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Sports Ladder Component

Sports Ladder allows you to create and maintain a simple tournament ladder / league system within your Joomla! website.

The rules of the ladder operate so that if a player beats a higher ranked opponent then they will advance to their opponents rung in the ladder.

As of Version 1.1.0 you can now create different 'types' of Ladders which operate in either standard mode (as described above) or by using a points based system which can be configured to suit your own personal needs.

The admin back end allows site owners to create ladders, add players and report games.

The front end allows you to visualise the ladders and view a players game history.

Individual sports such as squash and badminton are ideal for this sort of league system but the principle could be applied to team games and it doesn't necessarily need need to be sport related either - you could use a ladder to manage a gaming tournament!

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Reviews: 1
Fantastic idea, just what I needed..

Easy to install, works as promised. However I would like to know a bit more about how to hack it to accommodate custom ranking systems.

What I would really like to do is something similar (but much simpler) to what's used in e-sports ladders. Where the winner, and the loser, gets a pre-determined default number of points for having played a game. Then the winner gets an additional win bonus depending on the difference of points of the players prior to the match.
Reviews: 2
simple & easy to handle

for future idea, i would like to see direct head-to-head statistics (choose 2 members and see their score between each other)
Reviews: 1
This is a good start on a ladder extension. Works as advertised. Easy to use and does what it says. Needs more features.

Some needed features are:
Allow the admin to assign user group(s) to the ladder, instead of creating players manually.

Instead of fixed points, let the admin decide the point distribution.

ex. Out group has a game where different players are awarded points based on how they finish and the number of players in the game. A fixed winner loser amount does not work.

All in all, I recommend use of this extension if you have a simple ladder and simple needs. For more complex ladders, it just needs more features.
Owner's reply

Hi A.J,

Just to let you know you can
specify you own points allocation system already.

Just select the appropriate ladder type when creating the ladder.

- Mark

Reviews: 1
This looks very great and simple!

It would be fantastic if registered users could join the ladder instead og me creating players.

And also the ELO-system would be a great integration :-)
Reviews: 1
This is almost exactly what I've been searching for recently. Very simple to use, nothing confusing about it. If there was a way to incorporate the Elo rating system I would pay a fair amount for this. As is, it is solid.
Owner's reply

I had never heard of the Elo rating system but I've just read the Wiki entry on it.... looks complicated!! But I'll put it on the 'to-do list' :-)

Reviews: 1
A laddercompetition is fine, but it would be great that besides a laddercompetition you could chose to give the winner for example 3 points and the loser 1 point (a draw could be 2)and make a rank of those points. It could be a great little component for little sportscompetitions and tournaments.
Owner's reply

I have just released a new version which features the ability to create different 'types' of Ladders with different rules.

These different types of Ladder include a points based system.

Reviews: 1
Good, but we need user's joining and score reporting
Owner's reply

Hi Yavich, I will be including this in a future update :)