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TitleLink Plugin

** TitleLink 3.6.1 is compatible with Joomla 3.2 **
TitleLink is a must have to link between Joomla! articles without using cryptic hyperlinks. TitleLink also minimizes the risk of breaking article links when changes are made to the target article. In contrast to other extensions TitleLink doesn't need the article ids to find your article - so you always get exactly the right links. It always dynamically finds the right hyperlink to your articles! To learn more about this great plugin have a look at the always current documentation: .

** 2013-11-18: a new release is available for Joomla 3.2 users **

** 2012-04-12: TitleLink has moved from the old Joomlacode repository to GitHub. Tracker items will be copied to the according issues page at GitHub, too. **

Currently supported components are:
- com_alberghi ( )
- com_artforms ( )
- com_content ( Joomla! )
- com_docman ( )
- com_menu ( Joomla! )
- com_peoplebook ( does anyone know the homepage? See for a Joomla 1.5 version )
- com_remository ( )
- com_shortlink ( )
- com_virtuemart ( )
- com_jmovies ( )

The changelog can be found at

Please support further development and feel free to donate at . Thank you!

If you encounter any problems please note me through the plugin site (Tracker) or my private homepage!

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Reviews: 1
This is really a must have. If you ever want to link to another content item in an easy way, you have to try this.

If it could be upgraded to work in combination with Joomfish, it would be wonderfull. At this stage it can't be used on a multi-lingual site.
Owner's reply

It can be used on multilingual sites, when caching is disabled.

Reviews: 4
With the new update, you can now use simple brackets [ and ] to contain a reference to another page [Joomla Extensions] or to a Shortlink [Google News]
It's so simple it's turning my sites into pseudo wikis without the hassle of another component or bridge.
Reviews: 4
I love this extension, it's truly indispensable.
As your site grows in content, how can you manage all those internal references to existing pages!!?
{ln:calendar} {ln:register} etc. are so easy to use, it's almost like having wiki power in your site.

Of course if you have a lot of references to Wikipedia and many other external DBs like dictionaries, google etc., you can do all that here in a snap. Truly amazing
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