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ARI Ext Menu Popular Module

ARI Ext Menu v. 2.2.0 is ready. It supports Joomla! 3.0.

Mighty Joomla! drop-down menu.

Main features:

* Highly customizable;
* Supports horizontal and vertical menu direction;
* Can be used for creating multi-level menu;
* Provides possibility to define start and end level of menu;
* Works in all modern browsers;
* Translations: English, Spanish, Slovak;
* Open source and under GNU GPL license.

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Reviews: 5
this is simply superb. but it would be even better if the backimage could be used.
Reviews: 1
I've been punching and hacking my way through the learning curve with Joomla! for a few weeks of 16 hour days. It took me a while to come looking for extensions (read:relief). I body-checked my way through a lot of them and finally found this menu.

This menu is very clean and neat (like everything ARI I've seen). Easy to use and the answer to days of struggle. If only I'd known sooner. ARI is now my go-to-first Joomla! extension provider. Thank you

conradlovelle (author)
Reviews: 7
It is fantastic tool. I like the fact I can cutomise by CSS. And also free to use it. Thank you for developer.
Reviews: 1
Product is very easy to setup, looks great, and functions as advertised. Not only that, I needed an adaptation to the existing css so that it would work correctly with my template and the ARI team immediately provided me with the code I needed.
Reviews: 6
Great module and simple to use with even greater support. I got response on my query just minutes after posting, even on Sunday morning!!!

Reviews: 7
A module is very simple to install and use. Easily customizable backend. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
thanks dude ! It's really great.But how can I remove the arrow image in menu which show an item have submenu ??
Reviews: 12
Besides that you save my day, i love your module, cause it works perfect and its so simple to install and use, thanks a lot. Keep up with this great work.
Reviews: 2
Ok. So I used a JA Purity II Template (Joomla 1.5). So it had some problems. So I emailed ARI Soft. I got an answer within 2 minutes! Fixed my problems.

If this is the way ARI Soft provides product support, I want to buy from them (ARI Ext Menus is free, though).

I can feel that they are hardcore programmers, skilled, dedicated. Maybe the programmers themselves are the business owners.
Reviews: 5
I tried several menu options and this is definitely the best. Very flexible and easy to customize. I wish there was some documentation available to better explain use of th4e product, but the support via the forums is amazing. Forum support is far better than most other products I have used before, which is saying something for a free product. I highly recommend this product and ARI Soft.
Reviews: 10
I'm using this on a couple of websites and now that I've configured it a couple of times I like it a great deal.

The look 'out of the box' is very good, the performance equally good, and the configuration options are comprehensive.

Support is top notch too. Which for a free extension is well above the call of duty.

Great stuff.
Reviews: 6
This module is very easy if you know how to install joomla module you can use it and configure it according to your desire, you are free to use customize this module as you want to, a module like ARI Ext Menu you can save much time, appreciated
Reviews: 4
Great module wich supports multilanguage, wich is very important for me. Works very well and it's easy to customize.
Installed without any problem, ease of use.
It does what it's intended to do.
Just sad that they are 2 similar components from same company that may be installed in one package with a little more configuration.
Thank you for it!
Reviews: 20
After trying other menu modules, I have to say this is by far the best. Lightweight, easy to install, highly customizable, and totally compatible with other Joomla! extensions and web browsers. The best option to go. Thanks to the developers for the great and free J! stuff provided!
Reviews: 5
The module performs exactly as the developer says it does. Install, enable and assign to the menu you want it applied to.

Bonus - set the colors for the menu items, the font size and weight and more.

A quick look at the developers forum for help shows they are responsive.

Nice job ARI.
Reviews: 9
I am using ARI Soft's free menu ARI Ext Menu on my community site.
I can honestly say I tried at least 5 other menu extensions all of which had various problems. Either centering issues, lack of functionality, wrong 'look' wrong 'feel' and so on.
However as I was about to give up I tried the ARI Ext menu half expecting it to be problematic just like the other menu extensions, but with ARI Soft's super rapid response to my email queries
providing expert css styles, they literally helped me taylor their module to my site in a matter of minutes. And the advantage is that
the extra css styles can be added to the module parameters in the module itself. And I just wish I could give you the URL of my site for you to see how nice it is for your selves. You can modify colours, text colour background colour, drop down colour and text colour etc. It is truly an exceptional menu extension and am very surprised that it is totally free. I would highly recommend
using any of ARI Soft's extensions and I am about to install their Quiz extension too and will certainly use their services when I have
custom css work to do on my site.

Thank you ARI Soft team.
Reviews: 2
This is a very light-weight drop-down menu. Easy to use and easy to customize the look. Looks great. In my opinion the best drop-down menu I've seen in a long time.

A big thank you to the developers.
Reviews: 1
I had need for a simple text horizontal navigation. I am using Joomla 1.6 and a Rocketheme template that is elegant.. however.. parts of it are TOO elegant.. I needed a simple nav instead of the drop down that came in the template.. This extension did the trick!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviews: 1
I had specific demand for horizontal menu,
and ARI Ext Menu was my choice because of one,
and one thing only:
Extension itself does what is supposed to do, excellant!

Thank you guys at ari for this extension!
Reviews: 2
I really like it , easy to use, and has a great forum where you can find basically all the answers you need. I used it on one site now, client was very happy. Will be using it in the future
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