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10000 Games Component

You get:
- a "Set and forget" games component with over 30.000 Games
- component and module where you can choose between
- "Stay on your Site" - concept.
- auto update

The Games are categorized and updated automatically from the central database.

Install - Create a menu item to the component or publish the module - Done.
Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3

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Reviews: 2
This component does what it claims however, and this is a biggie, they have placed a play on facebook button on the interface and if your customers click on it you will lose them. if you are not concerned with your site users not revisiting your site to play games then great, however if you are developing advertising and want people to return to your site to play these games, don't use it!

I give it only two stars due to this major concern
Owner's reply

The "Play on Facebook" button is removed.

Reviews: 3
After trying a couple other components and getting frustrated - I found this very easy to set up and run.

There is about a 15 second ad before each game - and I imagine the creator of this component gets the credit when clicked - but overall it's quick setup.

Haven't noticed any problems so far.
Reviews: 1
* Status : OK/Installed
* Easy to Install : 100%
* Easy to Utilize : 100%
* Applied/Useful : 100%
* Beauty : 50%
* Interesting : 60%
* Front-End Design: 70%
* Bug: : 0% till now
* Misc :
* Specifications
> Pack Version : 0.9
> Joomla : 1.5.21-Stable
> Shared Linux : 2.6.18-194.11.4.el5
> Apache : 2.2.16
> PHP : 5.2.14
> MySQL : 5.0.91-community

Mehrshad Moslehi - Vigol
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot - i'm happy that you like it!

Reviews: 5
Easy to install, easy to use and unlimited fun for your sire users. Excellent.
Reviews: 1
I agree with the others who have said that it could really benefit with some additional admin control, and perhaps from module/plugin functionality. But it's still very good and I think our users will get a kick out of the games. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Hey There,

This is a good extension, guys creat some admin features & with front end modules & categories.

Best Regards
Reviews: 1
Installed no problems, just created a menu link to the component, hey presto lots of fun available.

If you don't want the hassle of installing your games then this is just too easy, apart from the ads which can be skipped most enjoyable and something for everyone.
Reviews: 1
This doesn't work, no readme, nothing, admin menu disabled, don't download it it's crap.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your interest in this component. Simply download, then install it on your Joomla 1.5 installation and create a menu item - Voilá. There are no admin features needed, the 10.000 Online Games Arcade will work on ANY valid Joomla 1.5 installation. The games are automatically retrieved from our Database so you will get many fresh games every week without having to act. Greetings and enjoy!