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Social Buttons Plugin

This plugin adds social buttons to your articles.

Boost traffic to your site with Social Buttons

Social Elite is extremely easy to install and setup. It correctly adds social buttons to your pages, posts and/or custom post types. It also allows you to specify where they will display on the page what buttons will display, and how the buttons will be styled.

Social buttons attract more visitors to your site. When users +1, Tweet, or Like your page, it advertises your page to their friends and followers.

Let your visitors share your content with friends and let them promote your blog. Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter are the most popular social networks nowadays. Don't miss the opportunity, and help publish your content and links to those social media networks.

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Reviews: 1
I was looking for a simple social buttons plugin for J3.2 and thought I'd give Social buttons a try.

I'm glad I did. The install was really easy and within a minute I had social buttons on all but my front page.

I raised this with the author and within a few hours Adrian had sent me a new build which fixed the issue. The level of support provided would have been expected for a high price component but not a free plugin.

Well done Adrian, keep up the great work.
Reviews: 1
I have a little error with the integration but I contact them via email and they solve really fast, and now that plugin works perfect!
Reviews: 1
Searched the web quite a while for this plugin. Very simple and easy to use.