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BT Social Sharing Plugin

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BT Social Share plugin adds all major Social Networks into your Joomla & K2 articles. Plugin can be published at various locations in content, with 5 options display top, left, right, bottom of article or above article image. Plugin has backend settings where you can customise it. You can enable/disable each social network individually or show or hide them on specific sections, categories, individual articles or specific menus.

Responsive displaying
Facebook Share
Facebook Like
Facebook Comment Box
Facebook Recommendations Bar
Twitter Official Button
LinkedIn Share
Google +1
Position display in content options (Top/bottom/Left/Right, Above image)
Option to display different for the various Joomla/K2 layouts (Archived Articles, Single Article, Category Blog and Featured Articles)

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Reviews: 4
It is clean, it's very easy to configure and for once it keeps all of buttons inline!

It's also easly implementable in any third party solution (nice and clean rendering API) - more devs should do that (including myself).

Thank you for this plugin! Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 18
Nice and clean look for articles,
Thanks for sharing
Reviews: 5
This guys, which created this extension are aces. They provided videotutorial, all possible options in configuration, in frontend it reacts on language switching ...great!
Reviews: 5
This is really great. I did try some other plugins that worked well, but getting them all neatly lined up was a chore.

This gives a very tidy bar of share buttons, looks great and works great.
Reviews: 5
Great extension. The only thing I am missing is a pin button. Ohh, and maybe the possibility to change the background and border of the plugin. Anyway, I customized the css file and everything is perfect. I recommend this plugin.
Reviews: 3
This is the SOCIAL SHARING plugin I was looking for!

SHARES Blog items & Articles as it should. Grabs the correct Link, Title, Description and Image.

And also shares more stuff like K2 items.

Many other extensions offer SOME sharing options and SOME like options. This one has really all the sharing options.

Looks like it's also very easily to implement in custom extentions.

Almost a shame that it's a non-commercial. I paid over € 100 to test all the other extensions... :-)

Many thanks!
Reviews: 1
I use K2 and I've tried all the K2 compatible non-commercial plugins for enabling social media buttons on article pages.

This extension is hands-down the best. The others either have formatting issues or other quirks.

It is one of the few (if not the only) extension to provide comment counters for Facebook comments on category pages (since v2.3.3 - still unreleased as at the date of review).

Lastly, the support is incredible for a free extension. Tronghm responds within 24 hours to queries and he provides detailed troubleshooting assistance. He is not one to shrug your questions off and he will help with coding if necessary.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 10
like all of your products, work like silk , simple to use and do what it say.

Reviews: 9
Searched and tried for some hours this afternoon to get share buttons and Facebook comments for all articles in a certain category displayed. Tried this one. and all that did not work or display like I wanted it with other extensions, now rolled out perfectly on my screen, and took me 15 minutes. (including changing fbApp settings). Great work on this plugin, thanks a bunch.
Reviews: 5
This is really a great extension and above all, FREE! I did mention in the forum that I did mis a little part. But they did find it a great suggestion and one week later the insert it in the code. So for all this, they get 5 stars from me. This for great support en quick answering, but also for a very good and working extension.
Reviews: 5
After contacting the support for a free extension i got fast help.
Perfect team.
Reviews: 1
Great social sharing plug-in. Have used for a year or so now. But since moving to Joomla 2.5.X the "Facebook Share" button is not working. All others work great. Hopefully I'll get this straightened out. As I really like.
Owner's reply

Share button has worked again in the new version! Thank you very much!

Reviews: 11
Not that other users may have problems with this plugin, it works 100%. Sincerely BowTheme friends, you are good at what they do, keep it up, count on you.
Reviews: 10
This is a nice plugin, with nice features like the ability to exclude it from certain categories and articles.

It loads slowly, as it loads non-local icons (from the Internet). Ideally, all icons should be local.
It also has a problem with my Artisteer template, so that some of the icons don't appear, for instance the Google+ icon. Since many Joomla templates are Artisteer created, this is something that the developers should look into.
Reviews: 5
Installed and set-up in no time and error free to boot. Great new plugin and a lot better than the fee based ones I have tried.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
I just like the developers' attention to details in terms of design, from their website to the extensions they created. Everything's in harmony.

They have a video tutorial for each of the extensions, a demo site and forum support.

I downloaded this plugin immediately, unfortunately, there's a small issue with plugin ordering.

But I'm happy to say that the developers didn't stop until the issue is resolved.

Thank you very much guys!