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The JoomLeague team and community are proud to announce the immediate availability of JoomLeague 2.0.0-Katrin. This is the final and stable release for Joomla! 2.5, and marks the end of a long, exciting and exhausting journey for the project. It marks the transformation of the Joomla 1.5 component (and modules) to a full Joomla 2.5 compatible one. The overall structure of the component has been entirely reworked. Apart from the conversion, also a lot of effort was put in adding small functionality and fixing bugs; in total 562 tickets (92 new Features) have been handled. The stability of the release has been tested in public beta and release candidate status. This release also benefits from many translations made by Joomleague enthousiasts, using transifex. As can be seen, not every language has 100% coverage, so more work needs to be done!

Major features:

ACL support (Access Control List)
UTC and timezone support
Translated to 87 languages
Rivals view

We would like to extend a special thank you to those who dedicate their time to the project, contribute code, donate, report bugs and contribute in forum discussions. As JoomLeague is an open-source project, contributions like these and the work of the core developers are the two key ingredients for success. If you use JoomLeague and you’re loving the amazing functionalities it brings to Joomla!, please consider to be get involved in the project, to support development with a donation to help with the costs and by keeping the link to our website on your site.

Since many of you have been asking, here’s an outlook into the future: Joomla! 3.3 is available and our focus will move to support this version with our great Joomla extension. Just like with the transition from Joomla! 1.5 to 2.5, large changes to the component will be required, and therefore we are unable to and unwilling to provide expected release dates – It’s done when it’s done, which will be as soon as possible. We’re keen to develop JoomLeague further. If you are too, please consider supporting the project with donations or code-work.

We are proud to release JoomLeague 2.0.0 to you all today!

===== Whats new ? =====

Here is a list of whats new in Joomleague 2 (from 0.93b).

* Totally rewritten for Joomla 2.5.x Native (MVC)
* Teamstats view, all kind of stats of a team
* Clubplan view, shows all matches of a club in an period of time (project or non project related)
* Teams view, list all teams in a project
* Clubs view, list all clubs in a project
* Referees view, list referees in a project with stats
* History of a team in teaminfo
* Statistics system, now you can have as many custom and more complex statistics as you want
* Stats ranking view
* Played matches of a player / staffmember / referee
* A new matchpreview view
* History of matches between 2 teams in matchpreview
* New flash (animated)graphics (OpenFlash Charts 2.x)
* More extensive exten

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Reviews: 4
Great tool! Thank you for making this one available!!
Reviews: 3
I can only expressly underline teddy's review. The best sports management extension for joomla!!!
Reviews: 1
Having tested most of the sport php extensions out there, even standalone, I can say this is the greatest of them all.
It supports all kind of sports and provides tons of customization possibilities, but it is very well organized and the user interface is very straightforward, despite the complexity that's under the hood.
Support is very active in many languages and people there is very friendly.
Development is still under the way, and also documentation is still behind, but devs'pace is strong and I'm confident they will achieve one of the best results in Joomla extensions.
Besides, there is still need for developers, translators and doc writers, so if you have time and skills to contribute, head to Joomleague website!
Development is
Owner's reply

thx, to be honest we do what we can and appreciate every feedback we receive on the forum or bugtracker!

A native version for joomla 1.7 is already in development, so stay tuned for updates!

Reviews: 3
Best of all is that it has translated into Spanish.
And of course it is very easy to handle
I recommend broad mind!
Reviews: 6
I am using it over 3 years now. First for soccer league, now for hockey league. It is almost excellent. It miss some features but there is no other such equipped sport component. New version is under testing. It should has more features and be better configurable. I hope testing team will provide us new version 1.5 Native soon.
Reviews: 1
This is the best component for managing sports teams and leagues, but it doesn't say much because the alternatives are really poor.

I actually like this component and the developers are onto the right path. However it lacks a lot especially in the front-end editing were I am facing many problems.

I would like the managers of each individual team to be able to submit scores, team picture, logo etc. I have not been able to configure this yet.

I also lack a lot of CSS styling - you have to be pro to figure this part out.

It would be nice if the developers would spend more time on updates as the latest version is from July 2008 !!
I would be willing to pay for a better version as there are no better alternatives on the market (at least I haven't found it yet)
Reviews: 2
Once you know how to use it, it works perfect. I'm using it for a roller hockey club which has 15 teams, and it rocks. People gives nice support throught the forum. I'm also waiting for 1.5 native.

The only issue I think it should be developed is around design and CSS connections of some components.
Reviews: 1
I love this component!
I'm using it for basketball and it works great! We have 12 teams in 12 different leagues!

I gave rating "Good" because it isn't 1.5 Native!
In fact it's the only component that I use that requires Legacy mode in Joomla!

Lookin forward to the 1.5 Native version!

Btw. does anybody know when will 1.5 Native version come out or are they working on it as we speak?
Official site doesn't offer much information on 1.5 Native version or I just can't find it!
Reviews: 2
I been using this component and works great!
Reviews: 1
I'm impressed from this mod, but it's inapplicable for individual sports, like snooker or billiards!
Reviews: 2
I initially had some doubts about using this for a different league altogether. But after looking through all the details it has, it is amazing.

I setup one for a pool league, between Teams 10 players each team. With 2 Groups of 7 Teams.

And my table shows race difference and rack difference!

Customisable from a soccer league to a pool league!

Just amazing
Reviews: 1
I am part of a team on a site that has used Joomleague extensively, for a number of leagues over the last year or so.

Its been upgraded a few times during this period, and I have to say, the work done on this component is superb.

The problem with league software (and I've been using this league software or similar since 2004) is that it has to be able to do a number of things to suit a wide range of sports with differing teams, fixture setups, scoring methods and so on.

This means that Joomleague can come across as somewhat complicated to novice users of the software. But, some perserverance will achieve excellent results.

If you're after quick slapdash league software that doesn't bring much to the front end, look elsewhere.

If you're after something that will look great, have some excellent features (stats, prediction leagues and so on), and are willing to put a bit of effort in to produce the goods, Joomleague is the way forward.

This component ensures that the league/fixtures/stats section of your website is something to be proud of and a focal point of your website.

Personally, I can't speak highly enough of this software, and anyone that I speak to that is looking to start a sporting website, this is the first thing I recomend.
Reviews: 1
Although its a work in progress, it's the best thing out there and it's free!

v .92 doesn't appear to have any major bugs. It appears to be complicated for the beginner, but with patience, you can do almost anything you want with joomleague and your sport of choice.

I love it. Great job guys!
Reviews: 1
I'm running it on two sites and with few modifications all the component and modules do vast amount of job for you. Nice gadget for all who need to publish sport-like things within their Joomla! pages.

Reviews: 4
No manual, threadbare English-language support forum, and lots of roadblocks, puzzles and bugs (e.g. wrong days showing, mysterious frontend editing behaviour, Mootools incompatibility, forced Champions League etc, positions in tables by default).
Probably all fixable on investigation, but life is short. Sorry to say, it makes the argument rather well for commercial licensing.
This looks like it could be a wonderful extension. It's 90% there, but the last 10% is critical. Uninstall scheduled.
Reviews: 1
I can't say enough about Joomleague. It is incredibly deep and will work with most sports with just a few modifications. The community over at is great for getting answers to questions and finding help.The developers are committed to the product and continue to make enhancements and new releases. Great stuff!!!
Reviews: 1
I agree that this is a exellent extension, especially the new uppdate 0,92, but the lack of documentation is sometimes annoying.
The wikipedia is not enough. Thank god för the Forum but you have to search through it a great deal in different launges and hope that you find the answer to your problem.
Reviews: 1
This extension is all you have been hoping for managing leagues of several different sports. You might have some workarounds to achieve your goal, but if you face a problem you always find help in the forum. This is really excellent work. Congrats to all joomleague workgroup members!
Reviews: 2
I installed this plug to use for an online gaming league for Quake III. It was pretty easy to get going, but did take some getting used to. I think its a geat start and the english section has grown. I value the work that has gone into the mod and did donate to help the cause.

With that said, I'd like to see more documentation, and it would be nice if this would somehow use the joomla users profiles and then you could just select which players are playing and assign them. Juser integration would be a natural fit since juser also lets you customize and expand the fields.

Keeep up the great work and hope to see some common sense when it comes to jooma users integration. When you have more that 100 players to enter manually, it gets to you.
Reviews: 8
the support is very insufficient. No Guides, no tutorials, no handbook. Clicking on the help we land on a page where are just 3 or 4 images commented in German language.
Owner's reply

You are right, but it will be better in the near future! We are just working on a new wiki page.

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