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Simple Responsive Menu Module

Simple Responsive Menu is a drop-in replacement for the standard Joomla vertical menu. At wider screen widths, you should see no difference at all from the standard Joomla menu. At narrower screen widths the normal vertical menu is made invisible, and a select list menu is made visible instead. You can configure the screen width where this switch takes place, and the position of the select list menu.

The old days of desktop or laptop computers being the prevalent way to access the web have gone, and most sites now need to work equally well on both small and large screens. Vertical menus do not work well on mobile phones!

Simple Responsive Menu is a quick and easy way to make your vertical menu responsive.

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Reviews: 7
I had no issues at all installing and getting this extension working with the minimum of time and fuss. I also found the PDF documentation that came with it clearly written and easy to follow.
No problem recommending Les Arbres on the back of this module.
Reviews: 3
Both great & easy, what more could you ask for :)
Thank you!
Reviews: 1
This is just what I was looking for. Simple, fast, and actually responsive. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I needed a quick fix for a small website, and Simple Responsive Menu worked just fine.

I did have a problem setting it up, even after following the instructions that you can download with the module, but the support team responded within a few hours and helped solve the problem.

I ended up uninstalling and then reinstalling the module, and now it works perfectly.

Thanks for a great, easy to use and configure modules, and an extended thank you for the technical support.
Reviews: 6
It's a one-click pony! Simply install, select a menu to link it to and you're good to go. I've struggled with responsive menu for 2 whole days and here you are to save the day!!