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The Accordion Menu by Nextend is a user-friendly, highly customizable and easy to integrate solution to build your custom menus the way you want them. It gives you complete control over menu levels, colors, animation effects and more. All four themes comes with their own settings and preset skins that can be customized without any HTML or CSS knowledge.

* Joomla 1.5, 2.5, 3+
* Joomla categories and articles (com_content)
* VirtueMart (1 & 2) Menu
* K2 Menu
* ZOO Menu
* Cobalt CCK Menu
* MijoShop Menu
* redSHOP Menu
* Tienda Menu
* HikaShop Menu
* JoomShopping Menu
* AdsManager Menu
* SobiPro
* Phoca Gallery
* EasyBlog
* JomDirectory

Please check our documentation for more information:

Accordion menus are used widely in navigation, sliding, minimizing and maximizing content. They can be expanded whenever and however needed, saving valuable space while displaying a wide range of content.

Accordion Menu for Joomla is the best rated navigation system for Joomla at It gives a powerful user navigation experience for you and your visitors.

* Accordion menu supports unlimited deep menu levels
* Accordion menu is compatible with all templates
* Accordion menu comes with 4 fully customizable themes and multiple skins to choose from
* All design parameters can be edited from the backend level by level
* Accordion menu supports all kinds of SEO components (SH404SEF, JoomSEF, AceSEF etc...)
* Accordion menu also supports Joomfish for menu translations
* Accordion menu uses caching for the menu tree, for CSS and JavaScript, so it's extremely fast
* You can use multiple instances of the menu on the same page
* Accordion menu works with all versions of Joomla
* Multiple animation types for the menu
* Extensible, 10 component integrations are available
* Tutorials and documentation for all menu types and themes
* More than 30 parameter to set technically everything, some example: Parent item as link, Accordion mode, Activator event, Always opened, Menu slice/splice, Animations, Menu class suffix, Icons, Menu counter etc.
* Translatable (Finished translations: en-GB,pt-BR,es-ES)

We are committed to top-notch customer support because we know if you have problem with a menu you need a solution as soon as possible. Please read our reviews to see what our customers have to say about our support.

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Reviews: 3
This is my second purchased module from this developer, and once again - I am VERY impressed! Thank you.

This module is HIGHLY customizable from the backend. For those who are not CSS inclined - this module will allow you to achieve virtually any aesthetic effect you can dream of, thus quickly matching the look and layout of your site.

Reviews: 2

This is the module that I was looking for.

It works like a charm, very nice looking options. Easy to use.

I had some questions, they have Excellent support.

Thank you.
Fernando G.
Reviews: 13
This module is worth every dime. Especially if you have a web site of encyclopedic proportions as my client does. I only wish I'd found this sooner and saved hours of fretting with the core menu and a few other 3rd party modules I won't mention here but are a complete and total waste of time *cough*extendedmenu*cough*. I'm so amazed at how professional this software is, and how easily it installed and set up that I'm compelled to say it's worth a great deal more than the developer's asking price.
Reviews: 1
I had many problems with other menu modules, but this one is working with all templates and configurations which I'm using. Support is excelent. Thank you Roland.
Reviews: 7
This is a great menu system, and the support is stellar.

I was able to theme this just right so it would fit perfectly into my template design.

When I had a frustrating glitch involving IE9 (the demo for this works fine in IE9, I'm still not quite sure why it wasn't executing properly on my site) support came along and fixed my issue for me in a flash.
Reviews: 2
Great menu, super easy to set up, customer service is fast. Fastest I've seen with any other extension. Looks great on the site.
Reviews: 3
This is by far the best accordion menu extension on the market, tech support is reliable and i bet you wont need it a lot, the extension is well programmed, works like a charm.
Reviews: 1
I am done with free menu extensions!

I just wasted hours with different accordion menus that was too difficult to configure the way I wanted. I decided to spend the $25 on this one, and 10 minutes later it's up and running and perfectly styled!

I couldn't be happier!!!
Reviews: 1
When I moved my site to Joomla I realized my existing menu structure wasn't going to work.

The Vertical Accordion Menu from Offlajn was the ideal menu for my site. Plus when I needed some additional customization to make the menu fit my site's styling the guys at Offlajn took the time to customize the menu just the way I wanted at no charge. Looks great...highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
I've been using this extension for quite some time and find it to be very easy to use and customize. I contacted the developer when I found there was a small error when trying to validate a web page that used the menu. He was very quick to respond and got the problem resolved right away. This extension keeps getting better and has great support!
Reviews: 3
I love this menu, it does what I want and looks very professional! Plus I love how it's easy to customize all in the backend without having to go in and code myself. Top notch!
Reviews: 3
Hello everyone,

I've used this extension and it worked nicely. Didn't encounter any difficulties during installation or configuration.

I made a support ticket to ask for a small modification and I got a response very quickly and Daniel made some changes and mailed me short after.

So in my case all I can say:
great extension!
great support!


Reviews: 19
This extension is easy to conform to your own color scheme, works smoothly, offers options that we needed, but the best part is the support. I wanted a nested menu system for an accordion menu to save space. When I contacted Daniel about how to make this happen, he made modifications directly to our CSS file and made it happen! My client is happy, and I look brilliant! And on top of that, Daniel told me exactly what file he made the change in so I can manage it myself directly.

No extension is any better than the support behind it, and Daniel took his time to help us get the look we wanted. So you have to wait a day for a response... what do you expect when you are on opposite sides of the planet???

This extension rocks!

Pat Vanden Bosche
Reviews: 1
This menu works perfect.
The configuration is very easy and the support is Excellent! When you have a question or problem you have a day later a answer.
Reviews: 2
To me, rating an extension is rubbish, this comment system should be exclusively for sharing useful information with other users which is exactly what I will do.

My advise and opinion regarding this module is also affected by it being commercial AND expensive for being a small menu thingy AND the developers behind it being smart and skilled people.

I would be far more lenient with some novice, but these guys are among the best extension developers Ive seen here so when they cannot provide proper documentation - even AFTER you have paid a massive 25$ for a menu, im immediately steaming.

In my job I have no time to waste and Offlajn have unfortunately made themselves guily in wasting already 4 hours of my time when it could have been avoided, this of course on top of the frustration of not understanding what to do.

The module itself is amazing, marvellous, splended, magnificent, by far the best accordion menu out there. Top stuff, really TOP stuff, but with its quality I see that the developer has also done the usual mistake of getting cocky and overconfident in his own solution by thinking that his smashingly great backend panel covers everybodys needs when they dont.

But there are small things which one may want to amend which still arent adjustable from the parameters, such as item border, alignment etc in the "clean" layout. And this is where my problems start, because being quite clever I was still unable to track the string of functions which create the final CSS layout back to the root.

The module cleverly creates or modifies a file names system.css in the cache folder og your joomla, but as this is the only reference I could fing via webdev or firebird I ended up changing it numerous times, then deleting it, then changing all kinds of file permissions to 777 and tear my hair out before I realized that it somehow had to be rewritten from somewhere as it even reproduced itself.

The magnificent but colorblind developer find it suitable to add in the module description that this is an extension for all levels of webdesigners, and that is where he goes wrong because it certainly isnt - it is ONLY for complete novices or absolute experts. Anyone else will find themselves lost when trying to play with the css.

So my advise to the developer is to learn from others, such as JFBconnect who have added all thinkable documentation (while Offlajn have no documentation, neither here or at their site) and VTEM who instead of asking for 20-30 dollars for EACH extension charge a club fee and still does well.

Offlajn is definately among the top developers here and I will continue to buy their stuff as im only interested in the very best solutions, but it doesnt make them galvanized to critics when it is deserved.

Their website is fantastic, their work is tremendous but that unfortunately also tells me that the only reason that there is no ready documentation - especially when they use a selfwriting css file in the cache - is that they are not bothered.

I only figured out this problem by scooping this comment list for possible solutions and seeing that another user had the same problem (you have to edit a PHP file inside the theme folder, named theme.css.php)and that is embarrassing for a client already having paid more than usual for the module.

So, as the module itself is one of the clearest five stars ever, but the support (regardless of answering time when submitting a ticket) is a patethic zero, im obliged to give it two stars.

I hope this has been helpful to people, especially the skilled guys at Offlajn.
Owner's reply


We took your suggestions seriously, so we fixed every bug you wrote and we made a brand new demo site with included documentation and tutorials.
I hope it will help you to use our Accordion Menu system.

Also we are working on a new support system with built-in knowledgebase system, which will improve the quality of our service.

Thank you for your suggestions! :)

Reviews: 3
This extension is catastrophic, installed on five sites, it has never worked! A support request has been made, not answers. I bought a lot of extensions, this is the only one that caused me problems.
Owner's reply


As for everyone, I wrote you back too(4 hours after you sent the email), but I haven't received any answer from you. I used my usual email address: roland.soos[a-t]offlajn[d-o-t].com Maybe my message went to your spam folder.

So my answer was the following: the cache folder is blocked on your site and thats why it can't load the CSS. I told you to check the configuration of the server or the cache folder access via ftp to enable the reading of this folder for the webserver.

Reviews: 5
I purchased this extension for the purpose of converting a static website to Joomla 1.7.2

Installation of the extension went smooth.

Usage and configuration required no documentation since it was all self explanatory and most of the features were already outlined on the sellers’ website.

The code is clean and professionally written. If you want to give your own style to the menu this extension is easily modifiable.

Communication with the seller was very prompt and courteous.

Overall I am very happy with this purchase and I will be keeping my eyes open for more Offlajn extensions.
Reviews: 2
Ive tried many other similar extensions (paid or not) and so far this is the best ive found. High customization to fit on most of the sites. The support is just unbelievable; ive got the answer in couple of hours. Highly recommended even for beginners.
Many thanks to developers.
Reviews: 3
The module is nice and very easy to use. It is specifically designed for colourful websites. I hope the new versions to include more options such as mouse hover affect, default headers etc... In addition the customer support is very helpful and try to help you in any way possible.
Reviews: 1
This is the best accordion menu I have found and the one issue had had was quickly resolved through support. Highly recommended on all counts.
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