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Maxi Menu CK Popular ModuleExtension Specific Addon

Make the same menu as on (top of this site).This is a RESPONSIVE Megamenu, dropdown menu with multicolumns and multirows. You can also load some modules inside. iPhone, iPad, Android compatible. Virtuemart, Hikashop compatible.

This menu provides some advanced features :
- Multicolumns AND multirows
- Themes are responsive design
- Mootools/jQuery dropdown with nice effects (open or slide)
- Description can be added for each link of the menu
- Loading of module in the menu
- Horizontal or vertical orientation
- MVC structure so the output can be easily overridable in the template
- Image only in the title of each link
- Fancy effect on first level items
- Possibility to have multiple modules on the same page, horizontal or/and vertical
- CSS class, href attribute and column specific width with the plugin Maximenu_CK Params
- Version Joomla! 1.5 compatible with Joomfish & sh404sef
- SEO optimized (all items are html coded and findable by the search engine)
- Compatible with mobile devices iPhone, iPad, Android
- option to open submenus on click, mouseover, close on click only
- Virtuemart compatible
- Image menu with suffix for mouseover images
- Theme css3megamenu to make the same menu as on
- Hikashop compatible
- RTL compatible with a specific stylesheet (see the documentation)
- Joomshopping compatible

VERSION 6 (J!2.5):
- Compatibility Joomla 2.5
- ACL management
- Cache management
- Creation of columns AND rows in submenus
- Code improvement
- New theme css3megamenu to create the same menu as on
- New ergonomy in the module administration
- New parameter [col=180] to create columns without separator

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Reviews: 1
This is a fantastic menu and easily the best I have downloaded (after trying dozens).

The support is incredibly quick.

Amazing for a free extension.

Reviews: 2
i was using another menu but due to java conflicts i used maxi menu CK and now everything works fine!!
Reviews: 1
I have installed various modules and plugins that installed properly but never did what i wanted..this works perfect and you really dont need to even write CSS code to make it work. Just install it.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your friendly review !

Reviews: 1
This menu is exactly what I needed, but that is not why I am writing this review.

Got a response within 5 minutes to my question, which was regarding an issue with IE7 which my client just had to have worked out.

Anyway, great extension, great support, just like everyone else says.
Reviews: 2
I really needed a flexible main menu module that would allow me to display modules... this is easy to install, easy to configure, and the support was topnotch!
Reviews: 1
Tried many different menu extensions on my site and this is the first and only one I have got to work the way I want, 10/10 for customer support from CEd every one of my emails was answered quickly and CEd went out of their way to help me when I was having trouble.

Fantastic extension with fantastic support.

Reviews: 1
After literally trying every single drop down menu module this one finally works!!

It helped to read that there's a plugin and a module, because at first I had downloaded the plugin and wondered why it didn't work as a module.

Also, the documentation is great! I downloaded the booklet which helped a lot as far as CSS and identifying elements was concerned.

Why the CSS comes in a php file, and why the actual background comes in a repeat pgn is absolutely beyond me. I'm open to education on that one. Once I had that figured out, I was happy!

Thanks again!
Reviews: 1
Thanks for this great module. And great support!!
Reviews: 1
I am VERY encouraged by all of the positive feedback I am reading with regard to this extension. MaxiMenuCK seems like a VERY WELCOMED extension to add contemporary mega menu functionality into a Joomla based site that may not already have such a function integrated (i.e. pre 2010 templates).

I'm looking forward to integrating this extension into my site and, hopefully, customizing the style to fit my site's particular theme.
Reviews: 2

this is also my first review on any thing here. i just installed it and follow the first instruction on the module page and voila i got a multi column layout of menu. thanks man looking forward to see more wonders from you. i am a web developer my self and i was thinking to make something like that but i know it will take my weeks to make it so thank you very much,
Reviews: 1
I have used Maxi Menu CK with K2 and it just works. I wanted to use K2 modules (like mod_k2_tools and mod_k2_login) in menu and customize menu layout/style. I also wanted to isolate ALL custom modifications to template folder. All this was easy to do and support was VERY fast and precise. Keep up the excellent work :-)
Reviews: 7
Wow...considering the fact that the authour provides this module for free, I can say just WOW!

Ok, I'll spend a couple of more words to show my appreciation... :P

Not only this is a great module that will extend the functionality of menus like never before (and in a very easy and straightforward fashion), but the support shown by the author of this module is second to none (at least from my experience).

I would have never expected a quick reply to my question, but guess what, that is what I received.

Not only that, he offered to give a look at my site so that he could do some tests and send me a version of the module that would work for my particular needs (I had some overlay problems when using "ShadowBox" and "Highslide JS" image galleries, that where corrected by changing the z-index property value)!!!

It's really nice to see such passion and dedication!

Thank you sir!!!
Reviews: 1
First of all I would like to mention that this is the first extension for which i have voted and reviewed, and i have used a lot of extensions.

In short, maxi menu CK is AWESOME! I have spent an incredible amount of time looking for an extension that will give me the capabilities of MEGA MENU, until someone recommended MAXI MENU CK. This module brings almost all features of mega menu (if not more) and it's completely FREE! There is no need to install complex frameworks and components, it simply works by itself.

The default template is not very attractive, however the menu is fairly easy to style and adapt to your needs. You have the ability to make several independent templates and then easily change them through the menu admin panel. The css files (actually php files) are well commented and designated so you'll have no problems working with them. I'm quite pleased with the results I have achieved with maxi menu CK and I don't consider myself to be proficient in css styling.

I have tested the menu with IE 7, 8, 9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome and maxi menu CK looks consistent across all browsers. I was amazed by this fact, considering that the menu features complex functions. The multicolumn feature is excellent and you can easily add support for more than 4 columns in the template files (should you ever need to do so). You can style individual menu items, modules loaded in the menu, basically everything.

But the best thing about maxi menu CK is that should you encounter some problem with the module, Cedrik is always there to respond and guide you to solution. He has responded promptly to each of my mails, and I know I have had some questions and problems.

Furthermore, the development of the menu is rapid, just look how many features have been added since the beginning of the year. I'm expecting this menu to only get better and quickly.

Just don't forget to use maxi breadcrumbs CK with the menu... you will need this module to hide the descriptions and functions you'll use to style the menu. maxi breadcrumbs CK is free, simple and issue free, so it shouldn't be a problem to replace the default joomla breadcrumb bar.
Owner's reply

Thanks Vlado for your great review. I always make my best to help persons in implementing my extensions. It's a pleasure to see such great comment.

Reviews: 6
This looks very promising but because it is in French for English readers it's difficult to figure out how to install it. I find it in the Plugins, not modules. I tried to add a module but did not find it there. I tried to add a menu under menus and not sure how to make it call this. This would be better than the T3 framework if it worked because it's a simple module not an entire framework. But again unfortunately it's not easy to figure out how to install it so I never could get it to work.
Owner's reply

If you had asked me, I would have said to you that you probably download a plugin addons (breadcrumbs or xmap) instead of the module itself !
It works without specific configuration like the native menu in joomla. For the langage, you should have seen that all the pages for maximenu_CK are translated in english, and the admin params too.

Reviews: 13
Works every time, no issues, looks great.
Background easy to change.
Reviews: 24
Thank you so much!

I have seen commercial stuff which did not had the half of these feauters and didnt work.
I installed the Maxi Menu CK and I was happy, the whole day. Easy installation, good looking... just a wonderfull menu!

The only downside is, that I couldnt find the "Donate" button on the website! Please point me there, I am glad to spend some money on this!
Owner's reply

hi thanks for your comment. If you want to donate you can buy me some documentation and themes for the module via paypal.

Reviews: 1
This module is a great solution for adding a mega-menu. It's a simple to install and use and would be worth paying for.

For the developer; is there somewhere we can make a donation to continue the development of this module?
Reviews: 3
I like the menu, but in my case I cant use description or module or columns... It just doesn't work properly - I cant find the reason. I have PHP 5, latest Joomla. I didn't found any support forum.
Owner's reply

there is no forum. You can email me with the contact form on my website. Your the first I heard the menu doesn't work. May be your website corrutped ?

Reviews: 9
I'm sorry that I couldn't rate this menu "5 Starts" , but this doesn't mean that its not a good menu. There is ONLY ONE problem with it - instead of using css files, it uses php files for styling(maximenuH_CK.php and maximenuV_CK.php) making it hard to look for customizing
Owner's reply

These php file are css with .php extension (for dynamic ID). You can modify it like another css file, you just need to open it in an editor.

Reviews: 6
I have been using v2.3 on a site as this was the only menu that was easily deployable for that site. And I was just going to review it as being excellent. Today I just discovered it has been updated to v. 3.1 and a bunch of (very cool)features has been added making this excellent module totally awesome. Only thing I could wish for would be documentation on the css which would help speed up modification for site brand compliance.
I am happy to see this module being actively maintained. Thanks.
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