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Accordeon Menu CK Popular Module

The menu Accordeon CK is an advanced accordion menu system that allows you to insert some descriptions for each menu link, to load any module in the menu structure, and display some image beside the text or just without any text.

Fonctionnalities of the menu Accordeon CK :

- Mootools effects to open submenus (uses the default Joomla! library)
- Multiple use on the same page
- Description under each menu link
- Loading of other modules in the menu
- MVC structure
- Image display with or without text
- Unlimited levels
- Open on click or mouseover
- Fade transition option
- Multiples options for styling (color, gradient, shadow, border-radius...)
- Option to load a theme

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Reviews: 1
I discovered an issue and posted the question on the developer's forum. Ced, the developer, replied within a few hours. What's more, Ced debugged the issue in my development site and fixed the issue almost immediately.

Being in the software development industry myself, I understand the importance of both a good product and good support. And Ced excels in both!

Thanks, Ced. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
very easy to understand and use. I like it. But if it can combine with the Beautiful CK will be much better.
Owner's reply

of course it can ! I have tested my self, you should better ask me on my forum first.

Reviews: 1
the submenu not dropdown in opera 11.64,the submenu is display static in opera 11.64,have some solution about that.
Reviews: 24
Cedric already did some great work in Joomla1.5!... but this is just awesome!

Thanks a bunch, buddy for such a nice and easy menu... and it´s still for free!
Reviews: 4
Thank you for your work and for providing this module for free.
On my search for great J25 modules, this one made it on my list :).

Would be great if you could add a class that starts with a 2nd level opened.
Owner's reply

Thank you
if you need specific classes or functions, you can ask on my :)

Reviews: 1
Hi there,

seriously...I usually don't leave comments but this time I had to!
2 sec to install the module and 2 sec to adapt to my site.

I think the best part of what you did is to allow us to remove completely your style in one click...leaving us with our original menu.

Another great one is that I didn't have to recreate mt previous menu. The fact that you can use an existing one made it all worth it.

I really recommend it....a beauty!

Great job mate...keep it up!

Owner's reply

Thank you for the great review :)

Reviews: 3
Accordeon Menu CK is a great extension.

It works perfectly. You can apply a style to everything in this menu with css. Of course, if you want to fully customize the menu, you need to understand css and to know how to use firebug

Installation is easy.

Cedric, the developer is very reactive on his forum.

The menu looks very nice, works like a Charm ... And it is free !
Reviews: 2
this module doesn't allow you to use menus accordion style
Owner's reply

I don't understand ... This is a menu accordion, just look at the demo.
If needed you could have asked me to help.

Reviews: 10
Gasoline is too expensive. But no complaints with this menu. I've been trying for several days to find a free menu that collapses and doesn't cause problems with my Joomla. This accordian menu is the top of the best.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your friendly review

Reviews: 14
This module make thinks easier. It is very integrated with your template - you just have to switch off the images:) It looks very good. And it is for FREE:) When I first saw this module demo on the developers site - I wasn't impressed... I downloaded it just on the base of high rating. After installing I suddenly liked its look. But, after disabling images (only pure text left) - - - I was impressed. Thank you for such very good module. Best Regards
Reviews: 2
Very Good extension, simpel config, and costomizible with template css.

Exactly what i need!
Reviews: 3
Easy and usefull extension. Perfect.
Reviews: 1
Simple and convenient. Cedric thank you very much for you to share with us your exellents modules. (Google translate...)
Reviews: 2
Thx for nice module, but maybe port this on jquery too? How i can change it?
Reviews: 4
Works like a Charm ...

easy install, well documented,
uses the original/standard Joomla! menu hierarchy

no need to argue!
Reviews: 4
This menu module is just as good as many other commercial accordion menus, credit to the developer for keeping it free
Reviews: 11
Before this one I tried a commercial extension accordeon with a lot of frustration. Then CK recently came up with his module. It simlpy works like a decent mod should do. But most impressive is the support via his forum - in the rare case one would ever need support for that self-explanatory module. Plus he listens to the users! Thanks!
Reviews: 2
A very good module.
Simple and fully customizable.

Very good reactivity of the developper Cedric.
I had a problem, Cedric solved it in less than 12 hours and published a new release.

Try it and you will love it !!!
Reviews: 4
I waited longtime in joomla 1.7 for a module like that. And then I had immediate service. I like this kind of collaboration! Thanks!
Owner's reply

hi jojo
thank you ! it was a pleasure to help you

Reviews: 3
Great module! Just installed it an love how it looks and works.

Only one little thing: when you click on a link in the menu, it 'closes and opens' again. Maybe its better when it stays open? If possible off course :-). Thx for this great module!
Owner's reply

thank you for your review. I'm open to all suggestions to improve the module, but please give me the informations with the contact form on my website or with my forum to help doing it.

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