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RaidPlanner ComponentModulePlugin

MMO Raid Organizer component for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x

This component helps to organize raids and has the following main features:
- Level and Rank based signup
- Different access groups can be defined
- Roles can be selected during signup
- Can be signup as Attending, Non attending or Late
- Officers/adminitrators can confirm signups, with the following statuses: Confirmed, Sitting, Waiting List
- Automatic Character synchronization with WoW Armory / Lotro Data
- Roster view
- Downloadable, or subscribable personal calendar (ics format, iCal, Thunderbird etc. compatible)

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Reviews: 8
I run a Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn site and need an event calendar as there isn't one in-game.

I looked into generic event planners like JEvents, JCal, RSEvents, etc. I needed something that would allow my site members to create and sign up for events. But they either looked horribly dated or the features were overkill. And none of them were free (JEvents is only free if you don't need member signup).

And then I found RaidPlanner. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted a WoW-specific extension, but after looking at it, I then discovered it is set up to be a generic planner with game-specific themes, so you can customize it any way you want. Perfect!

Except, I'm experiencing an issue but cannot get any help since the support forums have been disabled. This is a huge disappointment.

Until support is re-enabled, I cannot give this component 5 stars.
Owner's reply

Support forum can be reached on

Reviews: 1
Its a great extension! :)

Took me about 10 minites to install en get in sync with WoW armory.. (donwloaded the WoW layout packet to)

I done some viewing and planning en it really working great, the only thing to do now is planning and sign up with guild members.. (my signing up works perfect) so should not be a problem :)
Reviews: 2
I'm too am using this extension for games other than WoW. There is enough customisation in here for it to meet the needs of other games.

It is nice to finally have a Joomla integrated raid planner that is kept up to date (I'm running Joomla 1.7).

The CSS is easy enough to change too if you have any template issues (I have a dark template and had to modify a couple of colours).

The developers provide excellent support too. I had a few issues which I reported on their website and I had a response within an hour with instructions on how to fix it. They also seem happy to add/change features to meet the needs of their users. I've not seen support like this very often even from paid extensions!

The only negative comment I could make is that the website could be a bit more user friendly. It is not natively English which makes it a bit confusing at times (If you need to post in the forums the registration process is not in English).

I still rate this product 5 stars as the extension is great and the support is second to none and I was still able to work out how to get support even with the website in its current state.
Owner's reply

Thx for the positive feedback.
I've changed the support site language to english.

Reviews: 1
This component is simple, fully customisable ( i'm using it for another MMO ) and nice.
The only problem is that the translation isnt working so i had to modify files by myself, and the other problem is the support :/
I hope the author isnt dead or something and that he wont stop updating his nice extension !
Owner's reply

No I'm definitely not dead, and sorry for the bad support. I'll check the translation issue, please tell me which version of Joomla are you using.