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Joomla! (1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.x) component that allows you to create and manage your own league with tournaments and seasons inside. Players, teams, photo galleries management and much more included... Component can be used as a complete platform supporting almost any kind of Sport event, team or championship.

4 modules included will help You to show the information required at any page of your site.

Component structure consists of the following items

1. Tournament
2. Season
3. Teams
4. Match Day
+ Match details
5. Players
6. Positions
7. Events
+ Player events
+ Match stats
8. Groups
9. Additional fields
+ Player fields
+ Team fields

Please see the detailed features list (

Release NOTE: The latest 2.0.1 and 1.7.1 are security releases, users should upgrade immediately.

The component is used by our clients for the following sports:
- Football
- Basketball
- Volleyball
- Tennis
- Rugby
- Handball
- American football
- Softball
- Lawn balls
- Soccer
- Cricket
- Hockey
- Mini Football
- Pool
- Badminton
- Billiard
- Ping-Pong

Try it out!

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Reviews: 1
I run a soccer website for the local High School & needed some custom coding done. John from Beardev did an awesome job & was very professional in handling my problems!

I highly recommend Beardev's BearLeague for anyone needing to post their matches/scores & stats, knowing that they'll support you when needed.

Reviews: 1
I've been admin'ing several sports at the club and league levels for decades. I know most of the online club and league web site providers, what they offer and that they are expensive for non-profit clubs.

I was very happy to finally see a Joomla! solution that addresses some of the needs for clubs and leagues. This Com has been long awaited and shows much promise.

One suggestion for the developers is to make the Com into a extenison that gives the user a choice or a club or league model. Presently the extension is a bit of club and a bit of league these non-profit organizations.

Clubs - want to list their teams, their player rosters, team/player pics and match reports only. This is because schedules and standings are retained online by the league as they are official.

Leagues - leagues are generally run by league boards and have their own sites for official content. Besides schedules, standings and park locations they use only team info like, Team Name, Club and Contact Info.

Club Leagues - clubs have their own leagues for teams that are called house who don't participate in official leagues. This is due to the level of play or the players are too young.

Tournaments - clubs do tournamens mostly for fundraising. This involves, standings, schedule and field locations, Team Names and Team Contacts. Tournaments can either be Round Robin or Group Play like the FIFA World Cup.

Hope this is of some help and keep up the great work.
Reviews: 2
ALL my tournaments have different criteria to determine positions - tied teams (1st-overall points 2nd-points in head-to-head matches 3rd-goal-difference in head-to-head matches 4th-overall goal-difference). To finish my site about my team i need one component for management my leagues and my team, but its absolutely necessary that the component have this feature. In other case, the ranking of team based only in 1st- overall points and 2nd-goal-difference its false. The component joomleague have this feature, but i prefer bearleague because is joomla 1.5 native, is more compact, the code is more clearly, i like the tabs system...but i need this feature, is absolutely necessary for me and of certainty for many other users.It is possible?

Sorry my bad english

Thanks for this great extension
Owner's reply


We've just analyzed your request once again and we can say that now the ranking based on 6 criteria. Iа you need 4 only we can do a little code modification for You for free as it is the very small change.

Reviews: 1
I have only just begun to use your extension, and so far i am very pleased. I have tried several similar extensions but this one fits all of my needs. I use it to keep track of one soccer team and one hockey team. And (so far) it works like a charm.

The downside is to do all the background stuff before it runs smoothly, meaning adding all teams, fixtures etc, but you cant really work a easy way around that. ;)

I am going to make a swedish translation for this if that is ok, i guess its as simple as with all the other extensions. If you want a copy, then just give me a call!
Reviews: 2
The extension is really good, perfect for running a football league, or club.
Unfortunately it lacks when it comes to other sports such as bball, where table of sortable results and statistics is necessary both for presenting stats and writing them in.
I hope this can be implemented some day.

once again it works great, just hope it can offer more.
Reviews: 1
Very good component! I love it :)
before i use JoomLeague, but this one is better! :)
I'll wait for a compatability with other sports, right now this component better for soccer. But in a future ... i supose :)
Reviews: 1
I leaved joomla because the sport result component at this moment was not really good.
I'm back on joomla due to this module.

The big bonus:
If you have any problem, you could count on dev staff to solve your problem very very quickly.

Thanks for my fix John. ;)
Owner's reply


We apreciate our users!

Thank you for using our products!

Best Regards,
BearDev Team

Reviews: 1
Well, this component has a lot of potential. And really a great work of authors. I really hoped I can finally get rid of joomleague with legacy mode on, but not quite yet.

This component doesn't have any front end editing, not even for admins. Lack of modules, and those that do exist are 'sloppy'.

But in other hands, this component is quite easily used, and if you don't require things mentioned above, give it a five star ranking. It still isn't quite finished yet, but I certainly hope that it will be finished very soon, coz it would be a great contribution to joomla community.

I will give it a 5 star ranging as soon as those things above are included with the component, and great work for the developer of this component. Keep it up!
Owner's reply


in 1.0.8 verson we implemented FE management

Best Regards,
BearDev Team

Reviews: 1
This is what I've been waiting for many years and finally someone has decided to make one.

Thank you for this brilliant extension. Easy to install and operate.
Owner's reply


Thank you for using our products!
We are permanently working for improving BearLeague.

Best Regards,
BearDev Team

Reviews: 9
I really do love this component, especially compared to the other ones out there.

Plus, it appears that it will continue to improve.

A few disadvantages though about language customization:
1. It has a language feature built right in backend, but no matter what permissions you give the file on your server, this feature will not work, at least on an Apache. You will get an error message that you cannot modify this file. I chmod to 777 even and could not, so definitely an error in the installation somewhere. To get around this, you will have to delete the default.php language file on your server, and manually upload to have ownership. Also, you will have to edit this on your local machine since you cannot in backend even after having ownership and setting to 777.

Other than that, great component. Has some ways to go, but a must if you have a sports league. Simple to use as well and appears to have a decent support forum.
Owner's reply


Thank you for excellent rate!

Best regards,
Beadev Team

Reviews: 1
I'm using release 1.07 and i had no problems with the stability. It misses a real set support, so it has just a limited functionality for sports like for example tennis or volleyball. But i have to say, that this is a weakness of nearly all extensions or even complete CMS i have found so far.

I would rate it "excellent" if i would have to use it for a soccer team.

Anyhow: Great work so far!
Owner's reply


Thank you for your Review
In future we'll try to implement all userfull features users need

Best Regards,
BearDev Team

Reviews: 1
Very good component wich works in native joomla 1.5.

Support team is very fast.
Nothing to add except that if you have a Joomla sporting site it is the component which you have to possess.
Owner's reply


Thank you for your review!
Also for help with support, development and good suggestions!!

Best Regards,
BearDev Team

Reviews: 1
This extension is awesome! very easy to install and support is excelent!
Owner's reply


Thank you for yuor excelent rate!

Best Regards,
BearDev Team

Reviews: 17
Very good component, extremely easy to use I really enjoyed. thank you very much
Owner's reply


Thank you!
Yes, usability is our main goal..!

Best Regards,
BearDev Team

Reviews: 1
Thank you for creating this component. I have been "playing" with it for a few days and I like it. I really like the frontend tab navigation for teams and players.

I know others have asked but do you think that you will develop a function allowing for more detailed statistics with automated calculations? For instance, if I wanted to input data for a baseball team, will your extension automatically calculate percentages based on that data? (In baseball, if someone got 3 hits out of 5 times at bat, their batting average would be .600). Thanks for your great work. I will be donating to your work!
Owner's reply

Dear, jtheis!

Thank you for your review!

Best Regards,
BearDev Team

Reviews: 1
if there was a better rate than Excellent then BearLeage would defiantly deserve it !!

and it not just because of the great potential of the component .. but also because of the great assistance you will receive from the support team

I had a problem this morning regarding the security certificate .. so I have emailed BearLeague supporting team of the problem .. I was surprised yet very happy to receive an email from John 2 minutes after Ive sent them my request .. and dint take him that long to back to me with the answer ..

Thank you sooo much guys .. ur simply the best in the market ..
Reviews: 4
It's got great potential; but, the component needs quite a bit of tweaking to be used on american sports such as football, baseball etc...

For soccer and rugby it is great...

Reviews: 97
This component looks nice but it used .php format language file. I tried to translate it, but it can't recognize my php format translation file.

Please use .ini format language file so I can make full translation for this component. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Dear Baijianpeng!

At first thank you for review and rate!

You shouldn't edit .php language file .
To add new translation you should go to the BE -> Comopnents -> BearLeague -> Languages -> 'New' button and translate all the words. Then press 'Save' button and make your translation default

Best Regards,

Reviews: 1
Good application, but is not possible to create the calendar of the days of championship (Soccer) with the date of matches and without the results. (Sorry for my english)
Owner's reply

in 1.0.6 version you have this opportunity

Best Regards,
BearDev Team

Reviews: 1
Good But I have a problem when I click in the berdev menu , the rest of the menu and submenus are blocked , please repair this
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