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Simple Image Holder is a simple module that was made to help you easily put images (jpg, png, gif, etc..) or flash files (swf) in any module position in your joomla! site. its highly customizable, XHTML compliant, and totally free!

you can use it to put your site logo, banners, announcements advertisements, flash mp3players, flash games, etc...

### Features (latest version) ###
for all media types:
* simply place any image type (jpg, gif, png, ..etc) or any flash file (swf) in any module position on your site.
* you can change the size (width and height) of the (image/flash) to fit your need.
* you can choose to publish and unpublish the (image/flash) according to dates: (a specific date, a monthly date, a yearly date, ..etc).
* you can align the held object (image/flash) to center, left, or right.
* you can add text above and/or below the held object (image/flash).

for images:
* you can link the image to a URL address.
* you can change the opacity of the image.
* you can add a (mouse over) opacity to the image.

for flash files:
* you can enable or disable flash looping after the flash finishes playing.
* you can choose the flash's quality: (Low, Medium, High, Best, Auto Low, Auto High).
* you can choose the flash's display type: (Window, Opaque, Transparent).

any suggestions are welcomed..

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Reviews: 2
I won't repeat what everybody else is saying except to say that using this module always gives a great result!
Another use I have found, is this:
I had a Graphic Banner Ad that was far to bit for my site. So, I copied the image into SIH. Added the text below it (also in SIH) and Bingo.... The ad that I could not place was on my site in less than 10 minutes!
Omar Muhammad you are a genius!

I give this module ********** (10 Stars)
Reviews: 11
It's close to perfect. As easy to use as it gets. All my sites use it at least once. Most have multiple copies.
Reviews: 1
I have been looking for something like this for ages for a site I run. It is maintained by the users who have only a very basic knowledge of computers and Joomla, and they have been wanting a simple way of changing the header image on various pages. This is just perfect! It is so easy that they will have no problems and can now use flash as well. I am very impressed.
Reviews: 3
Keep it stupid simple!

Exactly what I needed. After testing several complicated banner clients I found this extension.

I have put it into my favourits menu
Reviews: 1
Hmmm, No Words - Only Emotions! Probably the most simple and understandable module I've ever used for joomla! Great job Skh Muhammad!
Reviews: 2
Thank you. I do not exaggerate when I say this module saved my project after hours of searching for a module to place some static content. The only problem I have is with IE7 - where its clashing with a simple image rotator. Thanks for the time you took to design this!
Reviews: 2
It's perfect - all i needed - nothing more nothing less. Thank you!
Reviews: 5
I'm new at Joomla and with the guidance of the pop up tips this worked as advertised: I placed partner logos on the front page.

I had a question about copying module [hadn't seen the copy button in module manager] so sent off an email. Omar answered within the hour. This is how software should work!

Suggestion for future (but might preclude it's being simple): I put some text over the first logo. Would have been a nice touch to be able to style it from the module.
Reviews: 2
I have found many uses for this simple extension. It has made life easy for many of the image display needs. Thanks Omar. All the best.
Reviews: 4
Have been using this module for a long time now. Love it because it's simple. Simplicity is the key to success.

Thank you.
Reviews: 2
This module does what it promises: displaying an image or a flash animation in a module position is piece of cake.

And user support is excellent: I found a small bug in the latest version, reported it to Omar, and within hours I received a reply with an updated version of the extension that fixed the problem!
Reviews: 29
Nice and easy. took me a few minutes to realise that I had to enter a relative link not an absolute one for it to work. For ease of use, is it possible to add a "Browse" to the image selection process? Would make it much simpler than have to input manually. Keep up the excellent work!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review :)

unfortunately, it is not possible for a module to have a browse button, but its still fairly easy to hold any image/flash you want..

Reviews: 1
This module was just the right thing I needed to change my site logo in back end and have a link for it.
Reviews: 1
Hi There, this is a good module for display static pictures- great job. However, it would be even better if I was able to display the image without any white background- is there a way to do this? THank you in advance.
Owner's reply

Simple Image Holder doesn't put any background.
please email me your problem, and i'd be happy to help.

Reviews: 2
This module is a great addition to the Jommla extension library. It it simple to use, and does not interfere with any other module. I do have one suggestion... Add an option for a caption, above or below the image that is being added. Thank you again for a great module.
Owner's reply

Hey Bel,
thanks for the suggestion, you'll probably see it implemented in the next version of SIH :)
and thanks for the top rating.

Reviews: 15
Trying to get banners to work with the template I was using and adding html to edit the template kept spoiling the table line and I could not find a way of putting in an image without using article content. This module did the job.
However, I got nervous when it disappeared from the modules list and I installed another module and it came back and works well (J1.5.14) (may be local issue)
It would be very useful if further simple images could be added, though I do not know whether this is possible using modules.
Owner's reply

Hey Bjude,
you can always add more images by copying the module, and changing the data for each copy.

thanks for the great rating :)

Reviews: 1
I had the path to my flash file wrong and received a very fast response with instructions as to how to fix it. I love it.
Reviews: 2
Installed no problem and did just what I wanted it to do.

Thanks for your hard work
Reviews: 1
Great job Omar brother. I've been looking exactly for such a simple solution for placing internal ads and announcements on my site. jazakallahu khaira for that.
Owner's reply

you're welcome bro, glad i was of help
thanks for the great rating :)

Reviews: 1
I am new to Joomla and found it frustrating that I could not place an image easily and effortlessly. This plugin was exactly what I was looking for.
At first I did not have the correct file path in my image info box and could not get the module to work. I emailed the developer and he replied quickly with the correct file path that I needed.
Very impressed with the plugin and the support from the developer. Great work! Thank!
Owner's reply

you are welcome :)
thanks for the great review and rating :)

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