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Art Total Menu Light Module

Art Total Menu Light is Joomla! extension that can show hierarchical menus in various styles.

Three styles:
CSS 3:

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Reviews: 18
I have 2 menus and it automatically picks up the MAIN MENU where as i am looking to have TOP menu selected .
Did not know that here we do not have option to select a menu of our choice!!
Reviews: 1
The menu is easy to install, easy to configure and use. But... if you want to customize its looks it is a hard job to reset the css and overwrite it.
Reviews: 26
I wanted to put small menus into articles for local contextual navigation rather than using text links.
This is so easy to set up, looks good and does the job superbly.
Reviews: 1
Art Total Menu is a very good menu moodel and the support was excellent!!!
Reviews: 2
Great module and very easy to use it in just seconds you have your menu. Very easily editable!!
Reviews: 1
I have spent 2 days searching for a menu that works with my website but always had a problem with the sub menus because it was a very complex menu for a shopping site.
This Menu solved all my problems also the support is excellent received a reply in a few minutes and I was up and running.

Thank you!
Reviews: 1
I've had an issue with the length of the submenu links. Some of the are too long and I couldn't make them into two lines. I contacted the support and in a couple days they sent me the solution. Now the issue is resolved. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
Im not the kind that review every extension I run a test on. But this simple but powerful menu system really prompted me to submit a review! Thanks Artetics.
Reviews: 1
Art Total Menu is a great menu, what simply does what it have to do, and looking good as well.

At first, I had some little problems, but within an hour my problems were solved by Artetics.

Conclusion: Great, Fast and Good-looking menu with great and very fast support!
Reviews: 1
Lot's of options. Vertical and horizontal menu. Working perfectly. And the best is... support. Realy great.
Reviews: 3
I installed the module on customer site.
I had a problem with the appearance on Internet Explorer.
Within 24 hours one people of team connected to site and solved the problem.
Excellent support.
Reviews: 2
I should say their Forum support is too good. My problem was resolved within 30mins.. thats excellent for a free extension.
Reviews: 1
Great Menu-System and greater support!
Very helpful supporters and fast help if there is a question or a problem! Highly recommended, straight also for Joomla-beginners
Reviews: 1
Was looking for something simple to add some nice menus to a website. Was very easy to install and config, and the support was just great. Had some issue, posted a message and had the feeling I almost had the reply that solved the problem before I clicked the submit button.
Reviews: 7
I was looking for a reliable dropdown menu. Plenty to choose from here. But ATML is fast to load, very easy to configure and consistent between browsers.

All you need to know is a bit of CSS to modify it.
Reviews: 1
I just started using art total menu, i had a problem with template compatability but the art etict forum and there online email help was incredible, they even took the time to re-write a css sheet for me to correct the problem.
as you can imagine i went through all the other menu modules and components but this is by far the best module for a simple drop down menu.
Thanks to Artetics for all there help.
they also sell some incredible commercial modules and with there great support i would definatly concider there modules for future projects.
Reviews: 1
It's a trully nice extension though kinda gave a hard time customizing it.

They have forum to support their extension messaged them. Within 30mins max I got a reply with the solution. Sooper dooper support.

I've marked it as favorite and I'm gonna use it as often as it gets.

Works fast, loads fast and it's looking good too.
Reviews: 1
This is a great module, works great, unfortunately when tested with IE versions, the menu is not displayed stylish oval and displayed rectangular losing the presentation style. There´s a problem with de mod or IE ???
Reviews: 4
Still tuning colors and such, but I am really impressed! I needed a dropdown menu with a slider and this does that beautifully.
Reviews: 2
I have been using Art Total Menu as my top menu for 3-4 months now. The menu looks and acts exactly the way I was hoping it would. I tweaked the CSS file so the menu matches my site's colors. I am very satisfied. Thanks for the good menu.
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