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SquadManagement! ComponentModule

SquadManagement! is a native Joomla 2.5 component for the organization of a clan. It provides the ability to create teams, assign team members and maintain games, opponents and leagues.
Team members can maintain details in their profile. Alternatively, the profile and the avatar of other components can be used. Supported are currently:
- Kunena
- Community Builder
- Community Builder Exchange
- Gravatar
more to follow ....
Join Us and Fight Us - Forms are available.
For the presentation of the different informations, there are different templates that can easily be expanded even.

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Reviews: 9
This is a GREAT start! Glad to see the clan gaming community working into Joomla and leaving the PHP-NUKE world. This extension is great for clan use; though, I cannot rate higher as there is VERY LIMITED configuration options. A control panel for configuring template styles, publishing options (show what and what not to show on certain pages), permissions for editing matches/squads, etc.

The details show that it is compatible with Kunena, Community Builder, Community Builder Exchange, and Gravatar. I have found NONE of this in the component. Profile/User images are selected from the sites media manager file(s).

Also, there is no documentation for this extension. The "documentation" on the website are just screen shots of the extension, no help or documentation to explain them. With the extension based in German, many of the pages on the website when used live are in German and no way to change them without hard-coding yourself.
Reviews: 1
It's just PERFECT!
If you own a clan website, this is the BEST thing you can find! It has all, and if something is missing, you can easily edit the files to match your goal because the everything you need for a clan managment system it's here!

Just amazing!