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ARI YUI Menu Module

New version is ready. It is compatible with Joomla! 3.0.

Powerful Joomla! drop-down menu based on YUI menu widget.

Main features:

* Highly customizable;
* Supports horizontal and vertical menu direction;
* Can be used for creating multi-level menu;
* Supports different sub-menus positions;
* Provides possibility to define start and end level of menu;
* Works in all modern browsers;
* Supports RTL languages;
* Translations: English, Hebrew, Russian, Slovak;
* Open source and under GNU GPL license.

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Reviews: 1
I liked this menu because it did everything I needed and is keyboard navigable, which some are not. I needed support for mixed http and https menus and the guys at ARI Soft fixed that up in a few days. Top notch!
Reviews: 3
I tried most of the other menus on this site. This was the only one that worked flawlessly. You could change the appearance the way you want using CSS. Thanks to the developer(s) for a great extension.
Reviews: 1
I can't say enough about the developer. They provide a great, functional module and top-notch customer support. Take a look at their forum and see how responsive they are. I have seen plenty of developers that ignore petty requests from users but there is no question too small for Ari-Soft. A+!!
Reviews: 1
You can easily install and use on your joom-site. Please, add a bit more info for CSS and menu design.
Reviews: 1
This is EXACTLY What I needed. Excellent CSS, beautiful design, and I love the support of ARI, even for nonbought items.
Reviews: 31
that's what I searched for. Easy to install and easy to adjust. A simple but powerful tool. Thanks for creating and sharing.
Rudolf Aigner
Reviews: 2
Nearly perfect! Simple but powerful!

If there is a detailed guide for CSS skinning for this module then will go perfect. Forum response is very good! Anyway, goodwork and support!
Reviews: 1
This menu extension has all the features I need, easy to setup, many configuration options, easy to customize, fast and easy to use. Very good look & placement in customized joomla template, all other menus that I've tried, look strange and needed many modifications.
Nice and fast support from the team!
Great Work!
Reviews: 7
I gotta say this, this is simply stunning module, installs and runs in seconds, from noobs to professionals everybody understands with ease.

5 Star rated module.

However I have a question, I use Japurity theme, and when trying a horizontal menu at the top, it displays a dot inbetween the menu words, is there a remedy for it.

Anyways thanks for the stunning module.
Reviews: 4
I needed a module that would easily allow me to create dropdown menus. I found it! I am pretty good at manipulating CSS and template code, but am by no means a programmer. When I wasn't able to get the CSS to do what I wanted, I searched their extensive online information and figured out some of it, but because my problem was an issue with my template css causing an incompatibility, it was an issue unique to me. I posted a request for help on their forum and within just 1 hour, had an answer to my question that SOLVED my issue! Immediately! It was that easy. I wish I could give Ari-Soft more stars. It is incredible to find such support for a free product!
Reviews: 1
This free menu was so easy to set up and provided the multilevel drop downs right away, ones I'd been struggling to set up and getting nowhere.
Reviews: 1
It's nice extension with many options help me to build ajax-menu on my site. I had some problems because of my template's css styles, but admin on official ARI Soft forum help me quickly and competently. This is incredibly great for a non-commercial extension!
Reviews: 1
I tryed all sorts of menu modules, and all i can say is, that this is one of the best menu modules out there.

Its easy to configure, looks good on the site and the support is great :)

And dont forget its free!
Reviews: 1
This extension more than meets the need of my client. Great Job! Easy to use and implement.
Reviews: 1
I have to say that this module is the one, I was waiting for my menus. Simple, fully configurable. And what a support ! Fast, complete and successfull. Contunie like this !
Reviews: 1
It works fine.

However it is not that easy to control css actually, you dont have to make the css controls parameters, I would rather us my style sheet file to control. Its the job for developer anyway
Reviews: 1
Downloaded and installed this module without any problem. The support is fast and excellent. I would recommend this module to my friends. :)
Reviews: 1
The ARI YUI Menu module is the best I've found. Very reliable and easy to install. I'm a developer, programmer and joomla installation pro. I installed mod_ariyuimenu, version 1.0.4 three days ago on a clients site that needs many different menus throughout the site with reliable dropdown menus both horizontal and vertical in layout. I've used almost every high rated menu extension and tested in all browsers. This module is the most compatible with all of them. It's also very easy and logical to style in the safe_menu.css stylesheet located in the modules>mod_ariyuimenu directory js>build>menu>assets>skins>sam directory. There is a problem with IE 7 positioning the dropdown correctly -- but easily fixed by using css positioning.

One thing I needed was to over ride some styles (different in different menu's) but I just noticed ARI Soft has updated to a new version 1.0.5 that has a CSS Styles override in the module parameters section. I'll upgrade and try that.
Reviews: 3
I like the module a lot. Created a div especially for it.
Reviews: 2
I just love this module, been looking for something like that for a while and I'm so happy I finally found this one.

I do have one problem though, I use it for a right-to-left horizontal menu, all seemed to work perfect at first but then I noticed that under IE7 or IE8 with compatibility mode on the dropdowns from the top menu appears to far to the left of the parent menu item which makes it impossible to reach and click any of the submenu items before the submenu closes.
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