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ValAddThis Module

Current Version: 2.5.4 (29 Apr 2012)

Note: If you're looking for the plugin version of ValAddThis check this page

-=== Introduction ===-

This module is compatible with both Joomla! versions 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 as well as 2.5+, and it uses the Bookmarking services of For a complete list of the AddThis features take a look at this page The module ValAddThis allows the easy configuration as well the display of the AddThis Button or AddThis Toolbox. It produces valid markup for XHTML as well as for CSS. ValAddThis is free software, which has been released under the GNU/GPL v2.0 license.

-=== Features ===-

* Support for the latest AddThis Menu API 2.0, in combination
with the old API 1.0.
* Now you are able to display the new AddThis Toolbox.
* Use CSS files for the Toolbox (option for a user-defined
CSS file too).
* Use your own HTML code before and/or after the AddThis Button/Toolbox code.
* Use of various special bookmarking buttons for the Toolbox, which are not included in the official AddThis script, yet.
* many more not listed here...

-=== Documentation ===-

* For a complete list of the module's features read the module's documentation at

-=== ChangeLog ===-

Latest Version 2.5.4 (29 Apr 2012)
* Fixed: bug in the AddThis script that was caused by a typo and affected the Google Analytics Integration.

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Reviews: 6
This module is by far one of the best I have seen! 5/5 stars
Owner's reply

Thank you for the positive review AwakenHumanity :)

Reviews: 7
Once you understand how to use the numerous options, this module comes in really handy. It's quite easy really to simply list the AddThis services you want to use...
Owner's reply

Thank you for the kind words OldLodgeSkins!

Reviews: 9
Excellent add in. Actually makes Add This a little bit better - and it's already sweet!

I really liked the option for the larger icons, which I find pretty - albeit you can customise add this, it has saved me some trouble!

Adds a tonne more options besides! Really takes a sweet add on to another level.
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for the review and the feedback too Eoin!

Reviews: 5
Almost flawless, except the Google Plus options only show on the first article when viewing multiple articles in blog mode (J 1.5).
Owner's reply

This is a module and thus it shares only the URL of the current page. For sharing multiple articles use the plugin ValAddThis. If you really found some bug please let me know by writing to me the details. Thanks.

Reviews: 13
Having researched numerous options to start adding Social Media Links to our websites I can say that this is a truly excellent module (and the Plugin's great too) having used both.

The speed and ease this module gives for multiple posts to the different social media sites is awesome. Dead easy to install as well. And it works on iPads/iPhones.

Only one suggestion, a bit more choice when it comes to positioning (allowing the buttons to appear centered for instance) would be good.
Owner's reply

Thank you for the review jfrewin5. Actually it is possible to position the AddThis buttons or toolbox however you want, just by using the "Module class suffix" option which applies a user-defined CSS class to the module.

Reviews: 4
Simple to install and set up. Perfect for newbies in joomla like me. Many thanks.
Owner's reply

You're welcome zaczac and thanks for the vote too!

Reviews: 3
Created an account just to leave this review. Excellent module, installed easily with excellent configuration (once you get the hang of AddThis). Thanks to the developer.
Owner's reply

Thank you too for the kind words meddison :)

Reviews: 2
Firstly - I would have given 5 stars but nobody's perfect, there are a couple of additions I'd like to see.

I run joomgallery and have been looking for a way to add social bookmarking to it (not included by default or joomgallery plugin which is a little strange). The component has a couple of it's own module positions so I wanted something to plug straight into there. Tried a few of the facebook/twitter modules but none were exactly what I wanted.

This module fitted straight into the gallery, previews worked and I had it looking exactly the way I wanted to within a few minutes.

Documentation on their site is great, considering it's a fairly small and straightforward module they have several pages worth. Would be good to see this level of documentation for more extensions!

In future versions I'd like to see features like the beta sharecount buttons, an option for the 32x32 icons (although I just added " addthis_32x32_style" to the module class suffix and it works fine) and perhaps a dropdown with a few popular combinations of services for the toolbox.

Great module!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the vote and the suggestions recedo. Some of these features (sharecount button, 32x32 icons etc) are already implemented in the plugin version of ValAddThis; a future version for the module will include them as well.

Reviews: 4
This is really great! Thank you very much for this! Installation and configuration is so easy!
Owner's reply

You're very welcome and thanks for the vote senyorito!

Reviews: 3
I like this extension very much, it's the best there is!
I just wish there was an option to modify the default "send to" tooltip, just as there is in the plugin.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words Chwiszczuk! The option for a user-defined "Send to" tooltip text will be added in the next version of the module.

Reviews: 1
Simple and much more customizable than the older versions. Many thanks to the author for the good job!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words and the vote too kyrtax ;)

Reviews: 9
to install. Let's see how it does after a while.

Thank you for sharing a free extension.
Owner's reply

You're very welcome MAD King! I hope it will work for you ;)

Reviews: 1
Both module and plugin were really excellent extension. This is what i need for my article, simple installation, and easy to use.

Thanks alot buddy.
Owner's reply

Thank you too for the kind words and the vote sky130687!

Reviews: 6
Superb, absolutely brilliant and exactly what I was looking for. It shows twitter, face book and all the usual suspects. It also works perfectly with Virtuemart, and my client is now using it to update his facebook page.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the vote da8iwr!

Pity for you I'm not available for marriage, I already have a relationship with a beautiful woman! :-) Anyway I'm glad you liked the module, you should take a look at the plugin version of ValAddThis too.

Reviews: 1
This extension works great as a module, and I would love to see the plugin version. Passes W3C Validation too! Just as described, works great, easy to install, lots of options in the back-end. Only thing I would like to improve is to have this as a plugin that can be applied to individual articles, rather than within menus.

Anyways, great little add-on, thank you for sharing!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the vote mate! Glad you liked the module. By the way, I've been working in a plugin version of this module; I hope I find the free time to finish it soon.

Reviews: 1
I have installed it with no problems, its working perfectly.
Owner's reply

You're very welcome surfbear!

Reviews: 5
Installation/configuration: Fast and easy
Functionality: Works better than the last Add This module I tried!
Customization: Awesome set of options

Final word: This module is worthy of downloading, rating, reviewing, and even donating! GET ONE!
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for the kind words nniiccoollee!

Some time soon I will release a plugin version of ValAddThis, that will have the same functionality as the module and all the extras of a Joomla plugin ;-)

Stay tuned!

Reviews: 1
Great extension. However I have one warranty:

Adding page to twitter ends with a tweet with html:
Some site description

instead of something like that:
Some site description -

That is the problem - twitter does not interpret html correctly :/ and does not print the link to the site correctly. I have no idea how to workaround this.
Owner's reply

Hi and thanks for the vote!

Last time I tried to send a link to Twitter, it worked just fine; it even interpreted the long URL to a short one like: Description via @addthis.

Reviews: 1
I needed a tool which would allow me and my clients to specify which articles they wanted the Social Networking "AddThis" button to show. With just a little adjustments, this is the perfect solution.
I would have given it the full 5-stars except, now I have to "hide" the "Read more..." and add my own, and have this text within the article link to a menu link for this page, and ensure the menu link is selected in the module definition. A few more steps that would be necessary with a plug-in. It does meet my needs.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your vote! I'm glad the module met your needs; As with every module, you may have any module appear within an article and that would work just fine if you need it for an "Article Layout" view; Although if you intend to use it inside "Category/Section Blog Layout" views, it will probably not pass the appropriate URL/Title of the article, rather the Category's/Section's URL. For this kind of article layout-views it would be better if you used a content-plugin.

Reviews: 1
Excellent improvement on the AddThis extension - the ValAddThis is more user friendly, & Val offers great support on his website with the clear instructions, & off the site - I emailed him a question & I received a detailed & helpful answer straight away. Many thanks Val!!
Owner's reply

Thank you so much too for your kind words! I'm glad that I have been helpful.

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