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Social Share Buttons Plugin

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E-max social share buttons is a simple and free plugin that allow you to display social share buttons (twitter, retweet, facebook like, facebook send, facebook share me, google buzz, google plus one, linkedin, digg, stumble upon) in a very customized way.

The options are very easy and straightforward, you can:

Show social share buttons over selected articles in one or more categories or sections just selecting "position - top" in the plugin options.
Show social share buttons under selected articles in one or more categories or sections just selecting "position - bottom" in the plugin options.
Show social share buttons over and under selected articles in one or more categories or sections just selecting "position - both" in the plugin options.
Show social share buttons everywhere you like in your joomla site selecting "custom - yes" in the plugin options and using this code in articles:


In the plugin options you can also select:

Show in articles: and the plugin will be shown in article view
Show in categories: and the plugin will be shown in category view
Show in setions: and the plugin will be shown in section view
Show in frontpage: and the plugin will be shown in frontpage view

For more accurate customization you can also exclude sections, categories and articles:

exclude sections: just write in this option the sections id to be excluded (comma separated) to exclude sections
exclude categories: just write in this option the categories id to be excluded (comma separated) to exclude categories
exclude articles: just write in this option the articles id to be excluded (comma separated) to exclude articles

You can even select several articles to be shown even if their sections or categories are excluded:

Display in that articles: just write in this option the articles to be shown by writing down the articles id (comma separated)

You can select the social share buttons that you want to display, and every social share button has several options and you can customize it very precisely (show, hide, type, language, alignment, color, and many more).

We have developed this plugin for our client's needs, and we hope you'll find it useful.

For maximum customization you can use it in combination with e-max social share buttons module.


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Reviews: 2
It's very good and simple!!!
easy to install and work

Thanks alot
Reviews: 35
I have developed a shop with a simple shop component (not sure if I am allowed to write the name of the component here) in which products can be displayed in normal Joomla articles.

So I created standard Joomla categories to visiualize the "product" categroies in which the Joomla articles are listed (pretending to be a shop product)

The developer of the social-share-buttons plugin writes, that the social buttons can be displayed in category view as well.

This is NOT true!

In the category/blog view there are NO buttons at all. In the single article view they are displayed.

This is very misleading and not really good.

So this is the reason for my poor rating, because I am fed up wirh all the promises made and not realised!

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
Reviews: 5
Well its a shame, it seems to be a nice plugin. Wanted to download it but:
there is no Login possible to download it even after registering on the site and returning the register-link in the email. There is no email to contact the developer on the webpage, the support-link on the site doesnt work ... bad enough. Use another Plugin now!
Reviews: 2
I have used the Social Share Button module 1.1 on a J 1.5 site that uses K2 for content now for over a year. My client started complaining of slow page loads, after a while I started to look at this module to see if it was causing the problem and was surprised after some testing. I tested page load speed using Chromes developer tools time line and found the following:

With the module on:
page load average was 5.55 seconds after 8 tests. Server load average was 2.9 avg. during these tests

With the module off:
page load average was 3.36 seconds after 8 tests.
Server load average was 2.8 avg. during the tests.
This is a 40% improvement which is a 2.19 second speed improvement per page.

I had the following services on in the module: FB like, Twitter, G+1, LinkedIn, FB Send. During the tests I did not notice any significant lag with these social media platform APIs. I have used the module when the the FB and Google APIs were lagging and the page loads were taking forever (like 10s of seconds) and I noticed that sometime the page content would not fully load while the apis were lagging. I had the Module set to a module position in the upper part of my page layout, above the content. I am concerned that the module is disrupting content loading when the social platform APIs lag and in general slow down the page loads.

I appreciate the developers work and hope that newer versions fix this problem. For me I have uninstalled this module and will evaluate newer versions at a later date when I have time.

I hope this info helps.
Reviews: 2
I have spent a fair amount of time looking for a plugin to integrate social network sharing on the "news" section of my website. After much time researching and two attempts with other plugins I finally tried Social Share Buttons.

It looks how I wanted it to and interacts with my template and all other modules wonderfully. I would love to see the option to show the buttons in all articles of a specific category but this option was also not included in the other plugins I tried. I just emailed the developer and asked about this feature.

Very useful with many options (but not as many as some paid options). Though not a graphically rich backend it is still very clear and easy to work with. Everything it does is done with excellence at the price of free!
Reviews: 1
I've just tested around 10 social extensions and this is by far the best of all.

Great parametrization.

Really #recomended
Reviews: 15
I noticed it doesn't support flexi-content articles. However, looks great on the joomla articles.
Reviews: 1
I have looked at nearly a dozen plugins for this purpose, and this one is easy to install and very flexible. My only real complaint is that the articles shared on Facebook contain some gobbeldygook, such as "userratingexcellentgood" and a capital "A" between each line.
Reviews: 1
the pluging is good and easy to use the only improvement to be done is to make it compatible with k2
Reviews: 23
Added this social plugin to the top of my articles, works like a charm! I excluded the articles I did not want the plugin to be published on, I am ready to go... Big thanks!!
Reviews: 10
It's a nice plugin with some customization features - not bad for a version 1.

However, some of the icons don't show in the frontend, when I use my Artisteer created template. Everything works fine with the default templates. Since many Joomla sites use Artisteer templates, this is something that should be fixed.