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Social2s Plugin

Social2s is a Joomla Plugin to display and link your website with the most popular social networks (twitter, facebook, pinterest, linkedin, google+, G+1).

There are lots of Joomla plugins that do that. So why Social2s is special?

Social2s doesn't load external javascript if not needed, and only loads the required javascript. Say goodbye to load hundreds of unnecessary scripts and say hello to faster web.

More features:

Supports FontAwesome
Supports Bootstrap
Dark template

fixed arrow with offscreen elements

beta versions
offscreen check
update bootstrap 3.2.0

Twitter api updated
Facebook api updated
Pinterest updated
Fixed error with pinterest count

license check updated
minor bugfix

minor bugfix

Suppor for joomla 3.2 beta
Better organization
Template system
Dark template added
minor bugfix

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Reviews: 18
I've been using social share plugins for years and years, until I found out that they added about 2 seconds to my page load time, regardless of whether they were used on the page. That's when I decided to try this free plugin. It works perfectly for what I need, and, most important, it doesn't slow my site down unnecessarily. A nice little feature is of course the fact it can use fontAwesome: I'm a graet fan! And I was pleased to find it automatically uses my template colours. What could be better than that? A great thanks to the builder!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for you review. Your comment gives to me power to continue developing plugins and components. I focused in speed and security (facebook spies us, you know :p) and european cookie confirm law support (in pro version).