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Multi Image Holder Module

Multi Image Holder Module is.. as the name implies, a module that can hold up to 10 linkable images, side by side, sorted either horizontally, or vertically, divided by equal spaces..
each image have the following settings:

* all image types are supported.
* you can change the size (width and height) of the image to fit your need.
* you can link the image to a URL address.
* you can change the opacity of the image.
* you can add a (mouse over) opacity to the image.

* you can add text above and/or below the module.
* you can align the module to center, left, or right.
* you can align the images horizontally or vertically.
* you can choose to publish and unpublish the module according to dates: (a specific date, a monthly date, a yearly date, ..etc).

Even though it was based on Simple Image Holder, Multi Image Holder doesn't support flash for now, for the sake of simplicity.

any suggestions are welcomed..

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Reviews: 31
I just love it when an extension works easily straight out of the box, and this is a perfect example! You simply add any images you want, link them to URLs, decide your hover opacity and done. Simple.
Also, I had a slight issue with my order (due to my own payment mistake) and Omar was really lovely to deal with. Well worth the small cost, absolutely!
Reviews: 1
It does what it says on the tin, easy to use, works well and is worth the small fee. I have been using it on my joomla 1.5 site and am now upgrading to version 3.0 so am very happy to see it adapted for joomla 3.0. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I am new to Joomla and was fortunate to try out Multi Image Holder early on. It does what it says on the tin, works well and is worth the small fee. I look forward to other extensions from this developer.
Reviews: 1
The thing I love most about Joomla is the ability to use extensions that make the creation process easier. There are very few extensions that I incorporate in EVERY site I build. The Multi Image Holder has been near the top of my list for a while now. I love a module that just works and this one has a simple elegance about it. I have used it for ads (don't need click thrus) on small business sites, photographic image menus on a church website, and anywhere I want a little extra something to spark up a page. The rollover effect is worth the money. Like I just works really well. You can't go wrong with this one.
Reviews: 3
I bought the one for my Joomla 1.5 website, and now I buy the one for my Joomla 2.5
The only hesitation before I press the pay button is that the developer has not updated his site to confirm its compatibility with Joomla 2.5. However, I am tempted by the previous good experience to risk. ^^
For US$9.99, it saves hard-to-estimate amount of time to tweak one's template to deliver what is needed; I would say it is a very good value of money.
Reviews: 114
I'm quite surprised by the comments to be perfectly honest. I paid the £6.49 for the donation but I'm wishing I had not now.

The Module does what it says, but it is a slow and painstaking process to add in all of the 10 images and descriptions. The Module does not even have an image attachment process in the Module for each image.

Loading up and Saving to Publish.
You Assign The Module Positions to the pages that you want which is normal and then click publish which is great... but then when you want to actually put in all 10 images directly to the MODULE you cannot.

You need to click the image and take the description for the web link to be live and put it into notepad or word or whatever you use...Do that 10 TIMES and then go back to the Module and put in a description for each one so that it links through.

What a NIGHTMARE...... and a complete waste of my time and MONEY. I would steer clear of this if you want something fast and easy to use... this is not it.
Reviews: 4
Extension works fine. Very useful.
Perfect support from omar.
Reviews: 1
This is a great module! Simple to install and with excellent support.
Thanks for your work!
Reviews: 2
Once again, you've created a genius extension that once used, one cannot imagine living without!

Please keep up the good work! We look forward to seeing what else you have in store for us!
Reviews: 1
This module solved a major problem in the presentation of photographs and I recommend it
Reviews: 1
I bought this module as like another of the reviewers needed to create a large image menu. I was able to install this module and have my menu working in minutes. I'm running 1.7 and had one small problem which I contacted the author about. I had a response and fix for my problem the same day so happy to say, great support.
Reviews: 2
My compliments on a wonderful piece of Software. Straight out of the box and hey presto it works like a dream.
Reviews: 1
My needs: a multiple image holder...easy to understand and easy to use, yet powerful and complete.

The answer: I didn't need to look forward. Thanks to "Multi Image Holder" extension, few minutes and my banners were up and running!

Plus, a simple question and a suggestion via email were answered in less then a couple of hours.

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Don't miss out on this extension unless you want to spend your time re-coding. This gem gave me exactly what I was looking for, a simple way to list banner links in a module and be able to center them, add alt tags and so much more. The price can't be beat and it installed without a hitch.
Only thing missing is a click count. Maybe in an upgrade??!!
Thanks for great work.
Reviews: 2
I didn't have paypal ready so my brother federico bought it for me, module was downloaded to his paypal account seconds after paying.
I inmediately tried it on my local copy website and I was fascinated. I tried single image holder free and was working. Multi Image Holder has EVERYTHING I was looking for to add social buttons to my website and it worked! This template editing could cost me months of work (a very complex template custom-made) and this module saved me hours of coding + I can add any button images with links I like now!
SIMPLE, EFFICIENT, JUST WORKS and most importantly, DOES NOT CONFLICT with any other plugin/module I have.

Reviews: 2
Now I have what I want, and easy image on both left and right side of my site.
Its the easiest joomla module I ever had worked with.
After i got the program in my email, I installed it, and after I had worked with it, I wrote a email and under 1 hour I got an answer, that's great.
One of my net bodies says that I shod look at Simple Image Holder, and that way I get noticed about Multi Image Holder.

Keep op that good work.

Regards Nmouse
Reviews: 19
Extension works great. Easy to configure and easy to understand. Images get organized nicely and fill the module evenly with spaces, not like some image placement extensions available where the images are pushed together without spaces between them.
Reviews: 40
This is really what I need. Before I spent lot of time to centre image Horizontal and vertical. This is really helpfully and Html clean module. You can add text above and/or below the module, but will be nice in the future to add text above or below images. Separate for each one.
Reviews: 29
I needed to make an image menu. I checked out some image menu specific extensions but none did the business. For a very minimal cost, I got Omar's extension and it worked like a dream. It has the ability to specify opacity on your images to get a mouseover effect, which is very cool.

And the support! Wow!! Emails are answered extremely quickly and he is always helpful and open to suggestions.

Just one thing to be aware of - not a fault of the extension though - your syntax must be perfect. I know that sounds logical, but here's the deal. I had a file called APARTMENTS.png. Having the file path showing APARTMENTS.PNG doesn't work. Took me ages to figure that out.

But the extension deserves at least 5 stars!!! Great work!
Reviews: 2
Plug and Play!
Every image his own settings with a url/link inclusive!
That is what I was looking for.

Thank you very much.
The little money to pay is worth it.
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