro version
Reviews: 5
...there's still a strange issue: with Internet explorer 8 and Firefox 7, in the category and section view, the google plus button appears just on the first article.
Hope you'll fix on the next release. By the way, the plugin is far better than many other I tried. The performance are excellent and there were no errors on the browser (tested with firefox and IE javascript consoles)
Reviews: 2
I rarely leave reviews. I think maybe I left 1 or 2. I literally tried 4 or 5 other plugins that were supposed to do what this one does without bugs. In every case the other plugins I tried had some sort of problem. This is the only one that I found that fulfills its description.
Reviews: 1
I tried out a bunch of these sharing plugins but I could not get them to display in the right places. This one let me put in a code so I could put the links right where I wanted them!