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Maxi Menu CK Popular ModuleExtension Specific Addon

Make the same menu as on (top of this site).This is a RESPONSIVE Megamenu, dropdown menu with multicolumns and multirows. You can also load some modules inside. iPhone, iPad, Android compatible. Virtuemart, Hikashop compatible.

This menu provides some advanced features :
- Multicolumns AND multirows
- Themes are responsive design
- Mootools/jQuery dropdown with nice effects (open or slide)
- Description can be added for each link of the menu
- Loading of module in the menu
- Horizontal or vertical orientation
- MVC structure so the output can be easily overridable in the template
- Image only in the title of each link
- Fancy effect on first level items
- Possibility to have multiple modules on the same page, horizontal or/and vertical
- CSS class, href attribute and column specific width with the plugin Maximenu_CK Params
- Version Joomla! 1.5 compatible with Joomfish & sh404sef
- SEO optimized (all items are html coded and findable by the search engine)
- Compatible with mobile devices iPhone, iPad, Android
- option to open submenus on click, mouseover, close on click only
- Virtuemart compatible
- Image menu with suffix for mouseover images
- Theme css3megamenu to make the same menu as on
- Hikashop compatible
- RTL compatible with a specific stylesheet (see the documentation)
- Joomshopping compatible

VERSION 6 (J!2.5):
- Compatibility Joomla 2.5
- ACL management
- Cache management
- Creation of columns AND rows in submenus
- Code improvement
- New theme css3megamenu to create the same menu as on
- New ergonomy in the module administration
- New parameter [col=180] to create columns without separator

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Reviews: 2
I would highly recommend this menu system, it is extremely well designed and easy to integrate. We needed to customize the menu for our needs and purchased a different theme to install into the menu. Then with some very helpful tips and advice from MaxiMenu Support we got the menu to look exactly how we wanted it. Support is very helpful and friendly!
Reviews: 1
I have use the Maxi Menu CK module n joomla 1.6, it is very nice, reliable and perfect for joomla 1.6.
Thank you
Reviews: 6
I found this plugin many times on google but never tried it, but tonight I tried it and found it according to my need one thing to share with the others I cant create 3 columns menu with Maxi looking for solutions as soon I done with it will surly share with others.
Reviews: 1
a mess to parameter that free module unless i buy a documentation that explains it all .
only a few hints on the module download page but not realy usefull if you wanna use that module as shown on the demo.

got time to waste?
hopefully you can also buy a pluggin that is supposed to make the settings much easier but i havent tested it...

should be for sale with the complete features and documentations
Reviews: 1
Bought the ckmenuparameters plugin and some templates for my brand new menu. My host is 1and1 , and i needed to run php5 on it. This causes some issue with the parameters plugin which needed fopen function enabled , and i wasn't able to enable it on my host . I wrote an email to Ced who sent me a few minutes later a workdaround running flawlessly.

Perfect support ! thanks again .
Reviews: 1
New in Joomla. Tested 2 other extensions before trying Maxi Menu CK. Finally a drop&tab menu extension that worked perfectly (and immediatelly) with the default Weez2 template of Joomla 1.6 ! (visible in position-1, submenus properly aligned and visible).
Besides, easy to configure and rich in capabilities.
Great work.
Reviews: 1
Nice extension for 1 submenu level. If somebody needs more like 1 it's useless.
Owner's reply

Useless ? You may have used a template that breaks your css for the menu and now you come to give the fault to my menu.

Reviews: 10
I'm a newcomer to joomla and so my comments are based on fairly limited experience. However, for me maximenu is a standout module for ease of use, comprehensive functionality and appearance. I'd tried (or,more accurately, struggled with) several menu modules before coming to maximenu. It was fantastic to get the horizontal drop down menu running first time around. All that remains for me is to get my head around all of its features and capabilities. The documentation and the params plugin are a great help in this respect.
Reviews: 4
Title says it all. We recently upgraded to J1.6 and there aren't as many menu options available but we have been using it for J1.5 for a while and was pleased when I saw he was on the ball with a 1.6 version. Bought the parameters module too - well worth the 9 euros as it saves masses of time and CEd is very quick to respond to questions too. Cant give more praise.
Reviews: 3
This is a grat module and it is the only one here with both dropdown and fancy effect features. It is easily customizable and support is amizing - I had my issue solved in 10 minutes!
Reviews: 8
This is an awsome module. It has become one of the standard modules I load after a joomla installation.

cuz sooner or later it's always handy.

I only have 1 question.
I recently added a link in the menu to the joomla article submit section that's only for registered users ..

everytime I click on that link the menu module gives me an error above it..

this is wat it says:
Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in E:\JST_CMS\modules\mod_maximenu_CK\helper.php on line 147 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in E:\JST_CMS\modules\mod_maximenu_CK\helper.php on line 148 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in E:\JST_CMS\modules\mod_maximenu_CK\helper.php on line 149 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in E:\JST_CMS\modules\mod_maximenu_CK\helper.php on line 151

any idea wat it is ? or how I can resolve the problem?
Owner's reply

thanks for your great review. Please email me for your issue, I have to look forward.

Reviews: 2
Having tried 4 or 5 similar menus this is by far the best I have found. It was very easy to install - just a few clicks. There are more options here than I've found elsewhere, eg, two-collum layout. The javascript animation transitions are customizable and the defaults worked best for me. It seems bug-free, unlike some others I've tried whihc work OK in some locations but can interfere with layout at times.
The subtle detail in the sliding backgrounds is very cool indeed.
It took me maybe an hr ( I have about 9 months experience with Joomla, 3 years with CSS/html) to work out where to change the background colour, and :hover state, and top menu bar bg. The top menu bar is backgrounded with 1 px wide repeating gradient strips, very carefulyl designed and I think is very nice piece of work. It was easy enough to make similar in another color to match my own color scheme. The one mystery was where to find the text colours for the drop-down (=child+ menu items.Cedrick came through with an answer to my queries within hours. Fantastic!
This is a great menu with first-class support. 11 out of 10.
Reviews: 1
I’m using Joomla since 2008 and used many third party extensions in my projects. But I must say I never came across a wonderful experience I had with Maxi Menu CK!

Earlier also, I used Maxi Menu CK with Joomla! 1.5 projects and simply become an ardent user (or lover) of this menu. Last week, I started a project with J!1.6 and as usual I went for Maxi Menu CK. I installed the menu perfectly for my modified Beez 20 nature template and found some minor issues with Submenu display. I just send a mail to the developer describing the problem. I didn’t expect a reply for a day at least. But the developer, Cédric Keiflin, amazed me by replying back within 3 minutes! He helped me with each stage and I was able to create a perfect menu that is working in all browsers alike!!

This is a very brilliant product and the developer is the nicest person I met in Joomla! community. Guys & Gals, go for Maxi Menu CK, you’ll never be disappointed.

Reviews: 2

I've been having a lot of problems with a multilingual site because of the mod_mainmenu of joomla that disappears every time I chance language of content, and I resolved them just when I tried this module!!!

It was very easy to install and has a very easy implementation and the best of all, I have quick response to my questions..

It is just fantastic!
thanks a lot
Reviews: 2
This is one of the best, if not the best menu module out there. Easy to configure and just as easy to manage. My Thanks to the developer for creating such an outstanding module!

Do not forget about the breadcrumb module (Maxi Breadcrumbs CK) that goes with this module! They were made for each other and works without flaw.
Reviews: 1
This module is brilliant! I hit a slight problem however when using the user registration forms which threw up a number of errors. Using the contact form on the developers web page i sent through the details of the problem. Within minutes one of the guys personally emailed me and within 20 mins i had it all up and running perfectly. I was very impressed with the level of support that i received especially as it is a free module. This module is awesome and cant believe Joomla hasn't integrated this into 1.6 as standard. Its so easy to configure and has lots of options to fine tune the menu. A* to the developers :)
Reviews: 5
Best menu I have ever tried, Im using this for long time. Developer response also perfect!
Reviews: 3
I sought this kind of module for a long time. This is an excellent module, the proof is that this site uses it. Its designer is very empathetic and available, please support it by buying its full documentation. It deserves your support. Congratulations. Philippe
Owner's reply

Thanks philippe for your friendly review !

Reviews: 2
I was very dissapointed when i found out that your download website is not in english, i hardly to understand it.
Owner's reply

You should have missed the two flags french/english and the google translate. My website is in transformation, but all pages with maximenu_ck are in English

Reviews: 7
Hi there!
This is a genius work!
I searched for the possibility to add modules to a menue item and it works with your very valuable module!
Thank you very much for your great work!
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