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WoW Guild Members Module

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Display configurable Guild Members

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Reviews: 1
All of the extensions developed by Z-Index are fast, reliable and very user-friendly. The support on the forums from the developer is absolutely great, and the responses are posted in a very quick and timely manner. I am currently using all of these modules on my website, and I will continue to do so!

If you are looking for a moduel for a WoW Website, and you want all the gadgets and info to go along with it, these modules are definitely worth the subscription.
Reviews: 3
I started using Z-Index modules and components, some months ago. When i first saw the components of the guys, a part of me (and i know for sure that it will be a fact also for a part of you who read this rev now) asked, why buy for this, and not find something free.

The answer is, because of his wonderful support. Almost everything i asked from them within the last months, it was answered and done within a short timeframe. Excellent support and modules/components that will help you create a Joomla powered World of Warcraft Site. Don't hesitate, become part of the community if you play the game. It's a choice you won't regret it, as i didn't either. Keep up the good work guys!
Reviews: 5
This developer specialises in writing extensions for World of Warcraft guild websites. His work is always brilliant and he provides some of the best support I have encountered in all my years working with Joomla sites. This extension works with very little set up - just install, configure your options in the module and go!
An ideal addition to your WoW website and a neat way to list your guilds members.