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MJ Hold'em Poker ComponentModulePlugin

MJ Hold'em is one of the first multi-player game component built from scratch for Joomla which offers the opportunity to your visitors and loyal members to play the popular game of Texas Hold’em Poker.

The application is written entirely in pure DHTML and PHP, using the power of Mootools 1.2, allowing guaranteed operation on all platforms.

The application is easy to install, offers a unique game-play environment, and offers a unique visual interface with animations.

The administration panel allows you to create as many lounges as you want, and create custom gaming tables. You can also add your own logo or your sponsor.

MJ Hold’em Poker offers a challenging game environment, including a system of direct CHAT to talk live with other players.

Security is at the heart of the implementation of MJ Hold’em Poker, and although the application is not recommended for use with real money, the system offers greater protection to deter cheaters.

The social world is not left out because MJ Hold’em Poker integrates seamlessly with popular platforms for social networks such as JomSocial and Community Builder.


100% compatible with all web browsers. Flash is not required.
Use of the latest animation technologies, Mootools 1.2, and the power of AJAX.
Ability to customize your gaming, add your logo, or your sponsor.
No limit of players, lounges, or tables
Live Chat to speak with other players in real time
Multi-lingual system
Works well on a basic install of Joomla 1.5
Integration with JomSocial and Community Builder
Support points system from JomSocial and AlphaUserPoints

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Reviews: 10
This developer (Lebill) sure does show the big boys how to develop reliable and good looking Joomla apps, I have bought this Poker app expecting some half cocked company with poor support, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Okay the component was a little pricey but once you get to grips with how it functions and with a little tweaking of the code, the poker game is something special and your members appreciate the professional sleek finish. It makes them want to spend money and then the $59 dollars you spent on this app seems easily and quickly pays for itself. You'd be a fool NOT to add this to your user entertainment portfolio.
Reviews: 2
I use MJ Hold'em Poker since a few weeks on my site in combination with AlphaUserPoints and all is working fine.
This game is very well coded and has such a professional look and feel that i have to say it is every single cent worth.
What i also would like to mention is that the developer "Bill" is a very kind and active person who is always there if you need help or if you have problems or questions. I purchased another component (Ko! Who's there) from Bill and i use also the free MJ Slots. All his components are great extensions and work like they should. I'm a very happy monjoomla customer.
Reviews: 2
best purchase I could have made for my website, works perfectly, the creator provides amazing support for his product and what separates it from the rest of the applications out there is that it focuses on the looks as much as the functionality
Reviews: 1
I use Lebill MJ Hold'em Poker for my site that hosting mtgt tournament events we have alphauserpoints as a payment system and I was looking for new way to let my user earn new points and found this great game. I cant wait for new releases from Lebill
Reviews: 4
My members love it...

We wait a little for the new version for Joomla 1.7. But the wait was so worth it.

Also the support is amazing from LeBill, I think he don't sleep ;O). he's always available...

a great addition to the Joomla community

Reviews: 1
It's a excellent game for joomla. I have had a few problems but Bill have helped me with that. Excellent!
Reviews: 1
It's rare these days that you find a small company that truly understands the meaning of Customer Service...

These guys are on top of their Forums, go over-and-above the required level of support to customize their Product to the Customer's desire (even the free product - and that's before I bought the paid-for product). They answered all my questions promptly, and informed me of all the features being released in a coming upgrade to MJ Hold'em which will answer the need for a number of small bells-and-whistles which will make an already great Texas Hold'em component absolutely superb.

The Members of my Website have been very happy and very entertained with this, and the Free Slots-Machine Game also offered on their Website.

Good Work Guys! I look forward to the upgrade to MJ Hold'em, and I certainly hope you will be developing more Casino Games of this quality, and that you'll also continue your super Customer Support!
Reviews: 1
I am a beginner with joomla and web site development in general. I put together a little web site for my poker buddies and myself. We wanted a place where we could discuss poker and improve or skills and knowledge. I purchased MJ Holdem poker because it was compatible with the jomsocial software we are using. I couldn't install it, I kept messing something up. When I contacted. LeBill, he installed the software and fixed the stuff I messed up. I didn't ask him to do that, he offed to take care of it for me. All I can say is, I am so grateful that someone like this still exists in the business world today. This man shows genuine interest in his customers and considers them to be friends. His service to his customers is exemplary and above and beyond the call of duty. I recommend Mj holdem to anyone that teaches poker to beginners as a valuable teaching tool. It is perfect for our purposes of recreation and education. LeBill, remember you always have a friends at
Reviews: 2
Purchased, installed, small problems with my joomla configuration, chat with developer, access to my backend for developer - 2 days -it works fine! I recommend it !
Reviews: 1
It's simply perfect...played in 56 people on my server and simply no problem...The next version will havethe tournaments feature
Reviews: 1
This component is one of the best I have seen yet. It runs fast, very clean. Installation is simple. And the support for this project is top notch. Definately a must have.
Reviews: 1
The component itself is easy to install and modify according to your preferences, the PSD files that come bundled are a MUST!! to make your own rooms, unique styles. The programming is smart, the game engine is fast,and the support from those guys is unheard of!!! They helped me solve any amateur issues I had, withing minutes!!! Not many others do that! Absolutely recommend to everyone looking for a multiplayer poker engine, to buy this great component without any doubts!! Loved it!
Reviews: 1
I was fortunate that I got hold of this Poker game before it was released.

Not much I can say except, you wont be "ripped" off, you wont be "disappointed"

Its a SUPERB piece of software, runs beautifully with Jomsocial, nice integration, and remember, this is just version 1. Give it six months or so, and I can see some real good additions, changes and adjustments.

WELL DONE to the author, nice guy, nice piece of software, what more do you want?
Reviews: 2
I have been waiting forever for something like this and finally someone made one. It installed without a hitch and ran right out of the box as advertising on Joomla 1.5.

I didn't give it a perfect score because it doesn't support any points systems yet but the developer said he was working on them now so that's awesome. When he adds support for community points I will be glad to change it to a 5 star rating!

Great work and thanks for finally making a multi-player poker game. Can't wait for the plugins!