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Simple Image Holder is a simple module that was made to help you easily put images (jpg, png, gif, etc..) or flash files (swf) in any module position in your joomla! site. its highly customizable, XHTML compliant, and totally free!

you can use it to put your site logo, banners, announcements advertisements, flash mp3players, flash games, etc...

### Features (latest version) ###
for all media types:
* simply place any image type (jpg, gif, png, ..etc) or any flash file (swf) in any module position on your site.
* you can change the size (width and height) of the (image/flash) to fit your need.
* you can choose to publish and unpublish the (image/flash) according to dates: (a specific date, a monthly date, a yearly date, ..etc).
* you can align the held object (image/flash) to center, left, or right.
* you can add text above and/or below the held object (image/flash).

for images:
* you can link the image to a URL address.
* you can change the opacity of the image.
* you can add a (mouse over) opacity to the image.

for flash files:
* you can enable or disable flash looping after the flash finishes playing.
* you can choose the flash's quality: (Low, Medium, High, Best, Auto Low, Auto High).
* you can choose the flash's display type: (Window, Opaque, Transparent).

any suggestions are welcomed..

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Reviews: 1
Thanks guys. some time we really wonder about what we actually want . we really go thinking very high but in those case u guys really give a simple solution to the problem. than u.
Reviews: 3
It does exactly what it says - easy to install and configure - absolutely love it! Very good job!
Reviews: 5
This extension is excellent, if you’re looking for a….simple image holder! It does exactly what it says! It’s simple to use and looks really good! Excellent!
Reviews: 2
Quick, easy, works like like a pro. Excellent module tool for me.
Owner's reply

thanks for the great rating :)

Reviews: 9
I had been using it since the first version came out. Every new version is simple better than the last one, I just don't know if its possible to update the module to new versions without losing the images that are already created with older versions. I tried but the old modules created by older versions just disappeared when I used the new version. Anyway this component is really great and the best option to put images on your website.
Owner's reply

hi Cepae..

you can update the module manually, by extracting the module's contents to you hard drive, and then upload the files via ftp to SIH's directory in: (siteroot/modules/mod_sih) replacing the old files..
this should keep your existing copies of the module.
thanks for the review and top rating :)

Reviews: 1
it is simple and very good. thanks a lot from Turkey
Owner's reply

you are welcome :), thanks for the top rating

Reviews: 2
I spent quite some time looking for something like this. Found a few that either errored, or wasn't customizable. This module is great. Very well done. I will probably look to use your other ones as well. Thanks
Owner's reply

happy that i was of help.. thanks for the top rating.. and you are welcome :)

Reviews: 5
This is a easy module to use and does what the author says. One great thing is that it has an option to center its position within the module. So many other module extensions don't have that option and some still don't play ball when you try and change the code to align center. The transparency option and mouseover is handy and so is the ability to include whatever link you want under the pic.

Thanks for the easy to use extension.
Owner's reply

welcome.. thanks for the great review:)

Reviews: 4
Does what it promises and so easy to use! Thank you!
Owner's reply

welcome.. thanks for the top rating :)

Reviews: 2
I downloaded it and it works really perfect! Less than 30 secs I had my image where and how I wanted. Being fighting many hours with the module random image and the image never appears. With this one, what i said, max 30 secs and you have your image. Great work! Thanks for this great module!!!
Owner's reply

you are welcome.. thanks for the great review and rating :)

Reviews: 1
Exactly what I needed. Thanks !
Owner's reply

you are welcome.. thanks for the perfect rating :)

Reviews: 2
This extension really does the job. Fast installation, fast setup, great results!!! I'll no longer use banner module.

Suggestion : It would be great to get a setting for the image "title" tag. The "alt" tag only work with IE.
Owner's reply

thank you for the great review and rating :)

now v1.5.8 assigns the alt text to both the alt and the title tags.. thanks for the note ;)

Reviews: 1
Thank you very much for creating this! Download, install and test in less that 15 minutes! Please keep up the exellent work.

Owner's reply

thank you for the great rating :)

Reviews: 2
Love it! Does EXACTLY what it says it will without fuss, bother or trying to be too clever.
I used this to have a weekly featured product on the homepage. Perfect.
Thanks you so much for this!
Owner's reply

you are welcome.. thanks for the perfect rating :)

Reviews: 1
A really nice module which does the job exactly as stated without any problems. Thank you...
Owner's reply

you are welcome.. thanks for the great rating :)

Reviews: 4
Currently doing my wifes retail site....
she has used a flashy template from gavick that uses an very 'slick' image slide type module....
when she asked for a single picture to be shown in a module position and wanted it to link to a page...
i said 'i'm sure there's something out there that can do this?'....THIS IS IT!!
wow, excellent little gem....!
build a donation into the next upgrade & i'll defo support!!! lol
Thanks a lot!
Owner's reply

thank you for your great review and rating :), glad you and your wife liked it ;)

Reviews: 1
This is an excellent module. Very simple but crucial.
Owner's reply

thank you for your rating and review :) glad you liked it.

Reviews: 6
Just simple and excellent module.

Does what it says, just so simple to install and works perfectly.
Owner's reply

thank you very much for your kind words and super rating :) glad you liked the module.

Reviews: 1
This is a great little module. The only modification I would find usefull is a button to search and select your images.
Owner's reply

thank you for the great rating :)
as for the modification, i want to add such thing myself, but unfortunately i can't because of the module restrictions in joomla, to do such modification requires me to make a component, which will make this extension less simple and more complicated.

Reviews: 7
Easy to install. Does what it needs to do. Even a beginner (me) can do it.

Suggestions for later improvement:
- make it easier to add the image, for example as the editor does.
- it would be nice if you can add more images

Apart from those two suggestions, nothing but praise!
Owner's reply

thank you for the great rating :)

as for your suggestions, making it easier to add images is not possible unless i make it a component, which will make it even more complicated.
as for adding more images, you can copy the module as much as you can, i think it is better to do so, so you can control each picture's position

thanks again

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