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SaxumPicker Component

If you want to offer a choice to your visitors to choose elements from a set and evaluate their selection, you need this component.

The component first of all was developed to model drawing from cards (i.e. divination using a deck of tarot), but it is excellent for dealing with any other sets: for example "thimble and pea" game, choosing from colored balls, etc.

For the elements of the sets images and description can be freely uploaded and written. While the visitor chooses from the elements, they are hidden of course; the covering image can be uploaded too. It can be set, how many elements should be selected by the visitor. It can be defined that selected elements should be evaluated one by one or all together, and the order of the selection of the elements should count or no. The text of the evaluation can be freely edited.


v3.2 and v2.4 (09 July 2014)
- Facebook and Google+ sharing
- opportunity to make question field required
- maximum number of cards in a row on the result screen can be set
- hitcounter - the component can count how many times visitors used the types
- fixed autochoose - also correct in case of large number of elements to choose
- fix: required email field in case of send and save

v3.0 and v2.2 (18 September 2013)
- compatibility w/ Joomla3
- layout of selector and result screen can be modified by plugins
- displaying results can be made payable
- opportunity to create PDF from generated result
- displaying Try again button can be set by an option
- Choose for me button
- Reshuffle items after using Back button of the browser

v2.1 (2 October 2012)
- logged-in users are alllowed to save their results, evaluations
- logged-in users can send their results to the email address that they provided at registration
- new menu item type for showing saved results
- minor modifications in layout

v2.0 (29 April 2012)
- compatibility with Joomla 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5
- new features on the starting page(rotated cards and randomized covering) that make layout more fancy

v1.3 (29 June 2011)
- Full screen mode: component can be displayed on full screen (requires Landing Page Creator plugin installed and enabled)
- Evaluations can be copied
- Modified Sets view (back-end)
- Modified Element view (back-end)
- Modified Evaluations view (back-end)
- Evaluation button can be hidden
- Modified Evaluation view (front-end)
- Fixes in language file

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Reviews: 4
Really love this extension. Works flawless. Would recommend this to everyone. One suggestion is to make it possible to share your result on facebook.
Reviews: 1
For a long time i has searched for a component like this. And - i found it.
Saxum Picker allows you to implement a fortune-telling / reading the cards like TAROT and other games. But Saxum picker does not only this, it just allows you to implement as many oracle games in one website, as you want - and each of them can be of another kind.

You can define card-pictures, differend kinds of evaluations - taking one ore several cards.

I am really impressed. It is an absolute recommendmend!!!

THANKS to the team of Saxum!!!
Reviews: 3
This extension is great, has many uses, not only for the tarot has fascinated me in its entirety, I would like a module, developers hope to do a greeting and great!
Reviews: 13
The component is very easy to install and use.
And László, the developer, is doing a very fine job. I reported some bugs and he quickly fixed them and created some improvements too.

I use it as a tarot system and it really rocks! :-)

Thank you László! :-)
Reviews: 3
This was just what I needed for a spiritual Joomla 1.5 site. When I installed it there was a problem with uploading new images. I asked the developer about this by email. He detected a bug in the component and tells me exactly what to do. After doing this it works perfectly. You can change the standard card, upload new cards, add texts. It is easy to use.
I'm so happy, i was searching a long time for a commponent like this.
Thank you for this great component!
Reviews: 4
This component worked great as soon as I installed it. There's lots of customizations - exactly as described. The only drawback is that it requires you to hit a "Get Evaluation" button after you've selected your cards - rather than just going immediately to the next screen.
But other than that it's exactly what it purports to be! Thank you!