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ARI Ext Menu Popular Module

ARI Ext Menu v. 2.2.0 is ready. It supports Joomla! 3.0.

Mighty Joomla! drop-down menu.

Main features:

* Highly customizable;
* Supports horizontal and vertical menu direction;
* Can be used for creating multi-level menu;
* Provides possibility to define start and end level of menu;
* Works in all modern browsers;
* Translations: English, Spanish, Slovak;
* Open source and under GNU GPL license.

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Reviews: 11
I found this extension to be surprising and impressive in its elegant balance of simplicity and customizability. Excellently done!
Reviews: 7
Every time I need a dropdown menu on one of my sites I use this one. It's simple, customizable and does it's job perfectly.

I recommend ARI Ext Menu!
Reviews: 1
I had problems with other menu's, but this one did the trick. Simple customizable, but very highly customizable. Very good!
Reviews: 8
When I wanted to make a change in the CSS and didn't succeed, I posted the question on the support forum and got the excellent answer within minutes !!
I haven't seen such support even for paid apps!!

keep going on the Good Job !!
Reviews: 12
I use ARI EXT menu on a client's site that has over 65 menu items (I am a novice). This extension has streamlined the site with the addition of simple arrows to direct the user to submenus. The appearance of the menu is clean but somewhat clinical. It is rock solid (stable and compatible with the entire site), and the ability to control the fade rate when gliding over menu items is a very nice touch. While multiple font sizes for the menu item text can be set, the inability to adjust the width of the blank space between text and the edge of the menu item creates a limitation for me - this makes the difference between fitting my menu on one line, versus spilling out onto a second line. I wish I could give this extension a 4 1/2 stars because it is near perfect in both its simplicity and appearance on both front end and back end. I highly recommend it, especially since it has been the perfect choice for my client. Thank you to the developer for this great extension.
Reviews: 1
I have recently added this drop down menu to my site, and I am very pleased with the functionality, and professional look. It is very easy to customize the look to your liking. The support is the best I have seen in a long time, and best of all - It's Free!
Reviews: 1
This is a small extension with plenty of features.
More importantly, near instant support; the staff are polite and give very patient, detailed responses. Very good for Joomla beginners like me!
Reviews: 2
Very stylish module. Has a lot of definable parameters and easy to configure. Support is extremely responsive. Thank you!
Reviews: 1
ARI EXT Menu is one of the best menu for Joomla, highly customizable with excellent suppot from the forum and the technical team. Great Job!!!
Reviews: 8
Excellent. It has great customaziation options. I just loved it.
Reviews: 1
This extensions is the greatest free menu I used so far. It's extremely easy to customize, from the module settings as well as from CSS.

I replaced small arrow images (which appear upon creating sub-menu items) with another arrow images with same resolution, but they don't show. I'll try help on forum.

Overall wonderful extensions.
Reviews: 1
I was looking a bit for a good menu, didn't find a lot out there, till i found this one, absolutely amazing! very customizable and the good thing is i didn't had to customize much. great job!
Reviews: 2
This extension is perfect and easy to customize! If you have any difficulties to configure, post it on forum, an admin will instantly assist u!
Reviews: 2
I needed a simple horizontal menu for the footer of my 2.5 site. I know this menu system can do loads more and I will look at these later, I just this need this menu right now and I don’t want to spend ages learning how to use it.

Other menus I have tried clearly pick and used their colour properties for the CSS but I didn’t want this.

This menu allows you to select and set the look and feel in the basic menu module properties.

It is simply “simple”, it worked first time, did exactly what I needed and I didn’t read a single help file other than a couple of the mouse over prompts on the settings.

Many thanks for sharing a great menu.
Reviews: 2
Great menu system. Had problem with dropdown menu not appearing. Support tested and sent fix almost immediately - on a Sat evening and first thing Mon morning. You can't get better than that for something of this quality .... and still free! Amazing.
Reviews: 1
This menu module made things easy for me when I needed to use an external menu for a commercial theme, which only supported its own menu system with many limitations. It practically took me few minutes set it up, great work!
Reviews: 5
Very nice menu, I decided to try it on my web site and I managed to make it works (with a few customization) having a fixed width on first level and an automatic width with in the sliding level, which is the perfect behaviour for a vertical sliding menu.
Sliding and fading effect are also parametrizable from module parameters.
The only concern I have is related to the javascript size: more than 80kb js makes it the biggest js I have and pagespeed seems not so happy! This is the reason for the 4 star review
Reviews: 1
I only know the basics of css. I found the forums of this extension to be great in providing code to help customize my menu. Admin has lots of great feedback and clearly supports the product. Excellent!
Reviews: 1
This Menu is just great to customise and if you get stuck then the support guys are great too and very quick to give you excellent advice - top marks!!!!
Reviews: 11
I started using this menu when I built my first Joomla site and I have used it for every other site I've built since then.

It is easy to use and on the few occassions where I have been stuck when trying to do something a little different with the module the support throught the forum has been excellent.

I highly recommend this menu module. I can't believe such a great thing is free!
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