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The Accordion Menu by Nextend is a user-friendly, highly customizable and easy to integrate solution to build your custom menus the way you want them. It gives you complete control over menu levels, colors, animation effects and more. All four themes comes with their own settings and preset skins that can be customized without any HTML or CSS knowledge.

* Joomla 1.5, 2.5, 3+
* Joomla categories and articles (com_content)
* VirtueMart (1 & 2) Menu
* K2 Menu
* ZOO Menu
* Cobalt CCK Menu
* MijoShop Menu
* redSHOP Menu
* Tienda Menu
* HikaShop Menu
* JoomShopping Menu
* AdsManager Menu
* SobiPro
* Phoca Gallery
* EasyBlog
* JomDirectory

Please check our documentation for more information:

Accordion menus are used widely in navigation, sliding, minimizing and maximizing content. They can be expanded whenever and however needed, saving valuable space while displaying a wide range of content.

Accordion Menu for Joomla is the best rated navigation system for Joomla at It gives a powerful user navigation experience for you and your visitors.

* Accordion menu supports unlimited deep menu levels
* Accordion menu is compatible with all templates
* Accordion menu comes with 4 fully customizable themes and multiple skins to choose from
* All design parameters can be edited from the backend level by level
* Accordion menu supports all kinds of SEO components (SH404SEF, JoomSEF, AceSEF etc...)
* Accordion menu also supports Joomfish for menu translations
* Accordion menu uses caching for the menu tree, for CSS and JavaScript, so it's extremely fast
* You can use multiple instances of the menu on the same page
* Accordion menu works with all versions of Joomla
* Multiple animation types for the menu
* Extensible, 10 component integrations are available
* Tutorials and documentation for all menu types and themes
* More than 30 parameter to set technically everything, some example: Parent item as link, Accordion mode, Activator event, Always opened, Menu slice/splice, Animations, Menu class suffix, Icons, Menu counter etc.
* Translatable (Finished translations: en-GB,pt-BR,es-ES)

We are committed to top-notch customer support because we know if you have problem with a menu you need a solution as soon as possible. Please read our reviews to see what our customers have to say about our support.

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Reviews: 4
This is by far one of the greatest plugins I have bought and used! Not only because the plugin itself is easy to set up, but the service.

I had some problems with my Homepage existing style and their support helped me correct it to make the menu blend in.

NOW, that is support out of the ordinary!

Reviews: 2
This menu-system ist the most powerful I ever used. Its easy to install, comfortable to use and so many options for styling.

And the support of the nextendguys is just amazing!
Reviews: 52
Spectacular module and easy to use/configure. Its rare you find a module where so much attention to detail has been paid to make it stand out!
Reviews: 2
First of all, I want to thank you for the great support. I checked lots of modules an this one is the absolute best of all! Also the support is fast, professional and helpful.
No doubt, this module deserves 5 stars and is absolute recommendable.
I want to thank the staff for the immediate and great support.
The module really is worth one's salt: thumbs up!
Reviews: 1
Im rating this module with 5 stars. its very powerfull module. Very easy for begginers and a MUST tool for profesionals. Also very very very fast & helpfull support. Thanks :D
Reviews: 2
Wow, just wow. The extension itself is of highest quality, super functional and very beautiful.

And the support... I had a styling issue and I had replied within minutes from the support team, it was all fixed as quickly as I was able to report the issue!

Highly, highly recommended. If there were more extensions of such high quality, perhaps Joomla would gain more ground against Wordpress...
Reviews: 3
Okay, I'm one of those people who's stingy with my reviews -- yet must break my silence for this one!! I spent a stupid amount of time reviewing the overwhelming number of accordion menu modules out there before settling on Nextend's system. Wow - one of the best Joomla! choices I've made yet! Aside from the fact that I got a beautiful module that allows a complete non-CSS'er like me ultimate control over the menu's look and feel -- on top of that, I got access to one of the few truly top-flight support teams I've encountered. Roland stand behind his products with 100% bug fixing (with nary a complaint and not even the hint of 'blame the customer' that is unfortunately so common with technical support). But Roland goes above and beyond: I barely even whispered the name of a truly 'wishlist' feature and in 2 days the Nextend elves had installed a functioning new version - wishlist feature included - on my site. If only whispering "I want to win the lottery" were as effective, I'd be a rich lady. So get off the fence and install this baby -- you'll be glad you did!
Reviews: 4
I bought this component, after installing it didn't work, 'parse error'. I mailed this error to Roland and the next day there was an updated version V9.

I tried to install that version, but something went wrong (i guess my own mistake, i tried to get it working and changed some things on the server, like permission 777). Within 2 hours Roland helped me out, i granted him access to the back-end and he installed the updated version of Accordeon Menu. I'm so happy and i highly appreciate the effort and GREAT SUPPORT!

Besides the great support, this is worth the money, i'm glad i bought this component, very easy to understand and configure!
Reviews: 4
I don't often review but this really is a great menu and the built in customisation options just put it above everything else. I had a couple of issues (one that turned out to be template related so not even their problem!) and the guys sorted it out straight away. You just don't get support like this often enough, I can't say how great these guys are!
Reviews: 12
Immediately after I tested it on their website, I knew that I must have it on my projects.

- easy installation
- usable: supports many other components
- very configurable and flexible: it can be customized to fit most of designs
- great and fast support: I had few questions, and clash with one of our JS file, which they addressed and resolved very quickly. I also made mistake with subscription and they resolved it without hesitation
- frequent updates: it's actively developed and all reported bugs are getting ironed out

- none

Conclusion: Just look at all positive reviews, that's how it looks when developers knows and do their job and listens users. Keep on a great work :)
Reviews: 2
Needless to say that it is the top extension in the market for displaying products categories.

So, I want to add in short my story with that module and my first experience with the Nextendweb support team.

I own that module for more than 5 months and I had some problems with it. So I decided to contact the Nextendweb team for a first time. They not only upgraded to newest version, but they also fixed my issues within 2days! I have to make clear that they had not been obliged to help me, since I have not an active subscription to them. I have been really impressed by the Nextendweb team and their willingness to help without a second thinking.

I strongly suggest the Accordion Menu.

Thanks once again Roland and Daniel!
Reviews: 1
I had to come here and give a quick review of this extension.
I have a 1.5 site and was a bit worried it wouldn't work. It is superbly written, does exactly what it says it will do and is BY FAR the best thing I have found in the Joomla world. A superb product.
And the support is unreal - answers within 30 minutes. The other day up to midnight! They come back with animated screenshots showing you exactly what to do. I have never seen this before in 18 years of designing. Absolutely fantastic service.
Reviews: 13
I bought this product for my J1.5 sites. It worked really well, was very customizable and did the job. Come J2.5, I just bought it again and I'm even happier. Works well like the J1.5 system but I had no idea that the support was so good. I was concerned about mootools conflicts with another extension. Roland not only checked it out right away, but he FIXED the other extension! (Yireo had left the conflict in their toggle system.) This is a good investment.
Reviews: 2
Let me start off by explaining who I'm posting this review for - I work for a healthcare provider with over 10,000 employees, we use Joomla for our Intranet. On top of that, we use a setup that is not traditional - Windows 2008 Server R2, IIS 7, MSSQL database . This setup often makes its hard for extensions to work correctly, we took a chance and bought this extension based off other reviews and I can honestly say that I have never been more satisfied with a joomla extension. The extension did install correctly, but i had some issues once I tried to configure the menu. I submitted a support ticket and heard back within an hour. I then worked back and forth with Roland (eventually he even took the time to install an environment like ours so he could test and resolve the problem quicker) who had the issue resolved by the following morning. A part of my job is working with large healthcare service providers, Roland and Daniel's service was at worse on par with what those large companies provide, but in many way actually surpassed them. I would highly encourage anyone to purchase this extension both for what it adds to your website and the support you will get if you have issues.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install and configure. Highly customizable. I had a few doubts for my case contacted the developer (on a sunday!) and got an outstanding support within a couple of hours. Highly recommendable.
Reviews: 2
I've bought one commercial menu component for $50. That component did not solve my problem. Then I have come across with the Accordion menu component. Wow! I could create the exact menus I wanted very easily. I could not believe that the component will solve my needs that fast and easy.
Of course, I had a couple of questions, couple of things were not working for me.
The developer team helped me within couple of hours since I sent my request for help! They are very nice and easy, and always ready to help their customers!
The component and customer service rock!
Thank you very much!
Reviews: 1
Hi all,

I recently purchased this for use with Joomla component 3, as advertised on this website.

When trying to install the component, there are several installation errors.

I contacted technical support on (17:05:53 Monday, 29 October 2012) and I have discussed the problem in detail.

Today, I have still not a hit, it says little for the support.

This has been my experience, but need not be equal for everyone.

* By the way, in Joomla 2.5 works correctly.


Owner's reply

Thank you for reporting this problem with the support.

On 1st January we split out our extensions from Offlajn team and moved Accordion Menus and smart Slider to our brand new team(original author of the extensions is member of the team) and site: Nextend -

Feel free to contact us and we will ensure that you will feel that we work for you :)

Happy new year for everyone!

Reviews: 3
I really hope that the title caught your attention, but I hope my review will keep it.

Let me first state my initial concerns before I purchased this extension. My criterias were...

1) The ability for ease of use
2) Fully customizeable
3) Allows more than one per page

With that being said... Out of all the extensions I have purchased throughout the years, this one is in the top three (easily). My site consists of tutorials for both the customer and technician alike. I needed ALOT of "tree-style" menus that worked properly and this item did just that and then some. I had a few issues that were addressed quickly with only one item not resolved. It isn't because they ignored my request, but I was looking for something outside the box.

Remember that I stated I needed ALOT of menus? I have aprox. 200+ products that depending on what page your on, could have three to six modules.

I wanted a component style, one click to change all background colors and fonts quickly.

Since Joomla is still somewhat new and I still major headaches when I need to perform massive restructures, this was a tiny issue.

I like the idea that I can take my ideas and make incredible changes on the fly.

I HIGHLY recommend this product and want to say thank you to the producers.

One word... Incredible.

Take Care All,
Reviews: 2
I set up a directories website with several directories and bulks of subcategories.
I tested many menus concerning flexibility, customisation and design ability.

This menu is the leader of accordion menus and meets all requirements at the highest level.

The set up and modifications are done in shortest time.

And if once there are adjustments difficulties, you can be sure, that the very high qualified support finds a solution in very short time.

Highly recommended!!!!
Reviews: 2
This is my second purchased module from this developer, and once again - I am VERY impressed! Thank you.

This module is HIGHLY customizable from the backend. For those who are not CSS inclined - this module will allow you to achieve virtually any aesthetic effect you can dream of, thus quickly matching the look and layout of your site.

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