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Multishare Plugin

Provide a social bookmark widget for your content articles using most popular widget: Addthis, Sharethis and Tellafriend (SocialTwist). If you use other service, also you can add the code from any other provider.

So you can use whatever code form whatever bookmark service you want to use (even more, if select "other" option you can enter any type of code to display on your content).

Also you can enter the id of sections, categories or content where you don't to load the plugin.

What make Multishare plugin special is that if you decide to use Addthis you'll can take control over all options:

-Title/name of Addthis frame....of course you also can choose the text and background colour of the title.
-Enter you logo image URL and backgound colour to display on Addthis window.
-Choose the language on Addthis menu with a very simple two letters code: en (english), es (spanish), it (italian), pt, de, fr, .....
-You can also use a custom button image by entering the image url.
-Choose the bookmark services you want to display and their order, just write their name separated by comma: facebook, live, google, yahoo, digg, ... and all the services supported by Addthis (visit addthis website to view the complete list). Even you can type email or print and you'll have "send to a friend" and "print current page" tools.

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Reviews: 6
I used this on one site for awhile, and recently installed 1.2.4 on another site, but today, I ended up uninstalling it on both and installing another plugin which works just as well and does not have the advertising (backlink, alt-text, etc). The author recommended editing source code to remove the backlink and the alt text, but I don't like having to change source code when there are other options available. If this were a configurable option, I would return to using this product, because otherwise, it works very well. With social bookmarking tools, in particular, the tool is supposed to be about helping you "earn" links, not giving them away on every page of your website. It is bad enough that addthis adds their link to the pulldown, but at least I am getting some universal recognition and some great analytics out of the deal.
Reviews: 1
Simple to install and works well.

However, I noticed that when posting to face book sometimes it posts the intro text before the "read more" of the article into the post and other times it posts "Joomla! - the dynamic portal engine and content management system"

Checking between articles in Joomla shows nothing different between the "read more" or meta content, so why is MultiShare not always pulling from the text before "read more"?
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review.
Your issue is not an issue, facebook take meta description as post. The text "Joomla! - the dynamic portal...." is the metadescription for some articles from example content from joomla instalation. I've tried to modify it and works correctly (just have to wait facebook clean its caché and add again your content).
Finally I have to say that I've created a google group to discuss about my extensions, just to not convert the reviews in an issues discussion.
Thanks again.