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Component in which you can easily manage different sports on your website. Designed to be used by Organisms or sports Clubs that need to manage one or several sports quickly and easily.

The best of JoomBall is to create Seasons (projects), which you can automatically generate the calendar. Many competitions management is not possible without a minimum of automation to create, modify or delete calendars and projects.

SPORST: Football, Futsal, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball
LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Catalan

## Features on the Administration component ##

✔ Organisms: Listing, creating and editing Organisms.
✔ Headers: Listing, creating and editing Headers to add files.
✔ Categories: Listing, creating and editing Categories of teams.
✔ Clubs: Listing, creating and editing Clubs. Create teams batch.
✔ Teams: Listing, creating and editing Teams.
✔ Competitions: Listing, creating and editing Competitions
✔ Seasons: Listing, creating and editing Seasons.
✔ Calendar: Listing, creating and editing matchdays and matches.
✔ Friendly Matches: Listing, creating and editing Matches friendlies.

## Features on the Site component ##

✔ Headers: One or more headers that separate attachments.
✔ Competitions: Listing, searching Competitions.
✔ Calendar: Competition calendar.
✔ Clasification: Classification Project.
✔ Matches: Listing, searching matches. Generates different views as needed. Form editing schedules and match results.
✔ Club: Club details.
✔ Team: Team details.
✔ Form Article: Form editing an article.

## Modules ##

✔ Matches: Results or next match.
✔ Shields: Viewing shields.

## Plugins ##

✔ Extended: Form article, subtitle, media, metadata, read more.

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Reviews: 1
The component has everything needed for a sports club website, even if you have many teams. As far as generates the full competition just in one click instead of create all the matches manually.
There is a plus with support, as they answer really fast for any doubt or problem you can find when using
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comment.

Reviews: 1
I recently discovered this component, to manage competitions've tried all the options on the market, but the truth is that the strength that has this component Tinen not others, and is the automatic creation of calendars competitions, a point to consider because when you have to create a tournament eg soccer, if a tournament has 18 teams this represents 9 games per day and 34 days of league, imagine how many games you have to manually create .. . because this component is done automatically!

Also the other features it has are also very successful.

The only downside there is that does not allow management templates for equipment and related statistics ...
Owner's reply

Hi Jordi,

Your suggestion will be introduced in the future.

Thank you very much for your kindhearted review.

Team JoomBall