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Art Total Menu Light Module

Art Total Menu Light is Joomla! extension that can show hierarchical menus in various styles.

Three styles:
CSS 3:

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Reviews: 1
Just installed to test. Having used superfish and found it to slow a site down, I wanted a lighter-weight dropdown menu. This one appears to be significantly quicker but there seems to be a problem with menu items of type menulink. The menu does not seem to be able to handle them.

These resulted in bad links such as index.php?Itemid=356&option= being generated. This is on a site with joomla SEF enabled.

Would likely rate higher if it handled menulink
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comment. We updated the extension to handle menulink correctly.

Reviews: 1
This module is well-done. If you have some basic CSS skills, you can do a lot with it. Cheers to the developer!
Reviews: 1
Really awesome menu, it's good alternative of standard menu module. Very easy and supports different styles, I'm happy with this.
Reviews: 3
It's a trully nice extension though kinda gave a hard time customizing it. I use a template that has links colors in light blue and tottaly can't see what is there because on Ipod you have that green color/image (wich is also nice, but doesn't do me right).

I've marked it as favourite and I'm gonna use it as often as it gets.

Works fast, loads fast and it's looking good too.

Reviews: 1
When this menu system is working, it presents and works well. Unfortunately, it usually required opening and closing the menu then reopening for it to work.
Reviews: 1
It's really cool extension. Get and use it, it's my recommendations. Artetics as always the best.
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