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Link Highlighter Plugin

Link Highlighter: Link Highlighter is an extremely useful plugin which will highlight your hyperlink on mouse hover .

Features :

★ All browser compatible(IE7+,FF,Chrome etc)

★ This plugin will work with single / multiple articles .

★ Plugin can also be applied in to mod custom HTML .

★ Fast Loading and Sleek

★ Tons of other options

★ Easy CSS

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Reviews: 12
I purchased this extension to add some flair to the links in my articles. It is a great concept, however, as a novice to Joomla! I found it too advanced for my skills. It is necessary to add significant code for each link in the html source editor. This is probably easy for most Joomla! developers, but for me it proved too difficult and time consuming. I would however, be the first to buy a more novice oriented version of this extension.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.

But the review you posted here is not true . every module and plugins have their own configuration setting and you need to play with it if you are a newbie or you even dont know how to use a simple plugin then its your fault , that you did not read the documentation well .