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Smooth Scroll Anchors Plugin

Use named anchors on your pages? Give an extra polish to your site by adding smooth scrolling effect with this plugin!

This way the visitors will have a glimpse of the distance moved by clicking the link.

Horizontal and/or vertical smooth movement can be configured.

Can be used with:
- jQuery (default for Joomla! versions 3.0 and above)
- MooTools More (for older Joomla! versions before 3.0)

Can work with js libraries provided by Joomla! or included in extension.

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Reviews: 9
A superb plugin that makes a one-page or multiple page site look fantastic. Thanks for doing all the work :)
Reviews: 3
Perfect extension to give your website a little extra polish - really easy to use, and excellent support from developer - was not functioning at first, but Denis identified the problem and modified to fix - could not ask for more from support. Very reasonably priced and well worth it.
Reviews: 13
Brilliant - did exactly what I wanted and so simply too. This plugin turns existing or new anchor points into smooth scrolling. Excellent value.
Reviews: 15
Smooth Scroll Anchors created a conflct with an other plugin that used smooth scrolling.

I contacted the support and they modified the plugin, so I had control over which anchors smooth scrolling is applied.

It seems to me a solid plugin that does what is says.
Reviews: 2
Works good, esay to install and setup.

To make it perfect I would like an option to adjust the speed of the scrolling and I like easings effects :-)
Owner's reply

Now there is such an option, please take advantage.