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JE Drop Line Module

Editor's Note
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Support the Joomla 1.5 ,Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0.

Support mobile and tablet also, Fully responsive menu.


100% MVC structure follow. JE Drop Line menu turns a nested UL list into a horizontal drop line menu, with each sub menu appearing as a single row of links beneath its parent menu. To polish it up, the menu uses a touch of jQuery magic to apply a nice slide down effect to each sub menu as it is revealed.


- Add menu content from the menu manager.
- N-level display in menu.
- Easily change the menu theme.
- We are putting the Color picker for easy to change the color.


Follows Below steps:-
5) Install module from the joomla installer.
6) After go to the module manager.
7) Select our module and go to edit page.
8) Published our module which ever position you want into the template.

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Reviews: 3
I have bought this product about a week ago. It is an excellent tool and their support is even better. I had some small fixes in CSS to be made with which they have helped me.

I can REALLY recommend this product.
Reviews: 15
I am having a good experience with this menu. There are css adjustments needed for someone like me that I can not do myself, and this team has been very responsive and helpful. I have another of their menus and find them superb. Thank you. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
At first experience, the module doesn't work. Don't blame the developer cause the issue is on your side. I had some overrides to Joomla's core as well as the template is created by us. Because of our changes, the module didn't work.

I've contacted the support and, in less then 2 hours, the issue was discovered and solved. It's working fine.

If you have troubles with this module, don't hesitate to buy cause of some reviews. The module works as expected.

Kind Regards
Reviews: 3
The extension did not work with my template. After a few emails the support made te extension work and everything is fine now.
Reviews: 1
Installed this module on joomla 1.5. Works good with joomfish translation. I've customized the module so it has rollover images instead of text.

I don't use the styling from the module menu, but made new css file.

The result is excellent. Saves a lot of time.
Reviews: 29
I wrote to this company as they had a menu similar to what I wanted, and asked them if they could duplicate the menu on a sample site I gave them. They said they could, quoting me $30. Then, when I didn't reply immediately, I got a couple of emails asking, "Why didn't you reply?", "When can we start?". The third email said they'd done it and I could have it for $20. I figured that wasn't a bad price for what I needed to do so bought it.

I installed it in the template and it failed woefully. The menu ran over the top of elements below it (breadcrumbs and a module), some options didn't change anything regardless of the settings, and there was no way to change the font in the module.

I wrote quite along email back to the developers telling them what I had experienced and some suggestions for improving usability. I heard nothing and sent a second email to which they replied they had emailed me asking for the URL. I never received this email. Because the site I wanted it on was live for client viewing I installed it on a test site that was live and it developed another problem - the sub menu refused to hide and was off to the right and well down from the main menu line. I sent them this URL and they said it was my template " many place "position: relative;" This is not proper css." I'm a real newbie in CSS, but I thought relative positioning was "proper CSS". The reference book I have certainly says it is.

I wrote back and asked for a refund as I do all my templates in Artisteer, so it seems the product would be useless. They replied that they don't give refunds, but they would change my template.css if I sent them the file. I declined.

Bottom line: If you use Artisteer, or lots of relative positioning, this will be a failure. I could not recommend this product.
Owner's reply

We already help you regarding that matter. But you are not responding in that matter because you are not sending me your website detail other wise we change your template css.

If you give the Div id and make it css for that div id than we must require to change there css.

My module is working fine in more than 100 website. Check it my demo. Really very surprise about that review. We are helping you and you are add bad review here. We already send you mail check it about that.

Show my module in my demo. Its working there. Means my module is working fine.

Reviews: 1
It’s hard picking a product when you cannot try it out for yourself first. So let me put your fears to rest. It was easy to install and use. I also found the support fantastic and very very fast.
I look forward to trying more of your products!