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The Fastball Baseball Manager extension from Fastball Productions is designed to help webmasters quickly and easily implement a fully functional baseball or softball team and/or league website in Joomla. No other Joomla component offers as much baseball-specific stats and capabilities. The component creates a comprehensive database for entering team, league, player information, ballparks, schedules, game results, and individual player statistics. Some stats and stat categories can be turned off (such as steals) for using with softball teams. The Fastball Baseball Manager also allows for selecting registered front-end users for front-side administration access to manage their specific team roster, schedules, and stats!

Once data is entered, the component generates team roster, schedule, stats, box scores, and individual player pages. Detailed player statistics and other features make this extension a must have for any webmaster using Joomla for their baseball team or league websites. Many of the features can be enabled/disabled using the configuration.

Three customizable modules are available to use with the extension:

Win/Loss & Standings
W/L Expanded Module
Previous Game Results
Stat Leaders.
Boxscore plugin for articles.

These modules give the webmaster great tools for keeping their baseball/softball sites dynamically updated.

Here are some of the many features:

* Ability to easily create menu links for Roster, Schedule, Stats, League/Division standings, as well as an “All Teams” w/built-in navigation links.
* SEF-friendly URLS.
* Front-end team management. Allow specific registered users access to their team admin functions. Ability to turn on/off specific front-end admin functions.
* Schedule pages can be configured to show full league/division or specific teams, in full view or calendar/month/day view.
* Printer-friendly schedules and iCal file for import to calendar programs, as well as URL for maintaining a dynamic Google Calendar.
* Player Import/export feature for handling large player databases.
* Player “Clone” feature which allows a player to be on more than one team roster at a time (for all-star teams and other uses).
* Configuration options including whether to use or not use batting, pitching, and/or fielding stat categories, calculate ERA in 7 or 9 innings.
* Two optional custom fields for use with Rosters, option to show player photo thumbnail.
* Lots of optional statistics for batting and pitching, including Pitch count (PIT) statistic, ERA, H/9, WHIP and much more.
* Selectable CSS file and several built-in CSS options to choose from.
* Language file and language packs for various languages.
* Configurable points system for sorting standings by points.
* Option to import individual game stats by CSV file for use with popular stat programs such as iScore.
* Option to import game schedules from CSV file.

Note: the latest version is compatible with Joomla 3x.

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Reviews: 1
Awesome. This is the second year using Fastball and coaches, and members find it easy and simple to enter games results and fans find the information they want in a few clicks. If you are still trying to find your baseball extensions, look no more. Fastball is what your looking for. Thanks.
Reviews: 4
I struggled with Joomsport for over a year, with several hundred teams and thousands of players it was clunky and confusing.

This season, I thought I'd try something new and I am SO glad I did. The front end UI is intuitive and easily customizable with css. The back end and set up was a bit more confusing, but Brook was VERY helpful.

I only give 4 stars because while you can add teams and players through the fe, an admin needs to go to the back end and make them 'managed' by selecting a user to manage them. I wish this would automatically happen so the coaches can just add their teams and see them right away without me needing to basically approve them. He says he'll think about adding this and when he does, he'll get another star.

Overall, it's amazing!
Reviews: 1
I've written before about the plugin and the company sent me an email and asked me to remove it saying they didn't think my review or rating was very "fair".

My biggest complaint is that I cannot obtain information from a previous season without losing the current year's information. For my parents wanting to know how a specific team has did in the past, this becomes impossible.

The company told me that importing my data directly into the SQL database was not the way to do it. They told me we had to manually enter all information through the administration interface. They assured me that if we did this, everything would be the way we wanted.

I removed my negative review in hopes that they were right. I was also told we would get the update when it came out... but of course, the update took so long to release, our subscription conveniently ran out. Now we cannot download the new update to see if anything has improved.

When we started the new season, it was the same result, even entering our 1,200 games and 400 practices manually.

This is a great concept, but it needs improvement with honest replies instead of hopeful arguments.
Owner's reply

It is important to note that the information presented by this user may be misleading without clarification. Please note you can certainly access previous season stats in the stats page for any particular TEAM or PLAYER. Browse the demo or my personal team site to see how team and personal stats are accessible for previous seasons.

In the future, we will expand on the ability to enter historical data for teams and players PRIOR to installing the Fastball component. The project is ongoing and updates are released approximately 2-3 times per year. The next major update is forthcoming and will be 1.7x compatible.

Reviews: 1
This is by far the best baseball extension out there for any platform.

I have only had one issue with it and my question was answered within 10 minutes of writing to the support team.

Must have for a baseball site!
Reviews: 2
You cant manager your team, but its so hard to edit de module... No many classes option to edit the css, and the worse dont have language file to change the Language to the module from my self... Sooo hard tu edit from your need.
Reviews: 3
We are using this for our school website for our softball teams. I looks great and the coach loves it.
Reviews: 1
I purchased this extension and downloaded several of the modules to go with it. Pretty good extension. Not a lot of admin-based CSS control to customize the look and feel. In fact, very little built-in CSS support at all. All-in-all though, a VERY GOOD package to manage any baseball/softball league (or more than one!) with divisions etc. A lot of hard work went into this. I know my league (and I) are thankful. Keep up the good work guys!
Reviews: 1
I normally dont care to write a review but this is a great clean extension and there is always a fast response from the support team through email. I read the previous review and I did not experience the lack of response at all. I am new to Joomla and was searching for a good quality way to keep track of three high school baseball teams. I came across Fastball Productions and liked what they had to offer. They even helped with loading things on the back end to make sure I had things installed correctly. I even was able to make suggestions to them for upgrades in the near future. From the sounds of things, they are continually working on the extension and wanting to make improvements and upgrades. I have emailed them many times during my setup and got great, quick responses.
Reviews: 1
I have contacted the support email twice, got no response either time.

There is no forum to report bugs or make the component better.

I have made the modules they have better, but no place to share them without a forum.

It was rushed to production, but I am glad I have it, it just makes it take longer for it to work properly with me fixing things and making it better. If there was a forum, those that have it could save time and make it better. Oh well, I would recommend it, as all-in-all, it is a good component.