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Chess Puzzle of the Day Module

A simple module for Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 which outputs a daily chess puzzle from one of 3 possible sources (Shredder, Gameknot, and I like the Shredder one best, as you can choose from 3 difficulty levels, and play out the puzzle right there on your own website. The module has options to let you choose the board size and which site to retrieve the puzzle from, or whether to randomly select a source.

Update: The Gameknot board seems to be malfunctioning at the moment - there is nothing I can do about it I'm afraid as it is under their control not mine. If the board looks wrong I suggest you just set it to use Shredder Only in the module settings.

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Reviews: 6
Very little to set up - it just works (Joomla 3.2) and looks really great! From start to finish took 2 minutes. Well done the developer. Sometimes, the simplest things are the best!
Owner's reply

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! I'm glad you like it! :)

Reviews: 114
This is Brilliant. I thought as soon as I loaded it there would be issues, as there normally are.. but then it worked and I was like!!! CHECKMATE.

Really great work has been done here. I don't always have time to play a full game and 20mins of brain churning instead is perfect for my busy schedule. You should give yourself a pat of the back. It's the best Module for a Board game ever!

Thank you. I have loaded it into two sites already and I know I will use it daily. NICE WORK.

Works Perfectly in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera
Owner's reply

I'm glad you like it, and thank you for the nice review, however, in the interests of only giving credit where it is due, I feel I must point out that I did not write the actual puzzles themselves nor the engine that displays the chess board and allows the puzzle to be played out. All I did was wrap up the 3rd party services (from Shredder, Gameknot, and in a Joomla module, with some parameters to control what gets shown. Still, I think it is useful to have, especially if, like me, you run a website for a chess club!